DIY: Paper House Luminaries

apieceofrainbow-paper-houses (9)Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom of gnomes and fairies. They lived in pretty little houses, and they lived happily ever after….

Can you sense how giddy I am to share with you these tiny houses illuminated with LED tea lights? They would be pretty on a table setting, or as little surprises in nooks or the corner of a shelf. How about as Christmas ornaments?

apieceofrainbow-paper-houses (2)To start, download these patterns here, (you can use a Silhouette machine, but these are easy enough to cut by hand, so I used pdf files ) and print the 2 pages out on card stock – this  Neenah Exact Index Cardstock is one of my favorite paper to use – nice quality, acid free, about 215 gsm thick, and so versatile!

apieceofrainbow-paper-houses (4)Cut around the outline and cut out those window openings. Score along the edges of walls and tabs that fold over. Make the folds, then glue the little house together. The little house will have an open bottom – no floor – so we can put it over a LED tea light candle. I used these, they have a nice bright and warm glow.

apieceofrainbow-paper-houses (8) apieceofrainbow-paper-houses (6)Don’t you wish building a house is this easy??

LED tea light candles are great, no worries about anything burning!

I had so much fun taking photos of them in the garden, it almost feels like some little fairies are going to jump out behind the bushes!

apieceofrainbow-paper-houses (12) apieceofrainbow-paper-houses (11) apieceofrainbow-paper-houses (10)

If you love paper luminaries, check out these DIY dimensional lanternsapieceofrainbow23-1

or this easy 3D paper shadow box inspired by birch forest – apieceofrainbow33 (1)

Oh, another set is coming soon so you can create a little village! Stay tuned! =)








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