21 Inspiring Workshop and Craft Room Ideas for DIY Creatives

There can never be too many workshop and craft room ideas! Peeking into people’s creative spaces is like visiting candy shops for a DIY enthusiast like me.

Is your workshop or craft room (or just a little creative corner) an organized and happy place to be? Is it clutter free? Does it bring clarity of mind? Or is it a place that you fear all the stuff would fall out like a mud slide each time you open the door?

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite, workshop and craft room ideas from creative planning, storage and organization, to best craft room furniture and decor!

Based on our own experience, a well well organized workshop or craft room can magically boost our creativity and inspire us to start our dream building and crafting projects!

1 & 2. Pegboard craft room ideas

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The pegboard is a simple and flexible system that can be installed on a wall or on the side of a cabinet. It is great for both large and small space organizations.

pegboard wall with colorful storage containers

These two craft room ideas are great examples on how to create beautiful and organized storage on pegboards using floating shelves, containers, towel bars, paper or ribbon holders, etc.  ( Source : 1 | 2 )

3 & 4. Using labeled containers for workshop and craft room storage

chalk lables and baskets or craft room organization

Clear bins or wicker baskets with chalkboard labels make a workshop or craft room look organized and stylish. ( Source : 3 | 4 )

You can also use wooden crates! Check out how to make your own vintage inspired wooden crates from pallets and how to transfer images easily to wood!

Make a charging station from pallet scrap wood, and clear up the clutter on your table or desk! Plus some gorgeous vintage crate labels as a free download!

DIY vintage inspired wooden crates.

5 & 6. Colorful craft room ideas

A workshop or craft room deserves the same attention and love as a living room does.

white and blue shelves as craft room furniture for storage

Pick out a favorite color for the pegboard or the back of a shelf to define and beautify the craft room storage space. ( Source : 5 | 6 )

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25 most beautiful kitchen cabinet paint colors.

7, 8 & 9. Open shelving for workshop and craft room organization

Two types of my favorite craft room furniture are drawers and open shelves.

book shelf and cubby shelf craft room ideas

An easy way to instantly organize all kinds of materials and tools in a workshop or craft room is to use modular open shelving units.  ( Source :  7 |8 | 9 )

10 & 11. Turn Closets into workshop and craft room storage

Both of the closets and even the doors are well utilized. What a great feeling to open a closet door and see such beautiful workshop or craft room storage spaces. ( Source : 10 | 11 )

12 & 13. Workbenches and tool carts

A well organized workbench or a mobile tool cart can make it super handy to reach all the tools you need as you build. ( Source : 12 | 13 )

BTW, one of our all-time favorite projects on this blog got started the day we completely organized our messy tool closet.
We “remodeled” our generic rental patio into a beautiful outdoor room that we enjoy EVERYDAY!

Build a stunning tropical outdoor room with pallets- A Renters Remodel! | A Piece Of Rainbow

14 & 15. Wall organization using French cleat

pegboard workshop tool organizing

The French cleat system is really popular among woodworkers. It securely holds heavy loads while still allows easy adjustments and placement.

In the pictures above, you can see a simple shelf as an example of how one can easily make all kinds of tool holders and move them around to any spots on the cleat. ( Source : 14 | 15 – see video below )

16 & 17. More French cleat

wood workshop tool organizing

More examples showing how the French cleat is a really flexible system that lets you get creative customizing it. ( Source : 17 )

18 & 19. Endless possibilities with Pegboards

By now you probably can tell that pegboards and French cleats are two of the most versatile systems for craft room and workshop organization. I love the pegboard wall at Remodelando la Casa and the pegboard tool cart by Mom4Real.

20 & 21. A place for everything and everything in its place.

These systems makes it so easy to see and reach everything. No more fumbling in drawers or cabinets! Because everything has its designated place, it is easy to keep the craft room and workshop  clutter free.

This hold-everything tool rack and the tool cabinet from my woodworking class offers lots of great ideas on how to do just that.

During the entire semester when I took the woodworking class and made this wall cabinet from scratch ( tutorial and free plan here), the classroom / workshop was always so organized and a joy to be in.

Once we finish our move ( hopefully this year) I will show you our workshop and craft room!

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Happy creating! =)


    • Some great ideas! We are setting up our hobby woodworking space in our garage, and these ideas are really helpful, thank you!

  1. I am moving to a new house, where my craft room is up stairs and has slanted ceilings. I would love to see some pictures, or ideals on how to decorate it

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! The first(?) photo has a marvellous wooden box with serger thread cones color coded and on their sides. This works with pots of acrylic paint, too- it looks great, and the paint comes out from the pot easier when it’s been stored like this!

  3. I am in awe of these gorgeous spaces. This has definitely motivated me to get in gear, and organize my office/studio space. I want my work space to look just as great, plus I wouldn’t lose things if it was better organized.

  4. These ideas are fantastic! Some of them would come in handy with my food blogging props. Others are definitely on my wish list for my next home.

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