Beautiful Fast & Easy DIY Pinecone Wreath ( Improved Version!)

A DIY pinecone wreath is a great decor project, and offers many creative variations. Like many pine cone crafts, this DIY pinecone wreath is really fun and easy to make! Full of natural charm, it compliments so many decor styles from farmhouse to modern, and looks beautiful as fall, winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations.

 pine cones and wire wreath form

After our first easy DIY pinecone Christmas wreath tutorial, a few readers shared that sometimes the pine cones fell off their wreaths. This improved version only requires one simple extra step which will make your DIY pine cone wreath much more durable!

Since then, we have made more pine cone crafts, such as this farmhouse DIY pine cone topiary!

DIY pine cone wreath with LED string lights

This DIY pinecone wreath will  last for years as beautiful fall, winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations. I will also share ways to customize it with other elements such as string lights,  evergreen foliage and berries, and how to use it creatively in different ways.

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Check out the DIY Pine cone wreath video tutorial below, or skip to step by step written tutorial.

Materials and tools to make an easy DIY pinecone wreath:

Materials to make an easy DIY pinecone wreath

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5 minute “bleached pine cones” without using bleach!

Step 1: wrap wreath form with twine

In the previous tutorial, I glued the pine cones directly onto the wreath form. Mine was fine, but some readers said their pine cones fell off. I think it has to do with the slippery coating on wreath form and the hot glue temperature.

wrap wreath form with jute twine

In this improved version, we are going to wrap some natural jute twine around the wire wreath form first. The twine provides better adhesive surfaces for the hot glue and the pine cones.

The wreath form has 7 sections. Take a piece of twine, Tie a knot where the wires are crossing and wrap the natural jute twine around tightly (does not have to be super dense) until you reach the end of a section where the wires are crossing again. Tie another knot to finish this section.

wreath form is covered with natural jute twine.

Repeat until the wreath form is covered with natural jute twine.

Step 2: glue pine cones to wreath form

Start with the big size group of pine cones. Glue them along the outside circle of the wreath form.

Tip: at the beginning, your glued pine cones will have more room to move around, it’s a good thing! As we add more pine cones the wreath will become tighter.

glue pine cones to wre

You can put the hot glue on the pine cones, or on the jute twine. Use a generous amount.

It is important that the glue joins the pine cone and the twine for stronger adhesion. The wire wreath form has a glossy coating that can cause some pine cones to fall off, especially when you use low temperature hot glue.

  complete the first circle of pine cones on wreath

After the outer circle of pine cones are completed, we will use the medium size pinecones to complete the middle circle.

I find it helpful to have some variations in this mid-size group of pine cones. Try to fit each pine cone snugly and leave as little open space as possible. Don’t worry about some open spaces, we will fill those gaps with foliage or other elements later.

hot glue pine cones to wreath

Now take some tiny little pine cones and complete the inside circle. Our lovely DIY pinecone wreath is ready for some creative final touches!

take some tiny little pine cones and complete the inside circle of the pinecone wreath

This basic pine cone wreath will last for years. You can use it in so many different ways and customize it with seasonal elements!

Step 3: creative variations

If you want to create an elegant wreath for everyday decor, add some evergreen cuttings to the wreath.

add some evergreen cuttings to the pine cone wreath.

The pine cones and jute around the wreath form provides great places to tuck in some fresh green cuttings.

Cedar and cypress cuttings can stay green for weeks, and they last much longer than fir or pine cuttings.

 make a Christmas pine cone wreath, tuck in some sprigs of real or artificial red berries among the pine cones and evergreen foliage.

To make a Christmas pine cone wreath, tuck in some sprigs of real or artificial red berries among the pine cones and evergreen foliage.

 use the wreath as a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving or Christmas

You can also use the wreath as a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Just add a large glass jar or hurricane candle holder, and a 3″x6″ pillar candle at the center.

For a festive touch, wrap some LED string lights around the wreath for a beautiful Thanksgiving / Christmas pine cone wreath or table centerpiece.

DIY pinecone wreath Christmas table decoration with candles and lights

These battery lit LED string lights are really fun to use. Just hide the tiny battery case behind the wreath. The copper wire looks pretty and is easy to wrap around the pine cones.

Easy & long lasting DIY pinecone wreath: beautiful as Thanksgiving & Christmas decorations & centerpieces. Great pine cone crafts for fall & winter!

Now you can enjoy your beautiful pine cone wreath before and after the holidays!

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Happy creating! See you soon! 🙂


  1. wow, this looks so amaizng and beautiful. i just love this easy DIY pinecone wreath. thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us.

  2. I really like the pinecones wreaths and other ideas for gifts. I am going to use those ideas make and arrange my skincare products on them for Christmas!!!! Thank you !

  3. Pekná práca. Tiež som vyrobila pekný šiskový venček, dala som ho na hrob, pršalo a všetky šišky sa zatvorili a odpadli. Čo treba urobiť, aby sa to nestalo? Ďakujem.

      • hi Joyce! our pine cones are still staying on after 2-3 years, it’s hard to pull them off actually! 🙂 i think some pine cones have more porous surface, and they bond to the twine better. using higher temperature hot glue also may help! 🙂

  4. Is it possible to use something like fabric strips instead of the twine? I figure that would be pretty time consuming and rough on the fingers.

  5. There is only one true designer and creator that is God who created you and everything you see, eat and breathe in. He is the only one who deserves glory and the universe you speak of in your profile is his throne and the earth is his footstool.

    • Yes , I marvel at His wonderful creations that brings JOY to all of us it a pine cone , flower or the colors of falls , to a snow covered branch of red berries..Each are majestic in its own way- – Brenda @ Silverthreads

  6. There are so may different ways you can make a wreath and we were drawn to this simple yet beautiful idea. We liked it so much we featured it on our blog.

  7. If you soak the pinecones in water, they close up.
    They’re also much easier on your hands.
    As you work the wreath they open and tangle together making a very secure wreath.

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