18 Inspiring Home Decor Ideas with Ladders For Every Room

When it comes to creative home decor ideas, I just love ladders :  simplicity, beauty, form and function, a ladder has it all.

It lends itself perfectly to so many styles: modern, farmhouse, fixer upper, boho, eclectic, vintage, industrial, and more!

modern farmhouse style home decor ideas using ladders

For those of us who love easy DIYs or re-purposing,  there are endless ways we can utilize ladders to create an attractive and organized space in every room, and for every style interiors from farmhouse, vintage, to industrial and modern!

Let’s start with the timeless blanket ladder-

1 & 2. DIY Blanket ladders are great modern farmhouse home decor ideas

DIY blanket ladders in modern farmhouse style home decor

A blanket ladder is easy to DIY. It is the perfect way to display our favorite linens and textiles in a living room or bedroom.

We can also use it to light up a corner with stylish LED globe string lights! ( Source: 1 | 2 )

Ladders can even be made from pallet wood. Here are some helpful tips on where to find and how to work with pallets!

20 most amazing raised bed gardens, from simple wood raised beds to many creative variations. Great tutorials and inspirations! - A Piece Of Rainbow

Where to find and how to work with pallets, plus our favorite tool to take apart pallets.

3 & 4. Just add baskets to ladders for decorative storage

storage wire and wicker baskets on ladders as decorative storage in modern farmhouse style home

Home decor ideas can also be functional: a simple and beautiful way to organize the kitchen and the bathroom is to add a ladder shelf combined with elegant hanging wire baskets or wicker storage baskets. ( Source: 3 | 4 )

5 & 6. Horizontal ladder shelf

colorful farmhouse rooms with ladders

Two ways to use ladders horizontally as wall shelves, great for an entry or a hallway. ( Source: 5 | 6 )

7 & 8. Ladder pot racks as kitchen decor

ladder pot racks as kitchen decor

Ladders become hanging pot racks. These would looks stunning in a farmhouse kitchen! All you need are some heavy duty hanging chains and S shaped hanging hooks. ( Source: 7 | 8 )

9 & 10. Fixer Upper style home decor ideas

fixer upper style home decor ideas using ladder and vintage finds

Transform rustic ladders into gorgeous furniture with some creative styling, can you see fixer upper right here! So perfect for vintage or farmhouse home decor! Tutorials from  Jennifer at the Crafty Patch and Donna at Funky Junk Interiors!

11, 12, 13 & 14. A shaped shelves made from ladders

colorful boho style home decor ideas using ladders and plants ladder shelves in kitchen and living room

A-shaped ladder shelves are so easy to build. Leave it a natural finish or paint it with your favorite colors. Add some boho vibes to your home decorating using plants and global finds!  ( Source: 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 )

You can also make your own all natural and long-lasting wood stains for almost free! DIY home made wood stain- 7 recipes here-

7 ways to make wood stain from natural household materials! These quick and easy wood stains are super effective, long lasting, low cost, and non-toxic!

Home made wood stain recipes.

15 & 16. From ladders to closets

bohemian style home decor ideas using ladders as clothes hanging racks

Use ladders to create a stylish and organized closet. Minimal and modern, yet warm and rustic at the same time. ( Source: 15 | 16 )

17 & 18. Re-purposed ladders for the garden

ladders as garden decor

Ladders are great for the outdoors too. Love the ladder chandelier made by Beth at Unskinny Boppy and the ladder plant stand from Tootsie Time?


  1. What a wonderful and innovative post! I will definitely revamp and use the old ladder lying in my house for a decade now. Thank you for this. Loved your creativity.

  2. Hey!
    Thank you for your ladder ideas! I have an old barn ladder and now I know just what to do with it.

  3. I LOVE blanket ladders! My favorite is the blanket one! I recently found one for SUPER cheap at Home Goods and I don’t have a place for it yet, but it was such a great buy I couldn’t pass up. I can’t wait to style it!

  4. Oh my goodness these are all such great and cute ideas! My brain is now going crazy over some much needed updates in the house.

  5. These are all lovely! we are planning a reno to our house and we will be doing a farmhouse decor. Some of these would be perfect for the look we are going for!

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