12 Most Beautiful DIY Shed Ideas with Reclaimed Windows

12 amazing DIY she shed & greenhouse ideas for beautiful backyard offices, studios, conservatory garden rooms with reclaimed windows.

She Shed or He Shed, the backyard DIY shed is no longer an ugly little duckling hidden in the corner. This is the time of year for all of us to dream big, even when we dream about tiny little sheds.

With courage and enthusiasm, these DIYers are building sheds, cozy studios, beautiful retreats, stylish offices, and lush garden rooms out of reclaimed windows and doors.

Proceed at your own risk: these sun-light drenched garden shed projects may completely steal your heart… For more, here are 52 Best landscaping ideas & designs for front & backyard garden.

1. French Country Garden Shed

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Made from 34 salvaged windows, this 61 square foot garden retreat is magical inside and out.

2. From salvaged windows to beautiful sheds

12 amazing DIY sheds : how to create beautiful backyard offices, studios and greenhouses with reclaimed windows and other materials. - A Piece Of Rainbow

Both are 100% DIY. Tour the drool worthy reclaimed windows greenhouse shed here, and check out the detailed tutorial of the second greenhouse shed here.

Speaking about greenhouses, here is a collection of 21 inspiring DIY greenhouses from simple cold frames to wondrous geodesic domes.

3. Reclaimed windows shed

This backyard shed is a great example of how to get creative with framing and build a beautiful structure with mismatched windows.

4. How to build a small shed with windows

With double french doors and an operable window in the roof, this greenhouse shed would be amazing as an office too!

5. Farmhouse country charming shed

See that peach tree outside? And those chandeliers and floral pillows? This ultimate garden room shed is made of 11 windows and a tempered glass roof.

6. Stylish DIY garden shed with old windows

Stacey and her husband built this beautiful greenhouse shed from almost all recycled materials. More details here.

7 & 8. DIY greenhouse sheds

Simpler and smaller, these two sheds are easier to build. ( Source: 7 | 8 ) Video tutorial below-


9. Garden conservatory

This stunning shed inspires us to dream big: 139 windows plus five French doors personally mapped out  like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and the green trim color – Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore – that both pops and blends into the surroundings.

10 & 11 . She-shed backyard office

( Source: 10 | 11 )

12 . Childhood dreams tree house

Who does not want to indulge in their childhood fantasies and stay in a tree house? All the reclaimed materials make this backyard retreat looking even more like a fairy tale.

You can also create backyard retreats from living plants! Check out these 12 amazing living structures to create in the garden.

Amazing Living Structures | A Piece of Rainbow

And don’t forget these outdoor lighting ideas to add some more magic!

Amazing collection of 28 stunning yet easy DIY outdoor lights! Most can be made in 1 hour, with up-cycled or common materials. So creative and beautiful! - A Piece Of Rainbow

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  1. Excellent examples of beautiful backyard sheds! I always wanted a she-shed ! Much thanks to you for sharing all these inspirational shed ideas!

  2. We got the mulch for free from the tree trimmers for our electric company.
    The size is 16 feet by 11 feet. It replaced my old hoop house that kept taking wind damage. It actually feels like I have twice as much room now, but the floor space is actually a few inches smaller.

  3. I designed my new greenhouse made from recycled windows and some cedar that my husband cut on the sawmill. I used the scrap pieces for the trim work. I have $45 and about 3 weeks of labor put into it. I absolutely love it.
    I bought a gallon of exterior Dutch boy paint $5 at Menards clearance rack.
    Half of the windows came from an auction for $5.
    The other half from another auction for $30.
    The tin for the roof was from another auction for $5.

  4. How do you keep bugs and critters out of these things? I live in Florida and I am afraid I’ll sit on my couch only to find a big snake under me.:(

    • i would definitely select furniture that are very open at the bottom. here in SoCal rats can even live under covered outdoor furniture. screen doors and essential oil sprays will help with bug control. 🙂

  5. Wow these are gorgeous. I like the furniture in them. That’s such an inviting room to sit in. That last one the childhood dream was like a tree house for an adult and we all know we want our own treehouse.

  6. Oh! I love! It’s my dream … A green housse,a glass housse,submerge in the nature,no break up between onside and outside…Imagine into wilde and silence forest you open your eyes with beauty snow, and does and birds… A cup of tea in a romantic glass housse…I love.. You are one withe the nature..
    Thank’s for my dream Ananda..


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