Make 3D Paper Snowflakes: 3 Free Templates!

Make easy 3d paper snowflakes for beautiful winter & Christmas decorations. 3 free templates. Best paper crafts ideas for kids & family!

Look at these big gorgeous 3d paper snowflakes! They may look fancy, but they are super easy and take no time to make!  

Make easy 3d paper snowflakes for beautiful winter & Christmas decorations. 3 free templates. Best paper crafts ideas for kids & family!

Wouldn’t they look beautiful hanging on a Christmas tree or a New Year garland? All you need are 2 pieces of paper to make each 3d snowflake.

If you are looking for 2D paper cut snowflakes, we have a tutorial here with 12 beautiful free templates you can download! 

Check out the video tutorials for each 3D snowflake, or skip to written tutorial below!

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Materials and tools to make 3D paper snowflakes

beautiful DIY paper Christmas ornaments
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Step 1: cut and fold 6 pieces of square paper

 fold  paper

Let’s start with the first design. You will need 6 small square pieces of paper for each 3D snowflakes.

We used 6 small pieces of squares cut from 8.5″ x 11″ white copy paper, with 4 small squares on each sheet as shown in photo below.

 small pieces of squares cut from 8.5" x 11" white copy paper,

Our finished 3D snowflake measures about 12″ wide. If you want bigger snowflakes, start with bigger sheets of square paper.

Fold the square diagonally in half to form a triangle. Fold the large triangle again in half to make a smaller triangle.

fold paper and draw design

Step 2: draw and cut designs

Draw parallel lines on each small triangles as shown. 

cut designs to make 3d paper snowflakes

Cut along each line and stop before cutting through the entire triangle. 

Step 3: glue 3D paper snowflakes 

glue cut paper

Unfold the square and glue the cut designs as shown in photos and video. It is easier to start at the center and glue the smaller pieces first.

 how to make 3d paper snowflakes

The key is to alternate the directions each time you glue 2 opposite pieces together.

Now we have one of the 6 ” petals ” of the snowflake. Repeat the steps to make the remaining 5 petals.

easy DIY  3d paper snowflakes with free template

Next glue the center tips of all 6 petals together to create our 3D paper snowflake. You can glue them one by one, or as 2 groups of 3.

3d paper snowflakes for beautiful winter & Christmas decorations.

Now the 3D snowflake is complete. It’s very easy to attach a piece of ribbon or string to one of the tips so you can hang the snowflake.

Here’s the video tutorial for the second 3D paper snowflake, and written tutorial below.

The second 3d paper snowflake is very similar to the first one.

cut and fold paper

Instead of folding the triangle twice, we only need to fold it once. 

cut snowflake designs

After drawing the lines and cutting them, glue each pair of the cut strips at the end tips.

glue designs

Just like how we made the first snowflake, alternate the directions you fold each pair. 

glue paper

Check out the video at top if you need more clarification.

glue 3d paper snowflake

Make 6 of these ‘petals’ and glue them together at the center to form on large 3d paper snowflake.

farmhouse decor 3d paper snowflake

Here’s the video tutorial for the third 3D paper snowflake, and written tutorial below.

The third paper snowflake is made with a different technique.

fold paper
It starts out the same way as how we made these 6 pointed snowflakes.

Fold a square piece of paper diagonally in half, then in half again to create a triangle. Fold in equal thirds into a wedge. Check out this tutorial or the video above if you need more details.

draw snowflake pattern

Draw and cut the design as shown. 

cut paper snowflake

Open up the wedge into a 6 sided paper snowflake. 

glue 3d paper snowflake

Fold part of the cut piece in each petal, and glue the tips to the center of the snowflake to create a dimensional design.

6 pointed 3d paper snowflake

You can use this 3d paper snowflake as is, or glue two of them back to back so the 3d details are visible on both sides.

12 pointed 3d paper snowflake

Here they are! We just finished making all 3 of our 3D paper snowflakes. Now it’s time to have fun with them in your winter and Christmas decorations!

3 free templates to make easy 3d paper snowflakes for beautiful winter & Christmas decorations, and  boho farmhouse style decor

In case you missed these, here are some more variations of 3d paper snowflakes we made a couple of years ago. Check out the tutorial here!

big snowflake pendants made from paper bags or white paper
Check out the DIY snowflakes tutorial here.


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