Pop Up Flowers DIY Printable Mother’s Day Card

Are you looking for beautiful handmade Mother’s Day card ideas?

This lovely Happy Mother’s Day card is so easy to make, and so magical with a huge bouquet of flowers popping out when the card opens up! No need for any special tools or materials.

In addition to the free printable Mothers Day card and the pop up bouquet templates, I will also share with you another set of pop up flowers templates with different colors so you can make your own bouquet for mom.

All you need is a few pieces of paper, glue, scissors, and about 30 minutes!

UPDATE: I just designed a new set of pop up Happy Mother’s Day cards that are easier and FAIL PROOF! Tutorial here! 

New templates and tutorial here!

Materials and tools for this DIY Mother’s Day Card:

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Step 1: Make 7 flowers in 7 minutes

Begin with seven 5-inch squares of paper. You can print and cut from our free printable downloads at the end, or use these 6″ square origami paper that comes in many colors.

You can even paint your own watercolor flowers and cut them out: How to paint watercolor flowers easily in 15 minutes!

How to paint watercolor flowers easily in 15 minutes!

First fold and cut a square into an 8-petal flower that lays flat. Then cut away 1 petal, overlap and glue the adjacent 2 petals to form a 6-petal flower.

Make 6 more flowers with other squares. If you need more detailed instructions, please check out the How to Make Pop-up Birthday Card tutorial here!

Step 2: Glue flowers together

Please check out the How to Make Pop-up Birthday Card tutorial here, for detailed written instructions or check out the video tutorial below.

How to Make Pop-up Birthday Card tutorial.

Optional: cut out some leaves from green paper, and glue them to the flowers. You can use mixed colors construction paper or this lovely cardstock with different shades of greens.

Below is a video tutorial .

Final step:

You can create your own designs or print the free happy mother’s day card (download at the end ) on a piece of  8.5″x11″ Cardstock . Fold it in half.

Place the glued stack of flowers inside the card as shown. Place a little bit of glue only on the very center petal of the flower stack , close card, and press firmly to adhere. Open card and repeat on the other side.

Downloads for this printable pop-up Happy Mother’s day card:

Download the card cover, and pop-up flowers here. Click to bring up the pdf,  and right click “save” to save. If you have trouble downloading, send this post to friends so they can download and email to you! (Due to thousands of downloads happening on this site, we can’t personally email files, hope you understand! ???? )

Download the Happy Birthday pop-up card printables here, and check out 3 very helpful tips, especially important if you have not made this before!!

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Free printable floral greeting cards.

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Happy creating!


  1. I thought I followed all instructions but it didn’t work for me. I couldn’t get the card to open and flowers to open fully. What did I do?

  2. Hi! This is an adorable idea! Where do I find the printable for the Happy Mothers Day cover? I only see the birthday one.

  3. Oh wow, these are beautiful! I’ll be in LA for Mother’s Day so I’ll just make a card to take with me to give to my mother and one for my gran on the day – we’ll be having a meal somewhere to celebrate. Love this craft idea!

  4. These are so pretty! I remember making cards for my mom when I was a kid for Mother’s Day. Now that I’m 30, I’ll do it again I’m sure she will be surprised.

  5. Love these greeting cards, they remind me of cards I used to make when I was little in school. Your printables are a lot professional though! I can’t wait to print one off and make a card.

  6. Those cards are absolutely beautiful. Thinking about Mother’s Day brings me joy, as I know the kids go above and beyond to create the perfect gift. I love the monthly calendar. Beautiful!

  7. This is so beautiful! I will definitely make one for my mother in law, I think she would love this. I love the details of making a handmade card and sending it to someone I love far away.

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