18 Magical String Lights Decorating Ideas

String lights are not just for Christmas! These 18 magical string lights decorating ideas will inspire us to use them any time of the year to bring more beauty and magic into our daily lives. .

When choosing string lights to decorate an indoor or outdoor space, choose good quality LED string lights because they generate less heat and are mush safer to use. They are also more energy efficient.


Let’s dive into some string lights decorating fun!

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Important SAFETY TIPS:

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

Make sure to follow basic safety practice when using string lights. Only use good quality products specific for indoor or outdoor conditions, and use good quality LED string / Christams lights. Always turn off lights before leaving your home or going to bed.

1 & 2. Dreamy string lights decorating with Ping Pong balls.


These charming string lights would look great in a bedroom or a nursery. Cut a small opening on the Ping Pong balls and poke through the white LED string light or multi-colored LED lights . ( Source: 1 | 2 )

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3 & 4. String lights decorating with mason jars and glass bottles


I have such a love for glass bottles and mason jars that hubby has learned to show them to me before he puts any in the recycle bin. It is so easy and quick to create lovely decorations by simply adding some fairy lights to bottles and jars. These string lights decor are great for outdoors and indoors. ( Sources: 3 | 4 )

5 & 6. String lights Christmas trees and fireflies


String fairy lights can be used to create shapes and tell stories. Make a Christmas tree or a glowing jar of fireflies, tutorial here!

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7 & 8. String lights decorations for living room


Use string lights to create imaginative wreaths or even firepits for beautiful living room accents. The translucent white lace covers the branches around  the flame-less fire pit, and paper doilies or bouquet holders   look like snowflakes on the wreath.  ( Source: 7 | 8 )

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9 & 10. Never too old to play with String Lights


Build a sparkling fort , a snowman, or snow princess wreath with string lights! ( Source: Melanie’s Pinterest board )

11 & 12.  Make String Lights Glowing Garlands


So many things we can use to create a festive garland: burlap and fabric scraps, ribbons, nature clippings… ( Source: 11 | 12 )

13 & 14. Decorate with string light art


Make some glowing blossoms by poking string lights through a stretched canvas and create a glowing work of art. ( Source )

These little puffy “rain clouds” are the cutest thing ever! ( original image source lost, please let me know if you find it! ) UPDATE: thanks to Pamela who left a comment about a very similar video tutorial you can check out below!

15 & 16. String Lights Decorating with Festive letters


Marquee letters are easy to make with plywood, and great for festive celebrations and everyday cheer! (  Source: 15 | 16 )

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17 & 18. String lights decorating for dorm room and bedroom


Surround yourself with an enchanting display of beautiful memories clipped onto copper wire fairy lights using wooden cloth pins. (Source: 17 & 18 )

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May your days be merry and bright! =)


  1. I love that string light fort in a box. My kids would be delighted by that. I’ll have to do it. I’m loving the “Christmas trees on the wall with lights” ideas. I’m going to make one of those this year. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas.

  2. Wow! How decorative. I love it and I’ll need to save this. I need to do this! Thank you for sharing this πŸ™‚

  3. OMG, the mason jars and glass bottles-LOOOOOVE!! Such a simple, yet absolutely perfect, little Christmas accent for the home. I am so excited to decorate for the holidays! Thanks for sharing <3

    • I love the christmas tree idea with the shopping bags cut into strips and the cones made from old cartons. I have a Special Needs daughter and she loved making them….and decorating them all by herself.

      Our next project is the paper lanterns. She loves these ideas. God bless you for giving so many people joy by DIY!:)

  4. I LOVE THIS POST. I’m so obsessed with lights and things you can do with them! I have these cute dragonfly lights woven through my headboard that I got at World Market a few years ago and I love them! Great post!

  5. I love string lights, and you have so many great ways to use them! I am definitely going to rethink how I will be putting up lights this season!

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