DIY Mason Jar Lights: 25 Best Tutorials, Kits, & Supplies

Intrigued by DIY mason jar lights?

Here’s the secret to a successful project: it’s not just about the looks.

By selecting / creating the right elements for your mason jar light fixture or lantern, you will have a mason jar light that is not only beautiful, but also safe and long-lasting.

There are two common types of mason jar lights:

  1. Light fixtures such as mason jar pendants and mason jar chandeliers, which requires electrical connections. They often can light up a whole room
  2. Decorative mason jar lanterns lit by candles, string lights, etc, to provide ambiance lighting.

* Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here .

Let’s explore group one first: DIY mason jar light fixtures.

Important: Safety first. Have professionals do the electrical wiring to ensure proper installation. Always choose good quality parts for your light fixtures.

Before we look at all the inspiring ideas, here is something really, really important which is missing in a lot of DIY tutorials on mason jar light fixtures:

Choose low heat bulbs and incorporate as much ventilation as possible.

1 . Important basics and creative variations

We will start with this great example of a beautiful mason jar pendant light. This open bottom mason jar pendant allows heat to escape, which is very important, especially if you are using a non-LED light bulb. ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

What if you just LOVE those vintage Edison bulbs?? Here’s the good news: there are LED Edison bulbs like these ones that look almost as charming, and give off much less heat! Can you tell from the picture above that the bulb is LED? 🙂

Combined with mason jar lids that have ventilation holes which you can purchase or drill them yourself, and some gorgeous pendant cords like these, you can make very beautiful and safe mason jar pendant lights!

2 . How to attach the light socket to a mason jar

In this youtube tutorial by thesorrygirls ( see video below) , they shared a great way to cut out a hole in the mason jar lid and attach the pendant light socket to the mason jar.

Such a great idea to spray paint the Ikea Hemma pendant cords and mason jar lids for a vintage look!

They also created ventilation holes on the jar lids and used bulbs similar to these stylish LED light bulbs which are low heat.

3 . Rope wrapped mason jar lights

Now that we covered the basics such as  LED light bulbs  and mason jar lids that have ventilation holes  to prevent overheating, it’s time to get creative here:  wrapping the mason jars with some rope for a lovely hand-made vibe.

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Make Origami Lampshade | A Piece Of Rainbow

Unique DIY origami paper lamp shade made from a grocery bag

4 . DIY mason jar chandelier

Wonderful tutorial from Charming Imperfections on how to make a mason jar chandelier with multiple Ikea Hemma pendant cords and pallet wood!

I love the fact that she used  LED light bulbs ! I would also add mason jar lids that have ventilation holes  to prevent overheating!

5 & 6. More mason jar chandeliers

Make a beautiful mason jar chandelier in minutes using this really affordable wrought iron canning jar chandelier frame! 

All you have to do is add 8 mason jars around this frame, and a light bulb in the center.

You can also use colored mason jars like these with the chandelier frame, or make your own tinted mason jars, see number 22 & 23.

The rainbow jar chandelier image is from this Esty shop. ( Thank you to our reader Betty for finding the original source!)

7 & 8 . Mason jar chandelier hacks

Hack a hanging pot rack to build this mason jar chandelier. If you want a simple version, Beth at Unskinny Boppy hacked a ladder to create an outdoor mason jar chandelier!

9 & 10 . Easy DIY hanging mason jar lanterns

You can add some  mason jar wire handles to create enchanting lanterns. Make them easily using clothes hangers in this hanging mason jar lanterns tutorial.

Add tealights or string lights like Robin at All Things Heart and Home did!

11 & 12 . Easiest DIY mason jar lights

Make beautiful mason jar oil lanterns using vegetable oil and water, tutorial here.

Another variation is to use candles and herbs to make summer citronella candles.
Next, let’s look at some stunning DIY holiday mason jar lights!

13 & 14 . Add leaves and flowers

Faux leaves and flowers can add lovely details! These batter powered LED string lights would be perfect for the decoupages leaf jars or the hanging mason jar vases. (Source: Leaf Jar here, flower jar here. Thanks to our reader who helped finding them! )

15, 16 & 17 . Painted and frosted mason jar lights

Need decorating ideas for Christmas? Try the frosted mason jar lights made by Kathy at the Budget Decorator or the stenciled mason jar lanterns by Adventure in a Box .

Since everyday is Valentine’s day, make the chalkboard paint mason jar candles any time here at HeartLoveAlways!

You may also love: Enchanting DIY paper lanterns with free templates!

18 & 19 . Stenciled mason jar lanterns

Christmas villages, Halloween art, snowflakes, letters… we can create mason jar lanterns for any occasions! Tutorials: Adventure in a Box | Shabby Art Boutique

20 & 21 .  Let it snow

What could be more enchanting for the holidays than snowy mason jar lights? One more reason to always have Epsom Salt on hand!  Via Decoart and Crafts by Amanda

22 & 23 . DIY tinted mason jars

Make mason jar lanterns with colored glow by tinting them with food coloring and ModPodge! If you live outside United States and can’t find Modpodge, you can use a non-toxic glue that dries clear. Lanterns from Etsy, tutorial from SimplyDarrling.

24 & 25 .  Starry nights

Can these little glass jars contain a whole galaxy? Just have to include these last two, although they are not DIY tutorials! The secret is glow-in-the-dark paint ( source), and fairy lights ( source ).

Have a magical day! See you next week! 🙂


  1. Thank you for the great ideas! We love mason jar lights, and may have to DIY one of these to replace our generic lights in the hallway!

  2. We are making the tinted mason jar lights with middle school kids at our school this month! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Hi — I love the lanterns by Adventure-in-a-Box and tried to print out the designs but I wasn’t able to because it said to click on ‘Allow’ button. I tried on one but nothing happened. On the other designs it showed a robot thing and again said to click on the ‘Allow’ button which was nowhere to be found. Is there a secret button I do not know about? Thanks, I hope you can help. — Jan

  4. HI,

    I am interested in making a cascading chandelier, but I cannot find information about the holed-ring used to separate the cords as seen in steps 5&6. Does anyone know if the ring can be purchased, or if it’s made out of wood?

  5. Beautiful ideas. So creative, i would never have thought mason jars would have multiple uses around the house,

  6. I love creativity like this! They all look so incredible and don’t seem that hard to do yourself. Such a fantastic diy project.

  7. Oh my gosh this has to be one of the best DIY projects I’ve seen in a long time. I’m going to save this link because I plan to make one of the lightings for my dining room, thank you!

  8. I love the tutorial of making the mason jar light! (the rope spun around gives it a nice rustic look which I love!) I love all your clever ideas and I can’t wait to try them ; ) thanks!

  9. When I started to write down the ones I love, I thought oh thats cute, but honestly, I love every single one. I think I am going to start with the rope wrapped project!

  10. I saw these at a store just last week and I thought they were so pretty! You just gave us our next project! We seem unable to get rid of mason jars so we have an over supply lol!

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