Homemade Natural Mosquito Repellent ( 2 Easy Recipes that Work Wonders! )

Are you ready for all the summer outdoor fun? Making your own natural mosquito repellent is going to make this summer even better I promise! They are more effective than citronella candles, and you can take them on outdoor trips with you!

Both of these easy recipes use essential oils and other all natural ingredients. They smell amazing,  and are super effective at repelling insects such a mosquitoes! We have tested them in mosquito country during our trip to Florida visiting gorgeous gardens and hiking through the vast Everglades National Park.

2 super effective natural mosquito repellent recipes: a 2-ingredient 1-minute mosquito spray and a natural mosquito balm recipe that has skin moisturizing benefits. Super easy to make and really works! - A Piece of Rainbow
In this tutorial, I will share these 2 proven effective natural mosquito repellent recipes without any harsh chemicals:

  1. A 2 ingredient mosquito spray that takes 1 minute to make. It works amazingly well!
  2. A natural mosquito balm recipe that has skin moisturizing benefits, and you can use it as a lotion or lip balm too!

We will also compare the pros and cons of homemade natural mosquito repellent and conventional store bought bug sprays at the end.


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Here is another good reason for homemade bug repellent: one of the most widely used active ingredients in conventional bug sprays is DEET, which has been linked to neurological problems. It is also toxic to birds and aquatic life. Conclusion: homemade natural mosquito repellent is good for you and good for the planet!

Through some research, I learned that the best all natural mosquito repellent often contains some of the following essential oils you can easily find on Amazon: Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil ( which I have found to be the most effective, and always a key ingredient in the best mosquito repellents ) , Tea Tree oil ( which is also very effective as insect repellent ), Citronella oil, and / or Lavender essential oil.

DIY-natural-mosquito-repellent-apieceofrainbow (7)

Recipe 1 : 2 ingredient mosquito spray that takes 1 minute to make. Super effective!

I used these good quality 2 oz glass spray bottles which are so easy to carry.  Fill it about 90% full with drinking quality water, add 10 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil , and 5 drops of Tea Tree oil or Lavender essential oil.

DIY-natural-mosquito-repellent-apieceofrainbow (5)

Please note: Lemon Eucalyptus oil is not a blend of Lemon oil and Eucalyptus oil. The oil of Lemon Eucalyptus comes from the tree Corymbia citriodora.

You can also just use water and 15 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil, or substitute the 5 drops of tea tree or lavender oil with other essential oils you love such as Citronella, Lemon or Lemongrass, basil or rosemary. I love the smell of lavender, so I use Lavender essential oil often!

You will see the oil floating on top. To use, shake well right before spraying each time. Goodbye mosquito bites!

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Recipe 2: A natural mosquito balm that has skin moisturizing benefits

I also made this natural mosquito repellent balm because it is easier to carry on a hike or camping trip, and it stays on longer especially when we are sweating a lot in the heat.

DIY-natural-mosquito-repellent-apieceofrainbow (6)
This balm worked beautifully, and it is like a moisturizer with all the goodies in it: essential oils from herbs, Shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax . Yum!

UPDATE: A BIG thank-you to our reader Lorie who shared a great tip: “many Essential Oils list their “Flash Points”… this being the maximum temperature each should be exposed to. (Similar to different cooking oils) I would caution that many Essential Oils have low “Flash Points”. It may be advisable to stir the melted balm mixture for a bit to let it cool before adding the Essential Oil. This would preserve the properties of a more delicate Essential Oil. “ Thank you Lorie!!

DIY-natural-mosquito-repellent-apieceofrainbow (8)
The bees wax and oil in the right proportions will create the right consistency of a firm butter-like lotion. If it is too soft, it may become runny in the heat.
You can skip the Shea butter and make it with just bees wax and an oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil.
Here is the proportion I used: 1 tablespoon each of beeswax ( cut to small pieces or use pellets) and Shea butter, and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil,  and a total of 15 drops of essential oil blend like in Recipe 1 .

DIY-natural-mosquito-repellent-apieceofrainbow (10)

Create a double boiler by bringing some water close to boiling in a small saucepan, and place a glass or metal dish inside the pan.

Add the oils, butters and bees wax. The beeswax will melt in about 5 minutes. Add the essential oils, pour into a container and let cool. The mixture will harden in about 20 minutes.

DIY-natural-mosquito-repellent-apieceofrainbow (11)

If you do not like the consistency, just return the mixture to the double boiler. Add more bees wax for a firmer consistency and more coconut oil for a softer balm.

DIY-natural-mosquito-repellent-apieceofrainbow (1)

Additional tips, pros and cons:

  1. Essential oils are potent concentrates. It’s important to know the basic safety  guidelines. Here are two excellent articles by Christina at Hippy Home Maker: general safety, and safety for children
  2. Store these in a cool dark place when not using.
  3. Homemade natural mosquito repellent is very effective and healthier than conventional store bought bug sprays. It also costs less. The only con is that the spray needs to be shaken before each use, and needs to be re-applied every 2-4 hours when sweating a lot.

And of course if you have many mosquitoes in your garden, it’s a good idea to use prevention tips such as removing standing water to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs, and plant mosquito repellent plants like basil, lemon grass, lavender, etc!

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Happy creating!


  1. This is a good idea. It is really effective against mosquitoes. I also think those mason jars and beautiful. thanks for sharing this amazing article.

  2. Tried your spray repellent for mosquitoes, it worked so well!! Thyme oil and Citronella have also worked for me. Thank you!

  3. These are the most effective and useful recipes that I have also been trying in this humid climate.

  4. OMG! I made both of the repellants. We live in Alabama. The humidity and heat is terrible. TERRIBLE! And so are the mosquitoes. And so are chemicals. So i searched and found your simple EFFECTIVE recipes. Thank you so much. We used spray a few times but I think bc it was my first time putting anything with essential oils in it ON MY KID, I didn’t use as much euc lem oil (not euc/lem blend like you said!) as you recommended . and I only put it on their clothes. And they had a few bites. Not near as many as usual tho. So last night we made a makeshift redneck slip and slide and I used the balm on my two year old baby girl. Not only did she not have ANY bites, the water beaded off of her and the balm helped her slide further!! lololol We’re going outside right now and I put it on the baby and myself this time. Got down to my dry skin on my toes cuz Im ALWAYS barefoot (cuz ALABAMA) and it’s the best moisturizer! Thank you soooo much for this amazing multifaceted recipe. Where’s the link for me to put in an application for us to be best friends?!

    • hi Felicia! thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences! 🙂 so glad it’s approved by your precious baby! 🙂 stop by our instagram and say hi any time! xx

  5. we always wanted to make natural homemade mosquito repellent, thanks for the great recipes, perfect for summer!

  6. Annyeosayo!I really want to try this..Does this really work? I want to try it at my S.I.P..Can I? Jebal🙏…Da jinja..I really wany to know..And komayo..Jebal reply..I need to pass it next day..Kamsamnida!❤

  7. I really want to try this for my S.I.P..Can I?
    And does all of this really work? I want to try the first one..
    Please reply..I need to pass it next day..Kamsamnida❤

  8. I live in the armpit of FL, I am so skeptical. I will have to try and get back to you as I am the central feasting figure mosquitos go after night after night, and I am tired of smelling like Deep Woods Off and feeling super greasy where sprayed.

    • we don’t have lots of bugs other than mosquitoes in dry california, but i do think essential oil works wonders and is worth trying 🙂

  9. Love the mosquito repellent recipes ! With the humidity in Georgia, I have to spray myself continually just to keep the “flying piranhas” from shredding me before I finish any yard work. I shudder to think of the quarts of chemicals I have probably absorbed through my skin ! With making my own repellent, at least now, I know exactly what I am dealing with. On a side note; I did notice that many Essential Oils list their “Flash Points”… this being the maximum temperature each should be exposed to. (Similar to different cooking oils) I would caution that many Essential Oils have low “Flash Points”. It may be advisable to stir the melted balm mixture for a bit to let it cool before adding the Essential Oil. This would preserve the properties of a more delicate Essential Oil. Thank you so much for your article and wonderful website !

    • hi lorie! thank you SO MUCH for this great tip! i will add it to the post now and give you a big thank-you in there as well! really appreciate your feedback and happy summer! =)

  10. Yes, It’s true. That works perfectly fine..

    The fact of the matter is..

    Most people use commercial products to prevent mosquitoes and other defenses for their safety due to mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) , LaCrosse Encephalitis (LAC), West Nile Virus (WNV).

    But the problem with commercial products can be harmful to the environment or to the children because of the chemicals.

    Instead, they decide to do Natural Mosquito Repellent by planting herbs plants around or inside the house..

    It’s really works. thanks for sharing. 😉

    Jaime Scott PhD
    Health and Wellness Advisor

  11. Brilliant post thanks so much those little pests love me so will be making this soon and my grandkids live by the river and are always getting bit so this will be great for them with no chemicals in thanks again Jan x

  12. where can you buy essential oils where they don’t cost a fortune for a teeny tiny bottle? that’s all I find online.

  13. We are excited to try and make this. My Grandma always tells me to put a dryer sheet in my back pocket to repel insects. This seems much more fun.

  14. I am going to have to try these. Mosquitoes don’t bother my husband, but they love me! I like to use all natural body products, so these are perfect!

  15. These are awesome! I love that they are safe for you AND the environment. I have it fixed in my mind that it would even be cheaper than buying insect repellent. I will definitely need to give this a try before the summer heat brings all the mosquitoes!

  16. Another amazing post – I can’t wait to try these. Perfect for upcoming travels……. Thanks, Ananda!

  17. I totally want to try this since I live in florida where there are always mosquitoes! I hate using chemicals on my kids so I try to find more natual options.. so why not just make it? Pinned for later!

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