15 Fabulous Firewood Rack & Storage Ideas!

15 best indoor & outdoor DIY firewood rack & storage ideas, such as easy DIY wood rack, creative log holders, simple firewood shed, & more!

No matter it’s winter or summer, indoors or outdoors, we all love a cozy crackling fire. Let’s talk firewood rack and creative firewood storage ideas for indoor fireplace, wood stove, and outdoor pizza oven or backyard fire pit!

Besides being functional and practical, log holders and firewood storage racks can actually be very attractive as well.

15 best indoor & outdoor DIY firewood rack & storage ideas, such as easy DIY wood rack, creative log holders, simple firewood shed, & more!

These DIY firewood racks will give you plenty of ideas and inspirations to make your own, with simple materials such as pallets, plumbing pipes, or 2x4s!

Firewood storage is practical, it can be attractive indoors and outdoors as well! Check out today’s inspiring ideas how to make your own firewood rack! πŸ™‚

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Indoor firewood storage bench.

Indoor firewood storage bench farmhouse style

This farmhouse entry bench is great for indoor firewood storage in winter. The firewood offers such a warm and welcoming vibe to a space when stacked neatly under a cubby bench. ( Source: 1 )

You can also build a bench like this using crates! Here are some easy DIY storage bench ideas!

DIY crate bench
Easy DIY storage bench ideas!

Outdoor firewood storage bench.

how to build Outdoor firewood storage bench

You can also build a simple and great looking firewood storage bench for your porch, deck and patio easily! ( Source: 2 )

Easy DIY firewood rack and log holders.

Easy DIY firewood rack and log holders

The best firewood racks are simple and efficient. This firewood holder has a simple wood frame and sits on a few concrete cinder blocks. It is easy to build and can hold a lot of wood. ( Source: 3 )

Easy DIY pallet firewood storage rack

Easy DIY pallet firewood storage rack

Gather a few pallets, cut some in half. With minimal assembly, you will have a sturdy outdoor firewood rack in no time. ( Source: 4 )

If you are wondering where to find good quality free pallets, how to take them apart and project tips, check out this detailed guide all about pallets!

how to find and use pallets
Detailed guide all about pallets!

DIY pallet firewood log holder with roof

DIY Pallet wood log holder with roof

Add a roof to the DIY outdoor log holder to protect the firewood from rain and moisture rot damage. ( Source: 5 )

A-frame outdoor firewood storage ideas

The simple outdoor firewood storage shed above is designed to be folded flat once empty.  A drain pipe is screwed to one of the firewood rack cover panels at top. ( Source )

outdoor firewood storage ideas

The upside-down A frame wood rack and log holder is so simple and smart! Just two concrete blocks and four 2x4s! This firewood storage rack is both great for indoors and outdoors. You can even paint the cinder blocks and 2x4s. ( Source )

These firewood racks would be perfect for a DIY outdoor wood fired pizza oven, tutorial here!

lighting a fire in DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven with simple low cost materials, aka cob / earth oven

Easy DIY indoor firewood rack

Easy DIY indoor firewood rack with pipes

This chic and industrial DIY indoor firewood log rack is made from plumbing pipes. }t can hold a large amount of firewood neatly in a small space. The wheels make it portable and easy to clean around. ( Source: 7 )

Use a display shelf for indoor firewood storage.

display shelf for indoor firewood storage

Make some room on an organizing shelf or in a niche and stack the firewood to look like seasonal decor. ( Source: 8 )

Modern farmhouse firewood rack ideas

Modern farmhouse firewood racks in fixer upper style  black metal

These beautiful metal firewood organizers ( from unearthed.net.au, site no longer available ) would look stunning in a fixer upper style modern farmhouse! Steel is not easy to DIY with, but we can find something to re-purpose and recreate the artistic stacked woodpile look! See the next two ideas!

Repurposed metal log holder.

Repurposed log holder

Galvanized water tank or roofing sheets are easy to transform into wood holders for outdoor and indoor storage. ( Image source lost, please let me know if you find it! )

You might also love this great use for all the firewood: wood fired pizzas! Check out How to build a simple wood-fired cob oven with readily available materials!

Super detailed tutorial on building a cob / earth oven from scratch using simple and recycled materials! Taught by a world renowned teacher plus a free info and picture packed ebook! - A Piece of Rainbow
How to build a simple wood-fired cob oven with readily available materials!

Modern geometric DIY firewood storage shelf

Modern geometric DIY firewood storage shelf

Such a good looking DIY firewood rack! It’s actually quite easy to make due to the nice design! ( Source: 11 )

Easy DIY outdoor wood log holder with roof

Easy DIY outdoor wood log holder

This small DIY firewood rack is compact and great for an outdoor patio or porch. ( Source: 12 )

DIY covered outdoor firewood storage rack

DIY Covered outdoor firewood storage rack

This large DIY outdoor firewood storage rack with a roof protects the wood logs from rain, and looks great in the backyard. ( Source )

DIY outdoor firewood shed with roof

 log store

This open back log store structure looks quite attractive against an old stone wall. Update: One of our readers made a good point about not putting lots of firewood too close next to houses with wood sidings, because it may attract bugs. ( Source )

Indoor fireplace wood holder

Farmhouse indoor firewood storage ideas

A fireplace niche is the perfect place to store firewood logs indoors. ( Source )

Indoor firewood storage ideas

Vintage wood crates as log holders

Vintage wood crates are great indoor fireplace log holders with a lovely farmhouse charm. ( Source )

Talking about crates, you can make these vintage inspired wooden crates from pallets, and transfer images to them with wax paper!

Make a charging station from pallet scrap wood, and clear up the clutter on your table or desk! Plus some gorgeous vintage crate labels as a free download!

Easy DIY firewood rack on wheels

DIY firewood rack on wheels.

This DIY firewood cart is built with such attention and love. Even the paint color is chosen with care to blend beautifully with their furniture and house colors! Tutorial at the Wood Grain Cottage.

Happy building! See you next week!


  1. I know first hand you do not want to put wood next to your siding on your home. Please remember it is wood, it attracts bugs and they will get into your home any way they can. Putting the firewood away from a structure makes more sense.

  2. I had to smile seeing your selection of wood racks. Here in Maine, when I heated a lot with wood, we’d use 4 cords a year (a cord is 4’x4’x8′ big). The wood in #11 would last maybe 2 days. We used to open a cellar window near the woodstove and chuck wood in furiously for at least 20 min. to get enough wood in to last for 2 weeks! (It sometimes got stacked, sometimes we just worked off the pile). I love a pretty fire but it sure is a lot of work!

  3. Hubby and I just assembled the upside down A log holder in less than 5 minutes, getting ready for cold winter days and nights never got easier than this !!! We are very happy with the results …..

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