100+ Favorite Christmas Decorating Ideas For Every Room in Your Home : Part 1

This 4-part series is all about the best Christmas decorating ideas you can apply to your own home easily and quickly!

Decorating for the holidays is a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate life and family. While researching on how to decorate our rooms for Christmas this year, I was so inspired by the amount of love and creativity people put into these Christmas decorations for their homes.

These 4 parts of my 100+ favorite Christmas decorating ideas are organized by rooms :

Part 1: 30+ Gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas for the entryway, living room, and stairs.

Part 2: 30+ Best Christmas decorating ideas for the kitchen, dinning room, bedroom, and bathroom.

* Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here .

Part 3: 27 Easy and beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas table decorations and centerpieces.

Part 4: 32 Stunning DIY Christmas outdoor decorations. 

Let’s start with some drool-worthy Christmas entryways! ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

1 -4 . The classic red – white – green Christmas entryway. 

Simple ways to create a beautiful Christmas entryway : start with a bench or table,  add a few evergreen garlands and wreaths, red and white pillows and stockings … ( via Ella Claire | Home Remedies )

To make the entryway extra charming, add some treasure finds and personal favorites,  such as pine cones, vintage wood crates, painted wood signs, etc. ( via Paint Me Pink | Little House of Four )

5 & 6 . The black and white Christmas entryway.

If you love a more subtle style, these elegant Christmas entryways are created with a mix of black, grey, aged wood, soft burlap and linens, and a touch of green. ( via Pine and Birch | Love Grows Wild )

7 & 8 . Create an inviting Christmas entryway with garlands.

These lush green garlands frame an entry beautifully, while also serve as Christmas lights or Christmas cards display! ( via Nine and Sixteen | Craftberry Bush )

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24 colorful and long-lasting planters / arrangements for winter and Christmas decorations!

Next, Christmas decorating ideas for the living room!

9 – 12 . The essentials of a Christmas living room

A living room offers many great opportunities for Christmas decorations, for example: you can change the colors of pillows and throws on a sofa, add small wreaths to cabinet doors, tuck little holiday pieces on open shelves, or create a Christmas vignette on an empty wall … (via HGTV | Golden Sycamore )

Also find a few places to create some focal points and decorate around it. An old window full of character, a hand-painted wooden clock or sign, these are all focal points that we can add mini Christmas trees, wreaths, stockings,  and string lights as Christmas accents! ( via The Design Twins )

13, 14 . Symmetry and repetitions in great Christmas decorating

Symmetry and repetitions are used beautifully in the above examples such as the pair of small Christmas trees on the mantle, the multiple garlands, stockings, and Christmas trees of various sizes and styles! (via Place of My Taste  | Thrifty and Chic )

15 – 18 . The festive Christmas fireplace decorations

In most homes, the fireplace is the focal point in a living room. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, the following group of fabulous Christmas mantel decorating ideas can be applied to a cabinet, shelf, or table!

Use a Christmas sign as a focal point. In addition to stylish painted wood signs or metal signs, you can also use other related pieces such as printed burlap bags, pillows with holiday phrases, etc! ( via The Lily Pad Cottage | The Crafted Sparrow )

The two beautiful Christmas fireplace mantels are decorated with ojects that are unmistakably Christmas: wreaths at center, flanked by irch logs, red berry branches, stockings and skates! ( via  Craftberry Bush | Nesting Blissfully )

19 – 24 . Woodland Christmas fireplace decorations

Create a serene Christmas mantel with a limited palette of greens, white, and neutrals. ( via  Mommy Suite | Tomkat Studio )

You can also add enchanting details such as boxwood letters, and hanging star garland to a woodland themed Christmas fireplace mantel. ( via  Craftberry Bush | Source )

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Creative alternative Christmas trees that are NOT trees!

These lovely fireplaces remind me of a little cabin in the woods. The weathered wood panels looks amazing with red checkered ribbons! ( via Country Chic Cottage | Refresh Restyle )

25 – 26 . Modern and cozy Christmas fireplace mantel decorations

Love these non-traditional yet stylish home-made Christmas decorations combined with a charcoal and white background.  Such a fresh vibe! ( Via Little DekoningsBHG )

27 – 28 . Add Christmas lights to your fireplace decorations

Don’t forget the magic of string lights! ( via The White Company | The Everyday Home )

Next, Christmas decorating ideas for the staircase!

29 – 30 . Christmas staircase garlands and swags

Two popular ways to decorate the railings with lush evergreens, ribbons, and red berries. ( via Nine and Sixteen | BHG )

31 – 32 . Christmas staircase with stockings and garlands

Use white and red stockings for a cheery look, or black and white stockings for a minimal elegant feel. (via HGTV | Style at Home  )

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33 – 36 . Christmas staircase with letters

Create JOY lettered tin bucket with a chalk pen, or hang some oversized paper mache or wood letters along the railing. See how easy it is to decorate the stairs for Christmas? ( via Finding Home Farms | The Gray Door Market )

“Ho Ho Ho” or “JOY”? Too cute to pass either one! ( via Just Destiny | Quaters1 )

37 – 38 . Christmas staircase with elegant winter colors

Use silver ornaments and white snowflakes, your staircase will become a winter wonderland. ( Source: 37 | 38 )

More of our 100+ favorite Christmas decorating ideas for every room :

Happy decorating! See you next week!


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  1. We need to decorate all over our house without a Christmas tree…Why no tree ? Because our cat Kevin Bacon is a wild man and destroys the tree…I reply sad faced… These decorations shown are amazing!!! Christmas for me, no tree for Kevin!!!!Tree stays in the forest!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!!

  2. I hadn’t even thought about decorating for Christmas yet but I will be saving this. My girls are old enough to really get into decorating for the holidays and like to add their own flare. We all loved looking thru your images. Looks like we may be shopping for decorations sooner than I thought. 🙂

  3. I want ALL the decorations! We live in a little basement apartment, so that’s not realistic, but now I have some great idea of what we CAN do with our little space. Thanks for posting this guide! 🙂

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