Easy Trick To Jump Start Your Veggie Garden

apieceofrainbow-garden-tips1 (2)Today I am excited to share a super simple trick that will help give those veggie seedlings a great start in your vegetable garden!

Talking about seedlings, here’s a tutorial on a super quick way to start seeds! Start seeds fast and easy way | A Piece of Rainbow
Have you noticed with the hot sun and transplant shock, little seedlings could shrivel up on the first day?
apieceofrainbow-garden-tips1 (1)I was being my nerdy self, sitting under a tree trying to come up with a design for a removable shade structure so we can start planting some seedlings, when I caught myself saying “how lovely it is to be sitting under the dappled shade of a tree!” Wait!! I can make some ‘mini-trees’ in the garden!

apieceofrainbow-garden-tips1 (13)apieceofrainbow-garden-tips1 (8)Sometime the best solution is so obvious and so simple!

Step 1: Find a tree with small leathery leaves (see tips at the end for why), trim off some small branches

Step 2: Plant the seedlings you just got from the nursery, and give them a good water

apieceofrainbow-garden-tips1 (11)apieceofrainbow-garden-tips1 (3)Step 3: Stick the branches next to your newly planted seedlings, so each seedling is shaded from the south and west, so the hottest time of day they are protected!

Step 4: Water them daily for at least 3-4 more days, by then there should be no signs of stress: droopy leaves, etc. After a week, the branches can be removed or simply scattered as mulch!

Some additional tips!

  • small leathery leaves can create nice lacy dappled shade and can hold up for a few days! I used Acacia tree branches here.
  • some great common plants to use are : Boxwood, Holly, Oak, Rhaphiolepis, Acacia, Myrtle, … just google image them you will recognize some for sure!
  • common plants not to use: Eucalyptus can stun the growth of other plants, and Oleander is poisonous. If unsure, take a cutting to a good nursery, and they can help you identify the plant.

Start seeds fast and easy way | A Piece of RainbowIt’s day 4 in our garden, all seedling are well established although it’s been sunny and in the high 70s each day! I think this method works great because these branches not only shade the plants, but also shade the soil to keep it moist and cool.

If you have been waiting to plant your veggies, perhaps give this one a try? Wish you a bountiful vegetable garden!


  1. Hey Ananda, such an informative article you had shared.thanks for sharing this.your tips will help us a lot for jump start the veggie garden. Keep posting this type of helpful articles. 🙂

  2. Make a frame up and use some 50-70% shade cloth. Plant seedlings out and use the shade cover for 4-7 days. I have built a frame 2m x 2m x 1m and put bird netting on it. In the summer I am going to cover the top with shade cloth to cool the plants and soil down a bit. So the frame has 3 purposes. Keep birds out and some insects. Protect seedlings when transplanted and cool my garden so I can grow crops a bit longer into the early summer.

  3. Anada that is a brilliant idea. You also reminded me to take cuttings from my tomatoes. I had completely fogtotten to do that and sow way too many seeds. I shall sow less seeds and take cuttings from the stronger ones a little later in the summer. x

  4. I usually do not post anything online. However, this information has been very useful. I really appreciate your knowledge and clear explanations. By just following these simple steps it is possible to plant anything. I have a very big backyard and I cannot afford buying plants already established. I have to start my garden from scratch. Last year, I made an attempt and by not knowing anything about gardening all seeds were maybe eating by birds or disappeared with the heavy rain. I learned not to expose seeds to rain or animals in a hard way. Until today I still had so many questions that your blog answered. Thank you – Thank you!

  5. I noticed a lot of people have limited space for gardening. I would like to recommend they visit Larry Hall’s Rain Gutter Grow System on YouTube. I have two five-foot sections with five-gallon buckets growing. He also just started selling Root Pouches. I have some of those planted with fall vegetables. I hope this helps beginners (and seasoned) gardeners.

  6. We moved from Washington to Florida late this Spring, and I thought we would be able to have all the fruits and veggies. Nope… nope. It’s scorching hot and there are rabbits EVERYWHERE! Super sad face.

  7. I mentioned to my husband this morning before he went to work, that my aloe vera plant was supposed to have “roots”. It lifts up out of the pot of dirt with ease. How could I have killed it in a matter of < 5 months? I really need someone to help me get that green thumb. I'd love to have a garden to grow my own veg… but right now it's not looking so great.

  8. I really wish I had a green thumb, I kill plants all the time, I have quite the reputation in my office for it actually. Do you know any kill resistant plants I can try to grow at home?

  9. I envy your green thumb! I’ve always wanted to plant a small garden on our apartment deck but I’ve accidentally killed everything that comes into our house 🙁 one day I’ll get it right! 😀

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