Easy DIY No-Sew Donut Christmas Ornaments & Crafts

OMG, these gorgeous no-sew felt donut Christmas ornaments are too much fun! Loaded with all the colors, sprinkles, sweetness and delight of real donuts, they look so pretty on a Christmas tree, and they make such happy gifts for kids and grownups! 

If you love fun holiday crafts for kids & family, unique handmade gifts & trendy Anthropologie boho style DIY decoration ideas for Christmas, you will love these no-sew felt doughnut ornaments, and our easy baking soda air dry clay recipe & ornaments!

Make easy no-sew felt donut Christmas ornaments, fun crafts for kids & family! Unique handmade gifts & trendy DIY decorations great for colorful, boho, farmhouse, modern style home decor

They are really easy to make with a few simple materials, and super fun to decorate. Let’s make our holiday season extra sweet with some super delicious donut Christmas ornaments! 

Check out the video tutorial or skip to written tutorial below.

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Materials and tools to make felt donut Christmas ornaments 

no-sew felt donut Christmas ornaments, fun crafts & easy DIY decorations in Anthropologie bohemian colorful style

Step 1: cut the basic donut shapes

trace circles to make 4 inch size donut Christmas ornaments

It’s easy to find round cups and containers of many sizes in every home kitchen. I found that a 32 oz ( 907 gram) yogurt container lid which measures just over 4 inches is the perfect template to make 4 inch size donut Christmas ornaments!

You can also use a 32 oz can, a small bowl, etc. 

cut felt circles

Trace 2 same size circles on a piece of felt fabric using a pencil or ball point pen (that doesn’t bleed ink). Cut the circles. Food each circle into a quarter pie shape, and cut a small 1/4 circle at the folded tip of the pie shape. 

cut felt donut shapes

Now we have 2 doughnut shapes when we open the folded felt pieces.

Step 2: glue and stuff felt donuts

Overlap the 2 piece of donut felt shapes, and line up the edges. 

glue no-sew felt donut Christmas ornaments

Apply hot glue along the OUTER edges first to glue the 2 pieces together. Don’t glue the inner circle edges yet!

Turn the donut shape inside out. This is optional. I found the when we turn the shape inside out, it starts to puff up already like a 3D donut, which makes it easier to stuff.

stuff  felt doughnut ornaments with poly fill

Glue together a small section like 1/4 of the inner circle edge. Take a little poly fill and stuff this section. Repeat a 1/4 section at a time until you complete the donut. 

decorate felt donut Christmas ornaments 

This part actually requires the most patience. Some of you may find it easier sewing the inner edge than gluing it. You can even create gorgeous embroidered stitch details on these felt doughnut ornaments if you are good at sewing. 🙂

Step 3: how to decorate felt donut Christmas ornaments 

We have arrived at the most fun part! You know we love to decorate our DIY Christmas ornaments. For example, we decorated these homemade baking soda clay ornaments in so many ways!

cut out wavy shapes

Now let’s make some delicious glazes on top of our donuts.

Trace the donuts on different color felt sheets, and cut out wavy shapes with the same size center circle openings as the felt donuts. 

Use hot glue to glue the felt “glaze” pieces onto the donut ornaments.

Use hot glue to glue the felt “glaze” pieces onto the donut ornaments. You don’t need a lot of glue, jut a few dabs here and there would be enough

use colorful twine, yarn, pompoms, felt scraps to make sprinkles and toppings on the felt donuts

Next, gather some colorful twine, yarn, pompoms, felt scraps to make sprinkles and toppings on the felt donuts. Some designs are easier to glue longer pieces then trim off the excess.

chocolate and blueberry donut Christmas ornament in Anthropologie bohemian colorful style

For our “chocolate and blueberry donut”, I glued cotton twine, yellow yarn, and pink felt stripes in a parallel pattern, and trimmed off the excess at the ends.

strawberry and cream donut Christmas ornament

This “strawberry and cream donut” has colorful sprinkles made from t-shirt yarn that was left over from our DIY t-shirt rug with pompoms here.

lemon raspberry doughnut Christmas ornament

The “lemon raspberry donut“ is topped with white felt yogurt chips and dark chocolate felt sprinkles. Are you feeling hungry by now? 🙂

Anthropologie style bohemian colorful farmhouse, modern no-sew felt donut Christmas ornaments

To finish our felt doughnut Christmas ornaments, glue or sew a piece of twine, yarn, or string so we can hang them on the Christmas tree. 

no-sew felt donut ornaments for colorful, boho, farmhouse Christmas decorations

Don’t you think these happy, fun and whimsical donut Christmas ornaments would also make great gifts? They can be soft felt toys for kids, or pin cushions for someone crafty, or decor for those who love trendy and playful style.

Anthropologie style bohemian colorful donut Christmas ornaments are also great gifts, soft toys for kids, and bohemian colorful decor

In case you missed it at the beginning, here’s the video tutorial again! 🙂

Can’t have enough Christmas ornaments? Try these easy DIY paper Christmas ornaments!

DIY paper Christmas ornaments

Happy creating! See you soon!


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