Free Printable Calendar Template : 3D 2018 Calendar !

Our free printable calendar template for the reader favorite 3D 2018 calendar is here!

Update: 2019 3D calendar is ready for download 3D 2019 Calendar! (with Free Printable Calendar Template)

If you have downloaded last year’s printable calendar template, welcome back to the reunion! If you are new here and love this 3d 2018 calendar, please come visit again in November 2019 for the new version. 🙂

This is such a fun DIY printable calendar that you can hold in your hands instead of flipping the pages, and it is made of just 2 pieces of paper! It would be so cool to use a few of these 3D calendars as Christmas tree ornaments and let your guests help themselves to a mini desk calendar for the new year!

We also have two other beautiful ( and free! ) printable 2018 calendars for you to download this year: a set of floral 2018 calendar and monthly planners here, and a set of modern black and white 2018 calendar and monthly planners here!

Beautiful floral 2018 calendar and monthly planners with unique flower designs for each month! Free printable download at A Piece of Rainbow.

Floral 2018 calendar and monthly planners here, and  modern black and white 2018 calendar and monthly planners here!

If you have already made this 3D calendar last year, feel free to skip the instructions to the end for the free printable calendar template!

Materials and tools:

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

Step 1:

Download and print out the free template (at the end of article, includes both color and black & white designs!). Cut along the outer lines, score around each pentagon shape. Gently fold along each scoreline.

Step 2:

Start with the first half , glue each tab to the back side of the adjacent pentagon, and form half of the dodecahedron.

For the second half, do the same but leave a few of the tabs open, then glue the 2 halves together.

The key is to pay attention when you glue the tabs: I found it easier to assemble the 2 halves, but leave a couple of the tabs loose, then glue the 2 halves together, finish with gluing the last few tabs. Below is a photo from an earlier version, which shows the final step.

printable 3D 2015 calendar | A Piece Of Rainbow

Here it is! A one-of-a-kind 3D 2018 calendar perfect for your desk!

Here’s the template. To download the 3D 2018 calendar template, click here for the colored version, and here for the black and white version.

Bring up the pdf,  and right click “save” to save. If you have trouble downloading, send this post to friends so they can download and email to you! (Due to thousands of downloads happening on this site, we can’t personally email files, hope you understand! 🙂 )

Isn’t the new year a time for new adventures? A couple of fun projects to consider for 2018! 

Paint watercolor flowers! Here’s a step by step tutorial to paint beautiful watercolor flowers in 20 minutes!

paint watercolor flowers-a piece of rainbow blog

Weave a cozy rug from old T-shirts using a simple DIY loom! Tutorial here.

How to build a simple adjustable rug loom and weave a beautiful t-shirt rug or other up-cycled fabric rugs. Detailed tutorial and step by step photos! - A Piece Of Rainbow

Build a simple greenhouse! Here are 40+ best DIY greenhouses, hoop houses, and cold frames!

Wish you a 2018 filled with beauty, happiness, and adventures!


  1. Hi! First, thank you so much for this calendar! This is my second year using this Calendar. ????. One question, I like to use the color version for me and the black and white for the hubby but this year August is difficult to read. Any work around ideas?

  2. Hi,

    Impossible to catch a pdf of one 3D for ALL the year.
    Where is the connexion to print on 1 page this: A one-of-a-kind 3D 2018 calendar perfect for your desk! ?

    Great calendar
    Christian Vard

  3. Love this calendar! One question, in the article you mentioned that you had uploaded a document for SIlouette Cameo that included the score lines (in color & black/white) but didnt see it. This is the only link I saw:

    How can we load this into cricut to do the cuts/folds?
    Also, this file is in color. How can I get a copy in black/white?

    • hi blessy! i just added the black and white design link! 🙂
      in the previous version i did include a silhouette file, but the cutting and scoring was a bit confusing for lots of people,and it is just as fast to do it by hand. the pdf can be used in the cutting software for those who want to use cricut or silhouette.

  4. Hi. I have made your desk calendar in the past and it’s been fun. My problem is that I can’t find the down loadable pattern on your site. Where do I have to go to find the down load? Thanks.

  5. That’s awesome, you really have a creative talents and creating something out of something is amazing. Definitely gonna try this soon and add to my desk.

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