Magical DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lights (Easiest Ever)

One can never have too many hanging mason jar lights! There are so many uses for these easy and enchanting DIY mason jar lights, from everyday decorative lighting, wedding lights, indoor or outdoor decorations, to holiday lighting, and more.

These hanging mason jar lights are almost free to make. All you need are recycled glass jars, some wires and / or dry cleaner’s wire hangers.

How lovely it would be to have lots of them for a magical evening gathering?

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Materials and tools to make hanging mason jar lights:

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

  • Needle nose pliers  and wire cutters like these for shaping and cutting. Important: eye goggles ! Because wires can snap out of your hand, please wear eye protection goggles!
  • Dry cleaner’s wire hangers will work for the entire project. However, I prefer a softer wire for shaping around the rim ( found at HomeDepot, 16 gauge which is about 1.25 mm diameter), and dry cleaner’s wire hangers are great for the handle part because it is more rigid.
  • Candles: real or LED tea candles are good size for mason jars. Another great choice is LED fairy lights like these.
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Remember to follow basic safety practices when using candles and other flammable materials!

These hanging mason jar lights are not only great for candles, but also great for plants! See how to grow beautiful plants in glass bottles here-

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Step 1: a better way to make mason jar hangers

To make these hanging mason jar lights , start with a piece of wire about 12” long.

Here is why this tutorial is called “the easiest”. Like many out there, I made my first two jars by bending a loop on one end, and trying to find the exact halfway point and making a loop there.

That was not easy! By the time I make the second loop, it was not quite at half way anymore.

Finally I figured out a better way: make a loop at the middle point FIRST using needle nose pliers, then wrap the wire around the neck of the jar until the two ends meet at the opposite end to the first loop..

DIY-hanging-mason-jar-lights-apieceofrainbow (27)

Twist the ends together and make the second small loop. Cut off the extra bits of wires at the end.

DIY-hanging-mason-jar-lights-apieceofrainbow (28)

The trick here is to shape the wire so the ends are pointing in. It looks better and is safer.

Step 2: make handles for your hanging mason jar lights.

A Dry cleaner’s wire hanger is great for making a handle because it is bendable yet rigid enough to hold its shape without being pulled down by the weight of the hanging mason jar lights.

Cut the hanger as shown. Take the straight piece, use the neck of the jar as a guide and bend it in the middle.

Now we have a beautifully shaped handle with curved top and perfectly straight sides. Create a curved hook shape at each of the two ends using the needle nose plier. Hook the handle onto the two wire loops around the neck of the jar.

DIY-hanging-mason-jar-lights-apieceofrainbow (16)

Close the hooks. Here is our first hanging mason jar!

These hanging mason jar lights are so full of country and boho charm, which is why they would also make beautiful wedding decorations.

The easiest & super charming DIY hanging mason jar lights using up-cycled glass bottles and dry cleaners wire hangers. Detailed step by step tutorial! - A Piece of Rainbow

Why not make every day a wedding day and a happy celebration? Imagine a dinner under the tree with these hanging mason jar lanterns…

DIY-hanging-mason-jar-lights-apieceofrainbow (21)

Another great use is to add citronella candles to repel mosquitoes.

Update: here’s a collection of 25 creative DIY mason jar lights with great ideas and tutorials!

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Like anything that involves fire and heat, please always be careful and follow basic safety practices! Use quality lights, and do not leave lights or candles unattended.

The easiest & super charming DIY hanging mason jar lights using up-cycled glass bottles and dry cleaners wire hangers. Detailed step by step tutorial! - A Piece of Rainbow

A great alternative to the candles would be LED tea candles , or  LED fairy lights like these, which I have used in these paper lanterns with up-cycled plastic bottles. 

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Have a magical day! =)


  1. I put some yard lights in jars and put them next to my bird feeders.
    I wish zzz I could show the picture.

  2. I imagine those lanterns in my garden… Summer evening, smell of flowers, stars and my lanterns… Love it! Thank you for giving my that beautiful dream

  3. i thought i had seen every site with mason jars but this is an excellent site and i haven’t seen it before.THX

  4. Awesome idea you make this look really simple too. I would love to make a bunch to line my front walk way during Christmas!
    xo, Nicole

  5. To make clean-up of thee candles easier, put a little water in the bottle of the jar and then the candle. The water will keep the wax from sticking to the bottom of the jar. Easy peasy!!!

  6. This is so cool! I was really planning of making DIY scented candles in mason jars yesterday. Yay! I love your idea of making as a lantern! I’m gonna try this!

  7. These are SO cute! They’re perfect for a summer night or a backyard wedding or something. I am loving them and definitely want to give it a try!

  8. Ananda what a nice and amazing idea and simple to realise…I love lanternes,candels..

    Have peace and joy and beautiful light with lanterns in the night…


  9. This are so pretty and seem really easy to make. I love anything made with Mason jars…so rustic and simple. Great project.

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