Easiest 5 Minute DIY Wreath Making Hack

5 Minute DIY wreath making hack using a $1 food container to make rosemary, flower, or Christmas wreaths! Easy nature crafts, farmhouse home decor & handmade gifts!

Wreath making is so much fun. It’s a great way to celebrate the beauty and abundance of nature all around us. Since it’s harvest season, we will be using rosemary today to make our herb wreaths for great smelling gifts and decor!

5 Minute DIY wreath making hack using a $1 food container to make rosemary, lavender, or Christmas wreaths! Easy nature crafts, farmhouse home decor & handmade gifts!

In this hack, I am excited to share with you a new way to make wreaths super fast using something you already have in the kitchen! You really don’t have to get wreath forms and wires and all kinds of supplies to make wreaths! It be super easy and at almost no cost!

This technique works really well on any wreaths made with flexible branches such as lavender, eucalyptus, and pine, cedar, boxwood, etc for Christmas wreaths.

Steal this Dollar Store laundry basket DIY idea today, and make your own $1, easy and beautiful home decor!
How to make a wreath using a Dollar Store laundry basket

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Materials and tools:

DIY rosemary wreath farmhouse decor in kitchen

Make it portable

Step 1: gather some branches for DIY wreath making 

gather rosemary to make wreaths

The leaves and branches should be clean and free of bugs. I used long and flexible rosemary branches because we have a lot of them growing. 

Herb wreaths make such great gifts and decor. You can also use any mix of herbs and flowers to make harvest wreaths, or use conifers, colorful berries and evergreens to make Christmas wreaths! 

Step 2: layer branches in container 

layer rosemary branches in container

Take a branch and put it inside the container. A flexible branch will naturally form to the curve of the round container. No work required from us! πŸ™‚

Add more layers of branches in container

Add more layers of branches. Alternate the thicker part with the thinner part of different branches, and keep the overall thickness even as you go around adding more branches. 

check thickness
Check thickness of branches.

 For a rosemary wreath with nice thickness, use 5 to 10 rounds of branches. The bigger the wreaths, the more layers of branches you will need.

Step 3: tie branches together to make a wreath 

tie branches together to make a wreath

I love this hemp twine as it blends in nicely with natural green colors. It also looks lovely on our DIY Christmas gift wrapping!

snowy red berries DIY gift wrapping
DIY Christmas gift wrapping tutorial!

Cut a piece of twine, pick any spot on the wreath circle, and tie it around all the branches. Make the knots tight as the wreath will shrink a little bit when the fresh cut branches and leaves start to dry.

how to make a wreath easily at almost no cost using a simple hack

Make a total of about 8 knots evenly spaced  all the way around. This will hold the wreath together nicely.

The rosemary wreaths smell so good! They will dry and turn into an olive green color in a week or two. If you have any tricks on how to keep rosemary green as they dry, please do share! πŸ™‚

make beautiful wreaths with sunflowers and rosemary


  1. You are such an inspiration!!! I’m one of “those” who has to see it to do it. No imagination…well, not much!
    Thank you for showing us such sensible, doable projects…even if we use our plastic sometimes. LOL! πŸ˜‰ I know if others have more imagination than I do, they’ll realize they can use their METAL bundt pan for shaping their greens just as easily and save their plastic for their lunch salad. HA!

  2. I commented before on the laundry basket wreathes–it worked so well for me! I grow LEGGY oregano and can’t wait to make wreathes this way instead of hand wrapping them. I even made up a silly poem about how to use the oregano wreathe for seasoning! Rosemary, move over!

  3. So much plastic. And worse yet it is from the dollar tree, This project showing the beauty of nature has plastic underpinnings flown all the way here from China.

    You can do better!

    • hi Penny! thank you for the thoughtful comment! πŸ™‚ i agree with you about plastic, however, i am less strict than i used to be if the plastic item can be used for many years which in a sense also reduces waste. also there’s the balance of accessible products for everyone to create with, vs social responsibilities etc means my choices aren’t always 100% right! πŸ™‚

    • hi Joy! i think the wreath smells wonderful in the kitchen, and you can pinch some rosemary off to use on pizza or in cooking with the salt! πŸ™‚

  4. I made 2 (wish I’d picked some of these weeds roadside; I will next year!!!) wreathes with your laundry basket hack this fall with silver leaved weeds that grew up to 5′ tall in my yard. I used fishline to tie them off and let them dry about 2 weeks. I decorated one for fall and one with springy stuff- pink peonies, pussy willows, lamb’s ear and a bird’s nest. They came out so well. Will try it with my grapevines next as the arthritis in my hands is worsening and this way is SOOOO much easier! Thank you so much!

  5. Oh I love this! It’s so nice to put some rosemary wreaths around in my room and kitchen. Thank you for sharing the tutorial!!

  6. I could not wait to try this, just made my rosemary wreath in 10 minutes!! Can’t believe how easy this is! Great hack. Thank you!

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