Bali to Brazil – A Garden in Naples Florida

Are you traveling this summer? If you are going to the west coast of Florida, here’s a beautiful destination for you!

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This garden is so magical and beautiful I just can’t wait for you to see it!
The Naples Botanical Garden is a gorgeously designed garden with many themes, such as the fairy-tale-like Mosaic Garden and Children’s Garden, the vibrant Brazilian Garden, and the exotic Asian Garden.
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The tropical Bali style Asian Garden is one of my favorite. So many beautiful details from moss covered stone carvings to wooden bridges over steams and lily ponds. Even a fire extinguisher has it’s own Bali style carved  resting spot!

apieceofrainbow17- (5)apieceofrainbow17- (4)Who can resist a tree house by a majestic tree in the Children’s Garden? Or a wooden bridge across a lily pond in the Water Garden? What about a lovely meadow of … Pineapples? apieceofrainbow17- (7)apieceofrainbow17- (9)
apieceofrainbow17- (22)The other part of my favorite is the Brazilian Garden, in the style of the great Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx (one of the first people to call for the conservation of Brazil’s rainforests), with such modern and bold shapes and colors composed of sweeping paths, plants and tiled walls. apieceofrainbow17- (24)apieceofrainbow17- (23)apieceofrainbow17- (8)Even the humble parking lot is designed with such care. Here the rain water run-off is capture in series of rain gardens, purified and returned to the aquifer. apieceofrainbow17- (2)Hope you enjoyed this lovely place as much as I did! See you again soon! apieceofrainbow17- (3)apieceofrainbow17- (1)apieceofrainbow17- (19)If you love gardens, here are a couple of other posts you may enjoy-

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apieceofrainbow15w (3)and Portland Japanese Gardenapieceofrainbow8-5w


  1. Just would love to mention, that I had the privilege of obtaining many of the plants you see in the photos! I was the Curator of Collections at the time of the major expansion. I finally had the chance to see the garden last summer (having moved back to Michigan) and it was wonderful to see how my plants have ‘grown’ in!!

  2. This post and its gorgeous pictures are so in tune with the current tropical trend in all fields – it is a design/fashion model in a nutshell! And as always, I have enjoyed strolling in the park with you… Have a great and sunny summer!

  3. Ananda what a truly magical garden. I love seeing the Balinese garden, so lush and colourful and takes me back to my holiday there. Mel xx

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