Never Look at Plastic Bottles the Same Way Again : 16 Amazing Reuse For Home and Garden


Don’t you love creative reuse and up-cycle?

When I set out to gather a few ideas on how we can reuse plastic bottles, I did not expect to find so many amazing and useful things to make for our home and garden!

Proceed at you own risk: you may never look at plastic bottles the same way again!

1. 2 Liter Bottle Fruit Picker

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (14)

All the peaches, apples and pears are no longer out of reach with this easy picker made from a 2 Liter bottle and a 1×1 shaped into a handle. According to Allan, it takes only 20 minutes to make, and works great! ( Grit | Allan )

2. Irrigation Reservoir

DIY Strawberry Tower with reservoir! | A Piece Of Rainbow Blog

Learning from a failed strawberry tower last year, we made several improvements. This built-in plastic bottle reservoir made a huge difference! ( A Piece Of Rainbow )

3. Shampoo Bottle Garden Light

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (7)

Cut a translucent bottle, pop in a LED tea light. We get an elegant garden light in under 1 hour.  ( Instructables | Ruud )

4. Plastic Bottle Charging Station

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (5)

Love this organization hack and the gorgeous fabric added onto the bottle with [easyazon_link identifier=”B001IKES5O” locale=”US” tag=”apieceofrainb-20″]Mod Podge ![/easyazon_link]  If you are concerned about hanging it directly on the plug, just hang it on the wall next to an outlet. ( Make it Love it | Ashley )

5. Soda Bottle Bird House

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (11)

I don’t want to use this over used word … but just look at those “roof tiles”, so CUTE! ( Cool2Craft | Heidi )

6. Instant Mini Greenhouse

DIY bottle greenhouse and success tips! | A piece of rainbow blog

This super quick “greenhouse” can effectively raise the temperature about 10 degrees! There are 3 tips on how to use them well.  ( A Piece Of Rainbow )

7. Soda Bottle Cat Planter

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (6)

I will never look at a soda bottle the same way again! Ingenious! ( Bru DIY )

8. Painted Bottle Passive Heating System

DIY-Greenhouses-apieceofrainbowblog (18)

I LOVE the use of old jugs that have been spray painted black in this greenhouse.  They are filled with water.  During the day the water warms up, and at the night, they radiate extra heat inside the greenhouse!  ( Heather | How Does She )

9. Plastic Bottle Watering Can

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (10)

I have this love for watering cans…. one can never have too many of them, right? ( A Journey To A Dream | Astra )

10. Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (9)

Squeal! How much fun is this?!?

( Clever Crafty Cookin Mama | Jenn )

11. Soda Bottle Zipper Pencil Case

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (4)

Imagine going on a field trip, this would be perfect for keeping an art journal! ( Doodlecraft | Natalie )

12. Chicken Waterer

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (13)

The basin type waterer can get contaminated quickly by these active little cuties. Heather used sturdy plastic jugs ( like juice or vinegar jugs) and these easy to install [easyazon_link identifier=”B004NEIS1M” locale=”US” tag=”apieceofrainb-20″]Poultry Chicken nipple – Waterer [/easyazon_link] to make some great hanging waterers. ( Scratch Cradle | Heather )

13. Hanging planter

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (12)

So many ways to make hanging planters from plastic bottles. We may have to make all three versions!

( Bitrebels | Hello NaturalSCJohnson )

14. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (3)

A very green greenhouse that looks like a magical crystal castle! ( Master Gardening Blog , also a great tutorial by IzzyM )

15. Soda Bottle Canopy

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (2)

OK, most of us may not be ready to do this : 1,500 recycled bottles with a bit of colored liquid in each bottle – but the magnificent canopy sure inspires us to see new levels of possibilities!  ( Treehugger | Garth Britzman )

16. Plastic Bottle Kayak

16-amazing-plastic-bottle-reuse-apieceofrainbowblog (8)

Merrily merrily… life is a dream. Plastic bottles and [easyazon_link identifier=”B000BO9PA6″ locale=”US” tag=”apieceofrainb-20″]Liquid Nails PolyAdhesive[/easyazon_link] are all we need for a carefree day floating on a lake!  ( Instructables | Jake )

If you don’t want the up-cycled magic to end, check out 18 inspiring ideas for upcycled glass bottles and jars!

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  1. some people have great imaginations to make use of a plastic bottle.. Like the sprinkler. but we have a hose pipe ban in the uk. oh and nice brown grass,shinking clay soil that is sodden in winter and everything gasping for water, but not cheap to use the metered supply so we collect from the roof rain fall, trouble is no rain for an age in our area.!!!
    Now I have been holding on with some kefir milk white 1 lt size bottles that someone in my household wants to throw out as the answer to any bits of clutter. These bottles are quite solid and the label pulls off so easily. I can see them as skittles with a bit of sand in their base, but no one to play with or even my back wanting to. I could paint on them, but what other uses could i have for them. Only got a small English garden so limited to how much we grow and i use a lot of glazed blue big pots for my annuals on the patio. Add on the someone saying load of old rubbish if it is not of natural materials. any ideas you can come up with to share with us all? I am sure kefir milk is sold there for good gut bacteria.

  2. I want to apologize to you for my earlier comments about grammar and spelling. Spending years learning to be a reporter, I was held to a high standard and part of that standard was spelling correctly and using proper grammar and tenses. I stand by my review of your site, it truly is incredible, creative and mind blowing. There are so many ideas and simple DIY choices, I can do so much more with my grandson. Thank you and I hope you will forgive me.

    • hi missy simpson, thank you and no worries!! =) i grew up speaking a language that does not use past or future tense, and i never worked hard on spelling haha! my writing definitely can use lots of improvements, thank you and happy to have you as part of our community! =)

  3. These are so great ideas! My sister is trying to reduce her family’s waste and recycling, and reusing different items is a part of the process. I’m sure she’ll love these clever ideas and will get to work immediately. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Dear Ananda,
    This month has been a nightmare for me and my family and God knows I need a little piece of rainbow. Your site is infused with such happiness, it is a safe spot. Loved #3 and #4 above: the first for its poetic beauty and the second for its lovely efficiency – definitely need to grab a pair of scissors and make it. Your posts always encourage me to actually ACT, and I enjoy this 🙂 Speaking of plastic bottles: I did find on IG at some point lovely and colorful works of art made with plastic bottle caps – think along the lines of mosaics, collages etc. totally doable with kids… Cannot wait to try too. Have a great day!

    • hey my friend! sorry to hear you had a tough month! life can be complicated at times, take good care and find time to do small things that makes you smile!! xoxo

  5. What awesome ideas! I love being able to epicycle things I’d generally just toss in the trash or recycling bin. Will have to try some of these out!