Magical & Free DIY Halloween Witches Broom {2 Ways!}

Maybe it’s a witches broom, maybe it’s a Harry Potter broom, we have to admit that brooms are super magical, fun, and mysterious! And they make such great indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations,  gifts for Harry Potter fans, and  great kids Halloween crafts!

You can make a great looking witches broom for almost free and easily in a few minutes. I will share 2 really easy ways to make them using different materials and fun techniques.

There are so many creative ways to use these DIY witches broomsticks indoors or outdoors in your Halloween decorations or Harry Potter themed parties: on a mantel or a shelf, as part of a Halloween wreath, garland, or a great table centerpiece, next to a planter by the door, with pumpkins, and more!

Let’s go flying for a nature walk to gather some materials for our witches broom…

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Here’s the flying witch DIY Halloween wreath tutorial using our DIY brooms!

Materials and tools to make witches broom Halloween crafts and decorations:

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

  • pruners or scissors, natural jute twine
  • dries branches, twigs, or long grasses if you are making the second broom

Check out the video below to see the broom in action, or skip to step by step written tutorial.

Witches broom #1: using dried twigs

I find that the best dried twigs for making Halloween witches broom are from small shrubs or perennials. In fact, many types of wild weeds growing in the fields are great materials for making witches or Harry Potter brooms!

I used a long branch for the broomstick, and some dried cilantro plants from our garden as the bristles of the broom.

Cut a bunch of twigs at the base, line them up around the branch / broomstick and tie them together as tightly as possible with natural jute twine. Now we are almost ready for our flying lessons! ๐Ÿ™‚ Or make the flying witch DIY Halloween wreath, tutorial here.

You can leave the broom looking more natural, or trim the bristles a bit to give the DIY broom a cleaner, more finished look.

Doesn’t the broom look wonderful among the pumpkins and black cats as table or mantle Halloween decorations? ( DIY Halloween cats tutorial here .)

Witches broom #2: using dry grasses

I learned this fun technique from a vintage drawing on broom-making.

Dry grasses with soft long blades are great as bristles for this type of broom. You can also soak the dry grasses a bit to soften them.

Line the cut grasses along the broomstick so the bristles ends are pointing towards the top of the broomstick.

Tie a really tight knot with natural jute twine.  Next, flip the bundle of grass so the bristles are pointing towards the bottom of the broomstick like shown above.

Finish the broom by making another really tight knot with natural jute twine. Now you have seen both types of witches brooms, you can start building your own Halloween or Quidditch broom collection with natural materials unique to your region! Please tag us on instagram @apieceofrainbow or comment on Pinterest! We would love to see your brooms! ๐Ÿ™‚

magical witches legs DIY Halloween door decoration

Here’s the DIY Halloween door decoration tutorial with the flying lessons free printable Halloween sign!

Of course a magical witch will need some magical bats and cats!

You can probably tell I was carried away this year with too much Halloween fun! To make everything easy to find, below is a list of links to all the Halloween decorations and crafts you see in these photos:

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colorful witches shoes witches legs Halloween decorations, wreaths, centerpiece, & kids Halloween crafts!

Time to go flying! See you in the magic sky somewhere! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. I really like your blog, very creative! Just made a couple of Halloween brooms and they look great by our front door!

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