30-Minute DIY Christmas Candy Cane Wreath {with Free Material!}

Seasons greetings! Meet our freshly made DIY Christmas candy cane wreath- isn’t it lovely?

Here’s a quiz: can you guess what it is made of?

Like many of you, I love upcycled and repurposed crafts and decor projects. Now is the perfect time to get creative with our Christmas decorations, and try some new ideas!

This wreath is so easy to make! no cutting, no gluing, no special tools needed. Ready for the secret (free) material?

Materials and tools to make an easy DIY Christmas candy cane wreath:

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

You very likely have guessed it: plastic shopping bags from Target! If you can’t find a Target locally, you can use other plastic bags with red and white colors, or ask family and friends to save you some Target bags.

You will need 12 bags to make a DIY Christmas candy cane wreath on the 12″ wire wreath form, which we used here. You can also use a 14″ wreath form and more bags for a bigger wreath.

Check out the DIY Christmas candy cane wreath video tutorial , or skip to step by step written tutorial.

Step 1: add plastic bags to wreath form

The 12″ wreath form has 6 sections, each is further divided into 3 smaller sections. We will be referring them as ‘big sections’ and “small sections” in the tutorial.

Each big section will be filled with 2 plastic bags.

Take a bag, place it under the wreath form, with the red white pattern at center, and push part of the bag through a small section on the wreath form.

Repeat until the same bag is pushed through 3 small sections. Take another bag and do the same, now a big section is filled with 2 bags . adjust the bags so they look nice and fluffy on the front side. tuck in any extra part that hangs out too much on the back.

Watch the video tutorial above if you are feeling confused!

Step 2: complete the remaining sections of the DIY Christmas candy cane wreath

Use 2 bags for each big section on the wreath form, repeat the process in Step 1, and finish filling each section.

Now our DIY Christmas candy cane wreath is looking pretty sweet! Next step is optional.

I think this white and red Christmas wreath would look gorgeous with these 5-minute DIY snow frosted mason jar decorations, tutorial here!

add Christmas string lights in DIY snow frosted mason jar decorations

5-minute DIY snow frosted mason jar decorations

Step 3: add optional accent to your DIY Christmas candy cane wreath

Add a bow or anything you like ( maybe a bundle of big candy canes?) as a focal point .

I made a simple bow with a ribbon. See diagram below. This ribbon is left uncut, and can be reused for gift wrapping in future.

To make the ribbon bow, just make loops of the ribbon, arrange the loops into a butterfly shape, and tie a knot in the center with a string. Wrap the center and hide the string with one of the ends of the ribbon by making a knot there.

Tie the ribbon bow onto the wreath with clear or white string, now you have a festive DIY Christmas candy cane wreath!

Because this wreath does not use any glue, you can remove the plastic bags whole when the season is over, and reuse them for other things or recycle them.

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Easy DIY pinecone wreath tutorial

Another super easy winter ans Christmas decoration you may love: 5 minute DIY giant 3d snowflakes!

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5 minute DIY giant 3d snowflakes!

Love creative upcycled decor? These DIY Christmas trees will offer lots of inspirations for any type of space you have!

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Happy creating! See you soon!


  1. I can’t wait to try but I don’t even have one bag, lol. Have to pick up some when I buy stuff at Target. It looks so very nice. Could use it for Valentine’s and Christmas both.

  2. What a creative way to un-cycle and make something unique for Christmas! Saving this to make with my granddaughters this winter!

  3. I sure wouldn’t recycle it until after Valentine’s Day. But then, it would be cute for patriotic holidays, too! It is adorable!

  4. Another winner, Ananda. Festive and totally uses resources around us that are FREE and helps keep them out of landfills. Thank you!!

  5. My 6 year old son and I did this as a recycle project for his school. We did it a little differently to use more recycled items though. We used a wire coat hanger bent into a circle and cut the bags into 3″ strips tying them instead around the hanger. We also used 4 toilet paper tubes to make a poinsettia flower center piece instead of a bow. Wish I could post a picture of it here to show you our work.

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