DIY: Pendant Lamp From Grocery Bag

apieceofrainbow_pendant1_ (15)So many things to love about Trader Joe’s – yummy foods, happy people, and those cool looking paper grocery bags!

Yes you can recycle them, but why not Up-Cycle them into a functional work of art? How about an unique pendant lamp?? This pendant is made with one and a half paper bag. All you need is a little folding!

apieceofrainbow_pendant1_ (13)No worries if you are not familiar with origami, I made an easy-to-understand folding pattern and diagram for you to download!

apieceofrainbow_pendant1_ (2)

Print it out on a piece of letter size paper and practice a little. The key here is to get comfortable with the “mountain” and “valley” folds. Mountain folds are towards you, and valley folds away from you!


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