Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath in 20 Minutes

Do you love the smell of cedar, pine and redwood? This DIY fresh Christmas wreath is something anyone can make in less than an hour using fresh evergreen cuttings of conifers and berries!

Gather some fresh evergreen cuttings and make THIS in 15 minutes!

With the cooler temperature outside and a little bit of mist, rain or snow, it will stay fresh for days or even weeks! All you need are some cuttings, and a few simple materials to make this DIY fresh Christmas wreath for this holiday season!

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Step 1: Gather materials for your DIY fresh Christmas wreath.

* Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here .

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

The only materials we need besides botanical cuttings: an 12 to 18 inch wire wreath frame and some natural jute twine.

Try to find different kinds of conifers with foliage color variations such as bright green, blue green, yellow green, etc.

You will also need some cuttings from evergreen shrubs or trees that have clusters of bright colored berries.


Step 2: add cuttings to your DIY fresh Christmas wreath

Take an 18 inch wire wreath frame and “weave” a piece of conifer branch about 18″ to 24″ long through it.

The photo below shows how the branch is held securely by the wire frame without the need for any florist wire.


Continue “weaving” more branches through the wire frame, tucking the end of each branch under the foliage of the adjacent one.


You will need 6-8 branches to complete the circle.

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Back to our Christmas wreath:


Step 3: add colorful elements to the DIY fresh Christmas wreath.

Since it is a fresh Christmas wreath, we are using red berries and blue spruce, which reminds me of ice and snow.


Blue spruce is quite prickly, so be careful! Wear gloves if you need to.

Tie a berry branch and a blue spruce branch into a bundle using natural jute twine.


Tie the bundle to the wire frame.


Jute twine has a natural look that blends with the fresh cuttings. You can have the jute twine showing, or tuck it under the conifer foliage.


Continue with more bundles until you are happy with the look.

I used six bundles in this wreath.


Here’s the video to show you how easy it is!

Final touches and variations:

When you finish, step back and look at the wreath: is there any part that seems out of balance?

If some of the branches extend out too much, use jute twine to hold them in a bit.

You can also add fun touches such as ribbons or ornaments.


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Happy creating!


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  1. I made 2 wreathes this fall with silvery-green weeds that grew up to 5′ tall using my laundry basket; I didn’t even cut it down. They dried in the sunshine and I added silk flowers; they were lovely!

  2. This is so very pretty and you make it look so easy. I’ve been wanting to add something to our back door since you can see it from one of the streets in our neighborhood, this might be perfect for that space.

  3. This came out gorgeous! I have been wanting to make a real wreath for years and this has me convinced now that this year is the year!

  4. Ananda… I love this idea and I think i will try to do one …Il will post joy in m heart and hope in tomorrow…Time Christsmas is time peace and silence beauty..

    Have a nice december…

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