DIY Plastic + Wood Hybrid Planter


I bet that you, like everyone else, have a not-so-pretty plastic planter…

But, they are so useful in so many ways: durable, light weight, and usually comes with a saucer for easy watering! diy-wood-planters-apieceofrainbow (1)

On the other hand, wood planters are lovely, but hard to find!

Today, we are going to turn our generic looking plastic planters into super chic wood + plastic hybrid planters,  in just 30 minutes!As you see we have a bunch of long window box planters. And we have some reclaimed 8″x1″ fence boards that are the perfect height for these planters!apieceofrainbow14 (14)

After measuring and cutting out the length and width needed with our circular saw, we nailed the ends together with [easyazon_link asin=”B00KXL04JI” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”apieceofrainb-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]this awesome cordless nailer [/easyazon_link].How to transform generic looking plastic planters into super chic wood planters, in just 30 minutes! | A Piece of Rainbow

The bottom is left open so the wood “frame” can go around our plastic planter!

Then we painted the longer sides a variety of colors, from white, silver, to yellow, hot pink, etc. We also left the shorter sides (5)diy-wood-planters-apieceofrainbow (9)diy-wood-planters-apieceofrainbow (6)

Just put them over the old plastic pots, and we have these gorgeous wood planters that also keep the great functions of the plastic pots!diy-wood-planters-apieceofrainbow (2)diy-wood-planters-apieceofrainbow (8)

And you can mix and match them to have a fresh look whenever you feel inspired!

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Have a lovely week! xo



  1. I love this DIY. It would look really cute on my windowsill and the transfer onto wood DIY is amazing too. I don’t know how you come up with these things. Definitely going to send it to my sister as she loves things like that!

    Katie <3

  2. I love this! And it’s in perfect timing too. I’m getting ready to plan my garden for this coming warm season. I am so antsy to get started even though we just had a blizzard yesterday. Spring needs to come soon!

  3. Hello Ananda,
    This looks as always great.
    I am of the opinion that one should refrain from plastic.
    If only for environmental reasons.
    We avoid plastic wherever we can.
    Instead, one can also use terracotta containers.

    many Greetings

    • hi uwe! i agree with you that in the US we use too much plastic! but for things we already have, to keep reusing plastic objects and keep them out of landfill is one way to help the environment as well! hugs!!

      • Hello Ananda,
        I must give you right.
        Recycling of plastic things is ok.
        Also wanted to write only the one which should not necessarily buy new from plastic.
        best regards

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