Super Space Saving DIY Shoe Rack ( for $0 )

How to make space saving sturdy DIY shoe rack from cardboard for FREE in 30 minutes. Great small space storage & closet shoe organizer ideas!

This SUPER space saving and surprisingly sturdy DIY shoe rack is part of our New Year de-cluttering effort, starting with our closet shoe storage.

The design idea behind this easy DIY shoe rack is:

Because we do not need to see both shoes on a shoe storage rack,  they can be placed one behind the other. Our DIY cardboard shoe rack is designed to hold 2 shoes, one behind the other, so we can best utilize the depth of a standard closet for the most efficient & easy shoe storage.

SUPER space saving and surprisingly sturdy DIY shoe rack! | A Piece of Rainbow

This durable DIY shoe rack is entirely made of cardboard. When you move, just recycle it and make a new one for your new place.  It is great for people who move a lot and people who live in small space homes or college dorms.

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I can honestly say that this cardboard closet shoe storage rack has made such a huge difference! I really enjoy using it, and the look isn’t too bad for something made from… cardboard! Here’s our fun and easy tutorial…

Step 1: creating the basic unit of our DIY shoe rack:

You probably know that I am inspired by modular geometric designs from this post – DIY concrete geometric planters.apieceofrainbow9-5w

We are utilizing the modular geometric quality of the equal sided triangle again! Each module here is a triangular tube, the length and size of the module depends on your shoe size! (My shoe size is US 7, so the modules I made are 7″ on the sides, and 24″ long each.)

cut cardboard

Cut a piece of cardboard to the size you need, mine is about 21″x24″. Score it into 3 equal sides.

tape cardboard

Use a piece of duct tape and tape the piece into a triangular tube like shown above.

make space saving sturdy DIY shoe rack from cardboard

Step 2: create more shoe holder units

make  shoe holder from cardboard

I made 13 modules total. Glue or tape each row onto thick cardboard so they stay together.

Step 3: connect the units to create the shoe storage rack

diy shoe organizer

Glue each row of shoe storage units onto a piece of cardboard as shown below. Stack the rows up. Our closet shoe storage rack has alternating stacking rows of 4,5, and 4.

 DIY shoe holder rack for shoe storage and closet

Slide each pair of shoes in a triangular opening, one in front of the other. I also put an extra piece of thick cardboard on top of the shoe holder stand to put some odd sized boots.

cardboard DIY shoe rack, best closet shoe storage ideas

Now we have a cool and compact DIY shoe rack that holds more shoes in a small area than most shoe storage rack you can buy! Plus it fits inside our closet perfectly.

Make a SUPER space saving and surprisingly sturdy DIY shoe rack from cardboard

I love the possibilities of cardboard as a creative material!  Like this set of furniture made with cardboard and duct tape! 

apieceofrainbow11- (28)w

And this useful seed organization box made from 2 shoe boxes-  Make A Seed Box for organized storage | A Piece of Rainbow

Happy organizing! See you next week!


  1. What material would be best to cover the outside to disguise the cardboard?

  2. How can I get d pay someone to make me one? I am a one handed bandit, can’t manage this alone’

  3. So cool! I have a huge issue keeping things organized, I have a Ton of shoes, jeans, shirts, and I know I can save space if i just find the right ideas that fit my closet

    • Very interesting article. I also have a lot of shoes at home and now I can fit them nicely)
      And you don’t have to throw away your new TV box.

  4. Just moved and have ALOT of moving boxes. Definitely need more space for my shoes even with an over the door shoe rack I still have spillage. This is going to be a weekend project. Thank you!

  5. Love this shoe rack, thanks for the instructions! I’m in the process of making it now and thought I’d give people a heads up about a problem I ran into. After an hour or so the duct tape on the first triangles I made started pulling up and I had to go back over parts of it with ‘packaging tape’. You may want to keep some packaging tape on hand when making this.

  6. This is absolutely brilliant, but I wish I’d seen it earlier. Two days ago I threw out a super large ikea box.. now I will have to wait to accumulate more boxes to get started on this one 🙁

  7. This is a cool idea! So easy to make and very easy on the budget! Actually we were looking for a shoe rack since the year started but cannot find the right one.

  8. I can’t believe those are cardboard! They are totally cool! Love the beach chair but I am thinking they will disintegrate if the water hits it!

  9. This is a really cool idea. The options for decorating that rack are endless — tape, paint, adhesive drawer-lining paper, etc. That’s such a neat idea, especially for people who move around a lot, or students.

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