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  1. Miss Angie

    Ahhhh! So I’m in the process of house hunting now for my first house-all on my lonesome… And I’ve been trying to decide between a house and a townhouse-townhouses have HOAs but they take care of the snow removal for you and that’s nice… But I WANT these. So maybe I’ll get a house so I can make a little greenhouse, how lovely!

  2. Christine

    I have always liked the idea of green houses. They are so simple and organic. There is nothing better than growing things in your own backyard. I never have owed a property to have one of my own. I need a balcony/ tabletop sort of green house. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Cheyenne

    Oh I just love this post. We were just talking about how we needed to do this. Thank you for all of the GREAT ideas! We are here from “The Blogger Life” group by the way. Following you!

  4. Mary @ Green Global Travel

    These are all great DIY Greenhouses. I’d love to find plans/photos for a greenhouse make from a swing set frame. We’ve got an old swing set in the backyard and I know that it would make a great greenhouse. Please let me know if you come across any swing set greenhouses. Thanks!

  5. Jane Fox

    These are some great ideas for greenhouses! I’m especially partial to the ones made out of windows–15, 16, and 17. I think they fit with my traditional ideas as to what a greenhouse should look like. What should I be looking for in greenhouse windows? Is being double-glazed important, for example?

    • ananda

      hi jane! they do not need to be double pane, because even plastic greenhouses can be so effective, but it doesn’t hurt of course! habitat for humanity stores are good places to start =)

  6. Abul Qasim

    Punjabi with ‘Gurmukhi’ alphabets is not understood in Pakistan as mentioned in the ‘translation switch’ of your blog. Urdu with Arabic alphabets is widely spoken language of this country.

  7. Heather

    Thanks for the tip about the bottle mini greenhouses. I’m always looking for an easy way in the spring to keep the quails from nipping on the tender shoots. This might just be the solution

  8. Candace

    Wow, I never thought about those cold boxes! I wonder if they will stand up to Interior Alaska’s cold and snow. Will do some more digging! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I love the idea of repurposing old windows.

  9. Lauren Creed

    Oh yes! I love these ideas because my heart is into greens. This will definitely help me with my landscaping business. We’ll definitely add these ideas in our next projects!

  10. Helen

    What an amazing article for gardening and landscaping! We’re adding a couple of greenhouses in our garden this year! Thanks for all the best ideas!

  11. Kim

    Great post with great greenhouses’ solutions. It really looks so easy to do. I have a big garden and everything grow, just as nature intended. But this year I’m going to take it into my own hands and help it to grow better. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Flora Watson

    This the best idea to utilize plastic bottles. This idea also saves our country from pollution. More than 400+ plastic cold drinks bottles I stored in my storeroom. I will follow this idea and make an awesome greenhouse. Thanks a lot for sharing those amazing greenhouse ideas with us.

  13. Ben Myers

    Thank you for sharing this wide and informative guide on DIY greenhouses, As I found your blog, now it seems like I can do it myself. Keep sharing good things! I’m going to follow you.

  14. Vanesa

    This winter we are going to make some hoop tunnels and cold frames. Love all these greenhouse tutorials! Thanks for the great ideas!

  15. Nathan

    Thank you for the amazing ideas! We are planning on building a greenhouse but wanted to add some sort of unique design. This is the best article we found!

  16. Uwalli

    Thanks for Sharing good idea and hard working to build a DiY Greenhouse .I like your article . I will follow this idea and make an awesome greenhouse

  17. Erik Maritn

    It’s so helpful to see all these different DIY greenhouses for small and big gardens! Many of them are great designs! Thanks to you!


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