18 Ingenious DIY Christmas Trees For Any Space

Here’s why we need DIY Christmas trees: everyone loves Christmas trees, however, a real or faux Christmas tree can take up a lot of space! So what if you have a small space? What if you want 10 trees just because you are so exuberant ?! =)

Here’s a collection of jaw dropping and super inspiring DIY Christmas trees ideas to make your Christmas “Trees” using simple materials like paper or pallet wood, or repurposed materials like oil funnels, tomato cages, books, or pvc pipe. Lots of them are great Christmas decorations for small spaces!

By the end of this collection of creative Christmas decoration ideas, you will be so happy to know that – Yes, one can have 10 DIY Christmas trees even in a tiny apartment!

1. & 2. Tomato Cage DIY Christmas trees

christmas trees

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Two entirely different DIY Christmas trees, both made from… guess what, tomato cages! The one one the left made by 17Apart is so simple and chic, just add string lights! The one on the right made from Diy Show Off  is adorned with lighted garlands, how pretty!

3. Ladder Christmas tree

Funky Junk Christmas ladder tree

Rustic and spontaneous, this charming ladder tree by the incredible  Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is re-purposing at its finest! A great idea for Christmas decorations in small spaces

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 4 & 5. Stacked DIY Christmas trees using PVC pipes or books


How fun would it be to decorate this PVC pipe DIY Christmas tree! If cutting pvc pipes sounds intimidating, gather some water bottles of various sizes, or paper mailing tubes and perhaps even paint them! From Martha Stewart  .

A stacked book DIY Christmas tree that needs no storage! See how Family Sponge created this fantastic tree in almost no time. Both trees are great Christmas decorations for small spaces!

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6 & 7. Weathered wood DIY Christmas trees


I love everything Free People, including this great tutorial on how to create a simple and elegant tree from found branches – each becomes a mini ledge shelf for displaying treasures!

Oh the glorious pallets! KariAnn from Thistlewood Farms did it again! Love the beautiful details and craftsmanship!

8. Old Book Pages / Paper DIY Christmas tree: 


Paper Christmas trees are great Christmas decorations for small spaces. What a tree that tell a story, and perfect size for a small table?  Tutorial by Kayla Aimee

9. Yard Stick Christmas tree:


Organized Clutter made a yard stick tree that is a brilliant work of art! The way she joined the sticks together is just so smart!

10. Gift Wrap DIY Christmas trees

how to make a christmas tree 1

Give all the gift wrap trimmings a new life, and make a festive tree! Check it out here!

11. Scrap Paper DIY Christmas trees

Paper Christmas trees 018 copy

Another great way to use paper trimmings to make paper Christmas trees as Christmas decorations for small spaces. ! These little trees made from softer pinks, blues and greens are worthy of the cover of Martha’s magazine! I Craft With Love also shares another pretty tree made with sheet music paper!

12 & 13. Stars and Twigs DIY Christmas trees


Although this tree is not a detailed tutorial, I decided to include it here because it’s simple enough to see how it’s made, just create a lovely tree drawing with string lights, and use hooks or nails as anchors. Don’t forget the felt or paper cut stars as a festive touch!

The tree made of stacked branches / twigs almost has a beachy feel, like driftwood! It will look so pretty with any style of decor from country to modern! See tutorial at Lalole Blog.

14. Stick Art DIY Christmas tree


Another way to use sticks and branches! Karen made a line art tree with her treasure finds – sticks!

15. Reclaimed Wood Christmas tree


You know how much I love reclaimed wood right? So of course I am drooling over this stained scrap wood tree made by Pretty Handy Girl !

16. Yarn DIY Christmas tree


Isn’t life beautiful with buttons and pompoms? From HGTV .

17. Hanging Felt DIY Christmas trees


How can we resist a tree that moves as we walk by it? A beautiful tutorial by  Purlbee !

18. Up-cycled DIY Christmas trees


Carlene is so creative, I have to feature her twice here! In addition to the yard stick tree, she also made this old funnel tree that is so stylish and playful!

christmas trees apieceofrainbow 2

Which DIY Christmas trees would you be making this year? Tag us on instagram or comment on our pinterest pins! We would love to see them!

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Wish everyone a super lovely holiday season! xo


  1. My homemade tree was from firewood I bought on holiday in Norway. Straight even sized wood slats cut to varying lengths and threaded onto a wooden skewer with wooden beads between. Decorated with battery led lights and mini ornaments. No better use for firewood.

  2. I adore that book Christmas tree. That’s perfect for us because we never have enough shelves for all our books anyway. I also like the tomato cage tree for its simplicity. We already have our large Christmas tree in place but I’m looking for ideas for other rooms in the house so I need smaller tree ideas. These are all fabulous. My kids are going to love helping me build the book tree (although I can see it toppling down a few times before we get it right!)

  3. The bookworm in me has found its preferred version! With all the books lying around the house, this should be pretty easy and pleasurable to make; just need to think which books to select for the job…hummmmm… Have a lovely day Ananda!

  4. Can I pin this Amazing Christmas Decoration to interest myself? If your waiting until Christmas to pin this to interest, I can’t wait. Thanks for your help before. I found a way to sign up for your newsletter. You are amazing.

  5. I’m so glad I found your blog. I followed your instructable on the dodecahedron calendars to get here, and I’ve come across so many great ideas already! My mother in law bought my son a ton of books this year so we could do a picture book advent calendar (basically just wrap all the books up, number them and put them under the tree so one can be opened each day), but we have no room at all for a tree. We do, however, have a box of damaged books that I grabbed from the library’s recycle bin (because crafty people like us might have a use for that someday, right?), we’re totally going to make our own little tree!

  6. These are so cute (though I’m not sure I could bring myself to cut up a book–even one I didn’t like–because I am SUCH a book nerd!!)! We just moved into a house that, for the first time in our married lives, is big enough for an actual tree–but I think I might be stealing some of these for the other rooms in the house, too! πŸ™‚

  7. I loved all these re-imagined Christmas trees. My favorite would have to be the one from Free People. It’s so Christmas-y by bringing the woods indoors.

  8. So many awesome selections! I was actually just looking this up last week as I purchased a wall hung tree (that my cat can’t reach … or so I hope). I can’t decide on a favorite but am leaning towards the twigs, pallet and PVC pipe.

  9. Oh My Gaga- I LOVE this post!!!! Seriously! This is so clever and adds just the perfect touch to show off your personality and make it yours. What super duper cute ideas!!!!

  10. I really really enjoyed this post! Although we already set up our eco-white Christmas tree this past weekend, I have been meaning to find ways to decorate our backyard. That ladder tree is perfect! We actually have a really old ladder that looks just like that and I have left over decorations I can use!
    I also liked the book stacking tree. I could do that considering the tons of books we have! This has been a truly inspirational post. Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

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