15 Inspiring DIY Painted Rock Ideas

These irresistible painted rock ideas are great arts and crafts projects for kids and adults. See how easy and fun it is to paint your favorite quotes or draw beautiful designs on rocks, and make them into unique home garden decor and gifts!

Last week I thought about painting some rocks for a fun art project, and was doing research on rock painting. I really did not expect to find so many creative and beautiful painted rock ideas and projects! 

15 best painted rock ideas: creative arts & crafts for kids & family. DIY home garden decorations & gifts by painting beautiful designs on stones & pebbles!

This post was totally spontaneous because I just have to share all the inspirations with you!  ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

Basic art supplies to paint rocks. 

Acrylic paint and simple paint brushes are the most commonly used. Acrylic paint pens and white paint pens are great for details and lettering. For garden decor, use outdoor acrylic paint.

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

Primers and sealers are not always necessary, as you will see in the tutorials next. If you can’t find smooth stones, you can purchase river rocks and pebbles for painting here.

1. How to paint mandalas on rocks 

How to paint mandalas on rocks using paint pens

Some of my favorite rock paintings are mandala paintings and drawings. Mandalas are called patterns of the universe. These painted rocks made with acrylic paint pens and white paint pens are great gifts and decor to inspire a sense of peace in our daily environments. (Via Color Made Happy)

2. Drawing on pebbles and stones

Drawing art on pebbles and stones using white pens

Doodling is such an enjoyable art activity. Get some white ink or white paint pens, and create these mesmerizing detailed drawings on rocks. (Via MagaMerlina and video tutorial below)

You may also love: how to paint flowers and trees on black paper!

Easy and detailed tutorial on how to paint cherry blossoms on black paper, and create a magical night landscape of cherry blossoms in the moon light.
How to paint flowers and trees on black paper

3. Feel good words kindness rock painting ideas 

Feel good words kindness rock painting ideas

We often hear about random act of kindness. Place these painted stones in random places. They will for sure spark joy in the luck people who find them! Just remember to respect the rules of places like national parks where we are not allowed to collect or leave things. (Via Paint HappyRocks |Plaid )

4. Inspiring quotes painted rock ideas 

Inspiring quotes painted rock ideas

Need creative ways to use affirmations and reminders? Paint your favorite quotes on rocks with white paint pens over colors and use them as daily dose of inspiration. (Via Shrimp Salad Circus | Plaid )

5. Create a cactus garden with painted rocks

Create a cactus garden with painted rocks

Even green thumbs can kill plants. This cute cactus garden made of painted rocks using green paint and white paint pens will thrive in any conditions!

6. Family portrait painted rock ideas 

 Family portrait painted rock ideas

What a heart warming gift and decor idea here with painted rock people and animal glued onto a wood slice! This makes me want to gather lots of pebbles and river rocks, and paint all my friends and family members! 

7. Herb garden markers painted rock ideas 

Herb garden markers painted rock ideas

Use outdoor acrylic paint and white paint pens to make one of a kind garden decorations that are also functional as garden labels. (Via Esty | August Wren)

8. Rock painting vegetable garden signs 

Rock painting vegetable garden signs

It is really fun to paint vegetables. These painted stones with veggie art and the herb garden markers would be great gifts for friends who love gardening! (Via Whimsy Love)

9. Ladybugs and bumble bees painted rock ideas for the garden

Ladybugs and bumble bees painted rock ideas

A garden is a magical place. Make these pained rock ladybugs and bumble bees as magical little decorations for a garden. (Via Crafts by Amanda | Easy Peasy and Fun)

10. Paint animals on pebbles 

Paint animals on pebbles

Another fun craft project for kids and the whole family. Everyone loves painted fox, bear and owl! (Via DecoArt | Lil Blue Boo)

11. Boho folk art painted rock ideas 

Boho folk art painted rock ideas

Boho style is inspired by global influences with arts and crafts using natural materials. These painted rocks with folk art motifs would look beautiful in a bohemian style space. (Via Color Made Happy | Lil Blue Boo)

12. Painted rock “Easter eggs”

Painted rock "Easter eggs"

River rocks already look like eggs! Use dimensional paint in squeeze bottles to add colors, textures and decorative details for creative Easter egg decorations! Video tutorial-

13. Holiday wishes lettering on rocks 

Holiday wishes lettering on rocks

Hand letter some beautiful holiday phrases on stones and pebbles. Include them in your gifts or use them as holiday decorations. Tutorial here.

14. Christmas art painted rock ideas

Christmas art painted rock ideas

Christmas is such a magical time of year filled with joy and creativity! These Christmas rock art would also make great stocking stuffers and gift box toppers!

15. Gingerbread houses rock painting

Gingerbread houses rock painting

Another fun Christmas craft for kids and family here: painting rock gingerbread houses!


  1. Omg, the easter eggs are lovely. I wonder if I could maybe make Christmas ornaments. It would be too heavy to hang on the tree though. I’m not sure what kind of paint you used for them, I usually use markers.

    • You could make Christmas ornaments, would be very cute on a branch painted white and wrap ribbon around the rocks to hang them. Or display in a basket or on a tray.

  2. Hello,
    I think your stones are very pretty painted with white pencil. You paint these with gel roller. Can the stones then be varnished without the white color smudging?
    Greetings from Hamburg

  3. Just now came across your wonderful post. All these rocks are great inspiration to get started, but that cactus “garden” is my favorite. It’s so clever & “tongue in cheek” for anyone like me who has managed to kill all of mine! Thanks for giving me some giggles this morning! 😅

  4. OMG – this has just inspired and excited me to get a table set up for all of my gazillion grandkids to paint rocks! Our property is covered in rocks of all sizes and I have tons of these paints and brushes already on hand. And with all ages of grandkids, it should be a wealth of joy and artistry! Amazing POST!!! Thank you! I will send you pics!

  5. I love the thought of rock painting. I haven’t done crafts before. Please list where I can get the correct kind of rocks to paint along to thee store to purchase the paints etc. I’m looking forward to doing. Thank you soo much

    • hi eileen! you can paint any rocks found in nature. i listed supplies under each rock painting photo depending on the style and details! 🙂

  6. Your rocks are absolutely beautiful! As I have black thumbs, I really liked the cactus garden. Your mandalas and quote rocks also fascinated me. You have an awesome talent; thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. Rocks have always been a favorite of mine; now after seeing yours, I’m really inspired! They are so magnificent! I collect a variety of sandstone rocks that you can write with (of course, on something hard, like curbstones). But now, I’ll do even more painting, as I have an abundance of paint and rocks are easy to acquire! Thank you so much!

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