5 Minute Anthropologie Knobs Knockoff ( Beautiful Drawer Knobs DIY )

When I made these drawer knobs inspired by those bohemian style Anthropologie knobs, and texted a photo to my hubby, he called me from his trip: “They look amazing! But no one is going to be able to make them…”

What??? Then I realized because I was always drawing and painting, he thought I had PAINTED these dresser knobs! ( You know how long that would take to paint Anthropologie knobs? )

5 minute Anthropologie knobs knockoff: free printable designs & best secret to make $1 DIY cabinet & drawer knobs

Well, these may look like hand painted ceramic drawer knobs, but the secret is- they are the easiest things to make, and there is no painting involved.

I will show you the technique on how to decoupage wood drawer knobs, and share all the designs I made here for free. You can download them to make your own set of “hand-painted” designer knobs for your home! ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

Check out the 2 minute video tutorial below on DIY Anthropologie knobs, or skip to step by step instructions.

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

Materials and tools:

anthropologie inspired knobs from wood dresser knobs

Step 1: Print and cut drawer knob designs

Measure the knobs and create same size circular designs. You can download mine at the end. Sand the knobs slightly if they have a glossy coating on the surface.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (5)

Print the designs and cut out the circles.

Step 2: decoupage wood drawer knobs

Brush some Modpodge or glue on the surface of a knob. Place a circle with the design side facing down.

Carefully center the knob on the circle.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (8)

Lift the knob (now the paper circle should be sticking at the center) and brush Modpodge gently from the center outward onto the paper. Do this carefully so the paper disc does not shift on the knob.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (9)

Take a piece of plastic, wrap around the drawer knob as you press the paper and shape it along the curved surface of the knob.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (10)
5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (11)

Unwrap as soon as the paper is glued to the drawer knob.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (12)

Finish by sealing each knob with 1-2 coats of Modpodge or other sealers to protect the knobs from finger prints, etc. If you coat the knobs with Martha Stewart Decoupage Formula, it’s dishwasher safe after 28 days, which means- very durable!

Now you have some gorgeous drawer knobs, how about choosing cabinet paint colors? 25 Most Gorgeous Pain Color Palettes For Kitchen Cabinets.

25 most gorgeous paint color palettes for kitchen cabinets and beyond. Easily transform your kitchen with these all-time favorite colors and designer tips! - A Piece of Rainbow

Aren’t these drawer beautiful? They took less than 5 minute each to make!

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (4)

Yes, Anthropologie knobs are irresistible. We are most likely to get some when we move into our new home. However, these DIY drawer knobs are so easy and fun to make, I am no longer itching to run to Anthropologie now.

Remember how much I love indigo from these DIY indigo fabrics and pillows?

Make envelope throw pillows in less than 10 minutes using re-purposed fabrics such as canvas drop cloth : super easy, no sewing skill required! A Piece Of Rainbow

This group below is inspired by blue and white Delft ceramics, the colorful ones by Mediterranean designs especially from Spain and Italy.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (3)

They would look gorgeous on reclaimed wood or painted wood.

The designs I made are for   2″ wooden ones with a gently curved surface like these , or 1.75″ ones like these,  If you have different size knobs, just adjust the pdf to print at a smaller or larger percentage.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (20)

The printables are high resolution at 300dpi, which means you can enlarge them to 200% and they will still print out nicely!

Download free designs here-

Anthropologie worthy DIY cabinet or door knobs that look like hand painted designer ceramic knobs! Download beautiful designs to make your own set easily! - A Piece of Rainbow

I love using paper or image transfer for home decor! You can check out a similar DIY project: transform boring outlet covers into designer ones, free designs included!


Or these paper lanterns made from up-cycled materials!

apieceofrainbow27 (16)

Download free designs here! You can unsubscribe any time!


  1. Hi, I am having a problem with the download link on this. Only the 1st couple of letters shows on the right side of my phone and I can’t get it to download. Thanks!

  2. I’ve clicked the link to downloads, it just keeps making me subscribe over and over, even when I click on the tutorial download. Where is the link to the knob designs??????

    • hi Nancy! did you get our welcome email or weekly newsletter (please check junk folder too)? a red button in there takes you to all downloads! 🙂

  3. I subscribed and opened to the page with the projects where it says download under each, I was able to download 2 things but that's it, nothing happens when I click download on others.

    I thought that ^ was my comment

  4. i’m so glad i found this blog! 🥺🥺 i’ve been pretty pessimistic i would ever have an apartment that looks nice when the best i can afford is the cheapest ikea stuff—covid has been a nightmare for us all, taking my job with it and i haven’t recovered yet. ANYWAY, i’ve binged through all your posts and saved so many so i can put some personal touches in my apartment and it’s been very cathartic. i’ve always thought a beautiful home was something i could never have. thank you so much for everything you do! i can’t wait to get started testing my craftiness. 💖

    • hey! thank you so much! 🙂 i think that once we get creative and start improving one little thing at a time, so many things in our lives will start improving too! good luck and happy crafting! 🙂

    • hi Shanna! thank you so much for letting us know. yes it seems they took the designs to sell. we will look into it. thank you! 🙂

  5. Hi. Like the others I can’t access your downloads. I have subscribed already. Please sort this out for me.

  6. Hi, like previous commenter, I’m unable to access your downloads- the subscribe feature seems to be broken. No email for sign up, no way to access pattern to print. It might be easier for you to maintain this page if you just make the download accessible without asking for a subscription.

    • hi rea! your email shows up in our subscriber list. if you don’t see our email (likely in promotions folder) by tomorrow, please elt us know! 🙂

  7. I have tried twice now to sign up but I never get the email. It says I’m successfully signed up, but I can’t get the knob prints because I never get an email. I have checked spam too.

  8. Ananda, these knobs are what hooked me on your site. Four years later and they still look beautiful. I added a crystal knob, a porcelain knob, and a rough looking iron knob for a little variety. Still love the knobs and love getting your newsletter!

    • oh thank you so much Linda!! 🙂 i have to repeat some older DIYs since we have new members coming all the time. so glad you still enjoy them!! 🙂

  9. I want to do pulls, not knobs. Would one just find a non-copyrighted photo online and then do the same thing to the pull? And would that mean that one couldn’t wrap all the way around – or is there a way you would advise that wouldn’t cause a lot of wrinkling or other issues?

    Thank you!

    • hi! i think you could still wrap most of it (just takes more work to cut and piece), or paint the pulls a similar color first, then wrap the front part. 🙂

  10. I have signed up to your blog in the past and when I hit the yellow download button it takes me to many projects but no way to download the knob prints. Been trying for a half hour and no luck.

  11. Hi Ananda. I’ve just started this using vintage Christmas wrapping paper cut outs.
    How long do you let the mod podge dry in the plastic cover and then how long between final coats?
    Thanks so much.

    • hi Brian! don’t let the mod podge dry in the plastic cover, peel it off right away and let dry. you don’t need the plastic cover for addtional coats! 🙂

  12. I cannot find the page which has the knob designs on it so I can cut them out. Is there a secret to finding this page?? Please help.

  13. Subscribed but still can’t find the 2 minute tutorial for the anthropologie wooden buttons. Can you help?

  14. Hi there! I subscribed to the news letter but am still unsure on how to download the print outs… could you please help!!

    • hi tonya, do you mean the button in newsletter or on the downloads page? we just checked and both are working as lots of downloads are happening 🙂

  15. I absolutely love this idea. I have subscribed and been confirmed but how do I print out the designs? I have tried clicking on the”print all designs here” but nothing happens. Help!

  16. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I am redoing my kitchen with a southwest theme and was contemplating making knobs using polished colorful stone, but it was going to be VERY expensive. Instead, I printed out 50 different polished stone photos and cut out 2″ circles and used your technique on wood knobs. Finishing them up now and they look GREAT! Wish I could share a photo of them. Thanks again!

  17. Love the knobs I’ve seen them in Hobby Lobby craft store. Do you have a place to go and get more images for knobs. Thanks

    • Just go online and find something you like, copy it into a photo or graphic program and cut out circles from it the size you need and print.

  18. When I was a teenager in New Zealand, my mother hand-painted wooden drawer knobs like those for the dresser and wardrobe in my sister’s bedroom. She painted them white to match the furniture, then hand-painted a rose on each one. They looked wonderful. Now, thanks to you, I can do something like that even though I did not inherit my mother’s level of talent.

  19. Hi I would love to make some of those doorknobs, but after spending a long time and clicked every possible link and ‘yellow buttons’, I still haven’t found out how to download the templates, Can you help me, please,

  20. This is such a fun project and I would love to download the template – BUT- The big button at the end of the newslletter DOES NOT WORK! I even tried re-adding my name to your subscribers, but it still does not work. HELP!!!!!!!

  21. Hello! You do a fantastic job with this blog,really.! I loved the anthropology knobs tutorial and looking forward to try your idea. The thing is that I can’t download the template… Could you please help me?
    Keep doing what you do and thank you for your time !

  22. What a great idea!! I did something similar with scrapbook paper and tiles to make coasters. Would you be able to seal them with an epoxy resin for a solid clear coating? I would be worried that the paper will curl eventually. Thanks!

    • hi lauren, these have held up great with just modpodge. i don’t think they need more sealer coatings unless your climate is really humid or if these are for outdoors =)

  23. I used this technique 26 years ago when we built our house and I wanted to make some custom light witch and electrical outlet covers. I found that using watercolor art paper, or any lightweight paper that has a “woven” like texture works much better than plain copy paper, it has “give” to it and actually stretches just a tiny bit when the Modge-Podge glue is applied to the surface of what ever project you are working on. My covers have lasted this long, and I don’t plan on ever changing them out, unless I make new ones with different designs some day, LOL

  24. I downloaded several mandala designs from the internet and used them to make the knobs on my bi-fold closet doors. First ones looked great until I tried to top them with Delta Triple Thick Glaze…which made the color run. So I scraped that one off and tried various things on paper before redoing the knob; Liquitex Matte Medium and Delta Gloss Varnish both made the colors run, but a spray of ModPodge seemed to be OK. Now I just have to try another sealer top coat product over that to see how to if it actually sealed the color before I reprint and repaste that knob and finish the rest. It may be that I will have to go to Staples and have my mandalas printed on the laser printer. I have had trouble with transfers from my inkjet printer before too. Either way, these are easy, beautiful and I can’t believe what a difference they make on the doors! I have a dresser with wooden knobs waiting to be done too! Fun to look for patterns and themes (seashells, anchors, flowers, faces, endless possibilities!!) to put on them! Thanks so much for the tutorial-it’s one of my all time favorites!

    • hi debbi! thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 modpodge works great for my inkjet prints. feel free to share photos and tag us on instagram or facebook! 🙂

  25. Hola, me encanta tu página y estos pomos se ven increíbles, sin embargo no aparece el enlace para descargarlos, también tengo problemas con otros proyectos para descargar ya que no recibo el correo de confirmación para poder acceder a las descargas. Escribo desde España, por favor, me interesa mucho poder acceder a tus maravillosas descargas, pero parece que nada funciona, ¿podrías darme una solución? Gracias y un cordial saludo.

  26. Hi,

    You put that there is a link to download the designs but I can’t find it and nothing takes me to this.

    Can you please send the link. Thank you so much I love them.

  27. These are truly lovely, however, I see no way to download them. I have looked and looked and nothing. Would you be able to e-mail me a copy of the knob patterns. I would be ever so grateful! Thank you.

  28. Hi, I’ve just put my completed knobs back on the dresser – they look great. Thank you for the design. They are so easy to do.

  29. I want 60 knobs of the same pattern. It appears your template has protection against copying. I tried to copy and paste but the paste was a black square. Is it possible to send me a sheet af the 1 design. The knob on the lower right is my choice

  30. Hi! I’ve tried multiple times to click on the yellow download button, and it doesn’t work. I even tried registering my email multiple times, and clicking the link via the email that was sent to me. Any suggestions?

  31. I have been trying to download several templates. When I click on the download, I get a pop up asking for me to sign up. I am already signed up and fill in the form anyway. I never get the email where I can click to download the templates. It’s not in my usual emails, nor are they in promos or spam. ???

  32. Hello
    I have sent you my email address and for some reason i can’t get your email and I so want to download the door knob patterns.

  33. Hi! These are so pretty! Wondering how much wrinkly/distorted the designs got on the edges (where the knobs curve)- I’m thinking about doing it using stickers with Beatrix Potter scenes for our baby’s nursery, and not sure if the curvature would be a problem. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Also, have they held up well with use over the last year?

    Thank you!

    • hi emily! i think Beatrix Potter scenes would be fabulous! my knobs have a gentle curve on the surface so it was not an issue. they have held up super well! =)

  34. I have been waiting for 3 days and still no email link to download the printable knobs..I have registered and still nothing….please tell me how to get the download.

  35. Hi! i seem to be having the same issue.. I typed in my email and my name and have not received an email (even in my junk). Please let me know of any other way i could access these beautiful designs!

  36. Absolutely beautiful knobs, the look hand painted! Love them.
    The link for the pdf file leads back to your page and I am not receiving them in email. 🙁 I did check my junk folder, too.

    • hi corinna, it seems to be working. either way, i amalmost finished setting up a free members page with all the downloads. it should be up in 1-2 weeks! =)

  37. Thank you so Much! I saw these months ago, and printed them. I used Chalk paint on an old nightstand that had the perfect knows for this. It looks awesomE. I used gloss decoupage medium and they truly look like porcelain ķnobs.

  38. Delft is in the Netherlands. Lovely little town with gorgeous ceramic designs, but nowhere near Spain or Italy.

  39. I had so much fun making these knobs. They were easy and beautiful. Thank you A Piece of Rainbow for the templates and tutorial.

  40. I got the download info but when I don’t get it. Am I doing something wrong. Is there another way to get the download to work.

  41. I recently purchased over 100 wooden knobs at a thrift store for about $8. Can’t wait to get started on them with these beautiful designs. I can now think of so many uses for those lovely knobs.
    Thank you for sharing.

  42. Truly amazing! Thank you so much for doing this. Being able to change the size without the resolution getting flubbed up, is such a huge deal! Plus these designs are spectacular! It’s exactly what I was looking for. You just saved me so much in money and time.

  43. Thank you Ananda for your inspiring blog!
    I’d like to print some of the paper designs for door knobs but when I click on the download I’m taken back to the top of the same page. Would you be able to email me the download? Gill

    • hi gill! i am traveling and do not have the file. please send the link to friends and they should be able to download. lots of downloads everyday, it works! =)

  44. Hi. I have tried several times and on different devices to download the knob designs from your article. However, when I click on the download link, it just brings me back to the page. Nothing else comes up. Could you please email me the designs? This is not working, and I really wanted to make these. Thanks!

  45. I just love these designs but I can not get it to email them to me. I am on page 2 and hit the yellow button right above the outlet plates. Inserted my email and name and hit send and…nothing. Just sits there and spins. I would really like the pdf! Can you help?

    • hi lisa, sometimes it does that but you should still get an email from us after you hit send.
      let me know if not, – check junk folder- will figure out a way to get it to you! =)

  46. Where have you been. I just found you and I want to be on your mailing list. What a great page. Thank you for the downloads of the knob papers.

  47. love these patterns ….I have a thing for Mediterranean style ….probably will never make door knobs but sure can use the download for cupcake toppers or cookies 🙂

  48. Hello,

    Can I purchase the knobs already made? I love them. Im redoing my spanish kitchen and would love them. I hope it is a yes! Alex

    • hi alex! thank you for your kind words! =) i don’t really sell any of the DIY projects since i only make them once for the blog, but these are SO easy and fun to make! =)

  49. I have to come back and tell you that each time I pushed the yellow button it froze, I thought it didn’t go through. But, later I found 3 emails where it did indeed go through. Thanks! Can’t wait to try today 🙂

  50. I love this idea. Since I plan on painting my cabinets soon i will be trying this out.

    By the way, half of my expensive Anthropologie knobs broke, save your money.

  51. Thanks for sharing. Love it but I am unable to download the link? Do you have a website that can download them. Thanks.

  52. THESE ARE FANTASTIC!! Yes! I’m shouting! Lol. Thank you for posting these! I will definitely be making them.

  53. I wasn’t able to download the patterns for the knobs. Can you email it to me? Are there sites out there with all kinds of patterns for these? I wasn’t able to find any. Many thanks. They’re beautiful. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end on page 2! over 3000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

  54. Thank you for this fabulous design. I’ve been looking for new knobs for my kitchen but these beautiful designs have transformed the existing ones. I painted them after sanding and stuck the paper disks on with the second coat. A couple of coats of varnish completed them. I’m so pleased with the finish.

    • Hi, I noticed you were able to download the button/knob files. I have tried several times to download using the yellow box that says “click here”. It brings up a box asking for my email info but when I click on download, the app freezes and never completes the link. Is there an alternate address I can download from?

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end on page 2! over 3000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

  55. I just downloaded these and they are so beautiful. Thanks very much. I was wondering if you could help me though. I would like to make a few of the same design. Would I have to print up the page 8 times or is there another way to get 8 of one design? Thanks!

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end on page 2! over 3000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

    • hi holly, i have seen decoupage on glass and metal, so it should work. i eould test it first on a spoon or a knob you already have, and see how durable it is. 🙂

  56. I cannot find the location in the article to download patterns. Please help!!!!!
    Will someone email them to me?

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end! over 2000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

  57. I just distressed an old dresser with this type of knob. I can’t wait to print these and get them on the dresser

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end! over 2000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

  58. These are super pretty. I cant wait to do this for my dresser.
    I looked and looked but cant find the download you are so kindly sharing to make the knobs.
    Help thanks in advance 🙂

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end! over 2000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

  59. These are so lovely. Will be doing this!

    For those having trouble finding the download link, use your phone’s internet settings to request the desktop site, or a non-mobile device. Or perhaps just non-Android device.
    Thanks for the fab tutorials. I could spend hours here!

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end! over 2000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

  60. Wonderful.thank you so much for this idea. I was not able to print cause I could not find how to do it.

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end! over 2000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

    • the yellow button is above the switch plate picture at the end! over 2000 downloads already. if you don’t see it, email the post link to some friends and they should find it! =)

  61. Did you spray sealer coat on top of the decoupage ? I think that they would need this because mod podge is not waterproof. Overall though this is a great idea, I will be doing these to brighten up my kitchen. Thank you for sharing.

  62. Cant wait to give this a try! I wonder if scrapbook paper would work as well? They have lots of designs!!

  63. óla, abençoada, adoro suas artes pena que moro no brasil, se moras ai perto ou ai mesmo onde vc mora viraria fã de carterinha de vc rsrsrsrsrsr, um grande beijo e que deus continue te abençoando pra vc continuar nos passando essas artes belissimas.

  64. I can not get the designs to download. When I click on the link nothing happens. I love the knobs and want to make some for my cabinets. Help!

    • hi deborah, my site might have been down- it rarely happens. are you clicking the download link in the email sent to you?
      try it again and let me know if you have trouble!

  65. I’m planning on repainting my kitchen cabinets…the design on these knobs would look wonderful!

  66. These are so beautiful Ananda. And they look so high end. I would never have thought that they are just printables. Very smart and creative. I am hosting a new link party called Sweet Inspiration and would love to have you join us. It runs Fridays 10am est to Tuesdays.

  67. Beautiful! I can’t wait to do this. I might paint the knobs a color where unfinished wood is showing. I found this amazing silver paint in a tiny jar from which would be amazing. Hey the link to the printable design is not showing up. Can you send me the link please? Thanks so much for a great idea!

  68. Hello i love these doorknobs☺ but the link for the designs to download
    doesnt seen to be working?

  69. I read through all the comments hoping someone else would have asked this dumb question, but it looks like it’s up to me. 🙁 “Do you know how well these stand up to prolonged use?” 🙂

    • good question! i will add this to the post: if you coat them with Martha’s decoupage (link is in post) it’s dishwasher safe after letting cure for 28 days, which means- very durable! =)

  70. These knobs are just amazing! And such a frugal way to get such a gorgeous effect! I have a desk that needs a makeover when my oldest gets home from her summer job in August. I think we’ll have to include some of these really cool knobs in our design!

  71. You are an atrist painter! i m always admiring your handwork… Artist is what you do for a living?
    Have a verry nice day and thank’s…

  72. First thing that came to my mind when seeing them was that you used a paper napkin to cover them. (I saw some awesome decorations made out of paper napkins) But this is much easier than using napkins, as they always break ti pieces during process because they are so thin.
    I saw some ceramic knobs with similar design, but they did cost a fortune.
    What if we would glue beautiful buttons or leaves on these wood knobs? Would they last?

    • One more thing: I fell in love with your blog and your projects, as they are so inspiring. I wish you have enough time to create all you have in your mind and you want to create. Many thanks for your inspiring work from thousand miles away!

    • thank you gabi for your lovely wishes!! i did think about gluing buttons, that could be really cute! leaves might get too brittle and might be hard to work with though. just went to say hi on your blog, hope the comment went through! =)

      • Thank you for commenting back 🙂
        One more thought about buttons: I made them out of painted cork wines and the result was totally unexpected! Definitely, it was my favorite project till now!

  73. We can’t believe how easy this looks and your results are so professional. Next time we need some knobs decorated we will revisit this post.

  74. I have been talking about decoupaging knobs for years and finally someone else has done them. I never would have thought to use plastic wrap so thanks so much for that info. Love your designs. Thanks for sharing.

  75. Brilliant!! One of my anthropologie knobs in the hallway just broke and now I need to replace all of them. Thank you for saving me big $$! So awesome!

  76. These turned out so pretty! I’m pinning this. My friend just bought a house and none of the knobs in her kitchen match… I mean not even in a fun boho mismatch way, just in a weird “why are some of these white, and why are some cream?” kind of way.

  77. Oh Ananda, I thought they were hand painted also! 🙂 GREAT job and thank you so much for the graphics. Inspiration to replace some knobs which are very worn. 🙂

  78. That is such a great idea! They look so beautiful and this is such an easy project to make! Now I want to go replace all the knobs in my kitchen!

  79. These are gorgeous! I can’t believe you made them! I finally have a dresser that can utilize knobs and I can’t wait to go shopping for them!

  80. I have a couple of dressers in desperate need of new knobs. These are perfect and something I think I could actually do! I’m slightly DIY challenged. They are beautiful!

  81. Oh, these are so beautiful! I thought the same thing when I saw your photos, that they’d be so difficult and you must have painted them! This is such a lovely DIY 🙂

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