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apieceofrainbow21 (6)apieceofrainbow21 (10)apieceofrainbow21 (4)Have you ever been to places of such natural beauty, that all you could say is ” Wow, this planet is amazing!” ? Here’s one of those places, and a post perfect for a hot summer day – some breathtaking waterfalls we hiked along the Columbia River Gorge!

apieceofrainbow21 (3)apieceofrainbow21 (7)apieceofrainbow21 (11)apieceofrainbow21 (12)The gorge is a majestic place where mountains and river come together to form such amazing views, with so many waterfall hikes, moss covered trees and rocks, and old stone bridges. apieceofrainbow21 (14)apieceofrainbow21 (9)apieceofrainbow21 (13) We found a great website – Friends of The Columbia Gorge, which has great info to help us plan which hikes to go to. The 3 hikes we did were all lovely – Horsetail Falls Loop, which has 3 waterfalls and one of which you can walk behind! Latourell Falls Loop, and of course the iconic Multnomah Falls, with the bridge in the sky!

apieceofrainbow21 (5)apieceofrainbow21 (15)apieceofrainbow21 (2)And it’s not just the waterfalls. Each tree and rock seems to be telling a very old and very magical story, can you hear it? xo


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  1. This is just beautiful! All the hiking around here seems to be so brown these days, but I wish it were this green. That staircase is incredible! What a fun experience, and thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. Oregon is one of those places that is soooooooo different then anywhere else in the world. It has people from all kinds of walks in life but also has such beautiful untouched landscapes. The gorge was truly stunning! I hope some day I can visit it!

  3. This is breathtaking! I have never been there, but after seeing these pictures it is going on my to visit list! I love waterfalls and these are AH-Mazing!

  4. Ananda- I love your pictures of the waterfalls and trees– simply breathtaking. I would love to visit once my kids a little older and can hike along with us.

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS shots Ananda! I LOVED the bridge one! So gorgeous, but I think I might have been afraid to cross it!!! So beautiful! You did a phenomenal job of taking all of us there! Such amazing photos. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I think that just might be Heaven! Thanks for the journey!

  6. This is such a special post for me because we used to live in Portland and hike the gorge often. These beautiful photos bring back all our memories. Thank you so much!

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