DIY Tabletop Snow Flocked Christmas Tree: $1 in 10 Minutes

Make a tabletop snow flocked Christmas tree for almost free! Beautiful winter farmhouse decorations and easy crafts. Best DIY fake snow recipe! 

Look at this DIY snowy Christmas tree! Does it remind you of a majestic tree in a winter forest? Although we don’t have the room in our house for a 50′ tall cedar or redwood tree, we are so happy with this mini version!

Make a tabletop snow flocked Christmas tree for almost free! Beautiful winter farmhouse decorations and easy crafts. Best DIY fake snow recipe!

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this Christmas tree! All you need are some evergreen tree clippings and recycled cardboard. 

It looks beautiful even without the snow. If you want a flocked Christmas tree, it only takes a few minutes to make the snow flocking. 

lighted mini Christmas tree on table

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Check out the video tutorial or skip to written tutorial below!

Materials to make snow flocked Christmas tree 

DIY snow flocked Christmas tree with easy fake snow flocking recipe
DIY tabletop Christmas tree farmhouse decorations and easy crafts for kid

Step 1: make a cardboard cone

Draw a quarter circle with the circumference about 8 inches, which is the total tree height. You can change this number to make your table top Christmas tree bigger or smaller.

cut cardboard into a quarter circle

Use a protractor, or make one as shown in this similar tabletop Xmas tree tutorial.

make a cardboard cone

Cut out the quarter circle shape, with a bit extra tab on the end for gluing. Use hot glue or glue to glue together the cardboard cone .

hot glue and a cardboard cone

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snowy tree winter & Christmas DIY table decoration
5 Minute DIY snowy tree winter and Christmas table decorations!

Step 2: glue small branches to Christmas tree cone

glue small branches to Christmas tree paper cone

Start at the bottom, take small pieces of clippings from cedar branches and glue them around the bottom of the cone, over lapping them so the cardboard doesn’t show through. 

make a Christmas tree on a paper cardboard cone

The clippings should be about 1″ to 2″ passing the bottom edge. You can always trim them later. 

make mini tabletop Christmas tree with real branches

Next, glue another row of clippings above the first row. Always overlap adjacent branches. Repeat until the cone is completely covered all the way to the top tip.

 farmhouse decorations and easy crafts- how to make a tabletop Christmas tree for free

You can use this tabletop Christmas tree as is, or add some snow flocking to it! The cedar will stay green for at least a couple of weeks.

make a Christmas tree from real branches on a cone

Step 3: how to make snow flocked Christmas tree 

You can use snow spray,  snow flocking powder like this on Amazon, or make your own easily in just 10 minutes using white soap bars. 

how to make snow flocked Christmas tree for  winter farmhouse decorations. Easy crafts with DIY fake snow.

Check out this easy homemade snow flocking tutorial here.

DIY snow flocking tutorial here.

Take a handful of snow flocking mixture and rub it onto the Christmas tree. 

You can use more flocking to create a very heavily snow flocked Christmas tree, or use a smaller amount so some green still shows through the snow.

farmhouse  snow flocked Christmas tree, beautiful winter decorations

The snow flocking will take about 5 to 8 hours to dry. The dried snow is really durable and doesn’t fall off at all when you move the tree around. 

DIY tabletop snowy Christmas tree

You can use the same method to flock bigger Christmas trees, real or fake branches, wreaths, garlands, etc.

Beautiful lighted DIY Christmas tree winter crafts and  farmhouse decorations


  1. These are so cute; would be lovely in a village or a trio of them in different heights as a centerpiece. Now to find some cedar clippings!

    • hi kathy! yes a group of them would make the perfect winter village, which is something i always wanted to create every year, and always run out of time because of all kinds of projects! good luck finding the perfect cedar! 🙂

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