This Surprising Way to Grow Indoor Plants is Life Changing

This might just be the easiest and most foolproof way to grow indoor plants: in glass bottles filled with water! I love to bring nature into our home in every possible way, however, it is not always easy to keep our growing number of indoor plants well watered, especially when life gets busy!

A simple fail-proof method to grow house plants

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After growing many indoor plants with and without soil successfully for the last few years, I am excited to share with you this simple method to grow house plants that works wonders! We will look at how to grow indoor water plants, names of plants that grow easily in water, and lots of helpful tips. If you are drooling over all the gorgeous propagation stations with glass bottles and healthy houseplants in water, let’s begin!

Can you grow plants in just water?

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Many plants can be propagated easily from stem cuttings in water. A lot of them will continue to grow and thrive in water filled vases and bottles. In fact it is one of my favorite ways to grow plants. Look at how happy and healthy these plants are!

Which indoor plants are the easiest?

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After growing a lot of plants in water, I have found the absolute easiest to be any kind of Pathos, or Sansevieria / Snake Plant cuttings like in this tutorial!

What do you need to grow indoor water plants?

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Glass bottles make it really easy to see when plants need more water. Once a month or two, I sprinkle a little All Purpose Organic Plant Fertilizer in the water to feed the plants.

Which plants can grow in water?

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Many popular indoor plants will grow in water without soil. Spider Plant, Pathos, English Ivy, Wandering Jew,  Purple Heart, Snake plant, ZZ plant, and Monstera deliciosa are some of the easiest houseplants to grow in water.

How about Avocados?

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You can even grow avocados in water, check out the full tutorial on growing avocado plants here!

Some plants can grow short term in water

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For short term water planting, it is best to either transplant them in soil after a few weeks or months, or start fresh new cuttings in water. These short term water garden plants include Begonia ” Dragon Wing”, Coleus, Sweet Potato Vine, and Fiddle-leaf Fig.

Flowering indoor plants to grow in water

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Begonia is one of the few flowering indoor plants, it flowers 9 months of the year! This Begonia loves a bright location out of direct sun.

Indoor plants with interesting leaf patterns

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Spider plant is one of the best air purification indoor plants according to NASA, it’s also one of the easiest. The beautiful variegated foliage is great for brighten up our homes. Many cultivars of small leaf ivy plants are great for indoor gardens. “Glacier” has white and green patterns on the leaves, so does Epipremnum aureum “Jade and Pearl”, aka Jade & Pearl Pathos.

Indoor plants with purple leaves

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Native to Central America, Wandering Jew plants are absolutely stunning with deep purple foliage. The purple intensifies if the plants get a little bit of morning or evening sun.

Grow Sweet Potato Vine in water

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Sweet Potato Vine is a vigorous grower that comes in shades of chartreuse or purple, it can drink up the water faster than any other plants here. So give it a big jar. A Sweet Potato stem cutting will root in water in as little as two days! Because it is so vigorous, I found that it does better in soil long term, You can always grow fresh cuttings in water for some colorful accents.

Indoor plants with colorful foliage

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The beautiful foliage plant in the front left is Coleus, native to south east Asia and Malaysia. Super easy to root, and so many color variations to choose from.

More plants that can grow in water

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I discovered Fiddle leaf fig branches can live in water for a very long time, while trying to propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig from cuttings. The rooted cuttings can grow in water for more than 6 months with no care! Here we have a stunning tropical Swiss Cheese plant growing happily in water as well. And check out how a pineapple top can regrow in water too!

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