12 Easy Pallet Sofas and Coffee Tables to DIY in One Afternoon

Are you feeling this burning desire to make all the rustic and beautiful pallet sofas and coffee tables? If yes, I can totally relate!

Today we will explore some inspiring pallet sofa and coffee table ideas in 2 parts:

Part 1:  Beautiful DIY pallet sofas, starting with simple ones that require little building skills.

Part 2: Easy pallet coffee tables with gorgeous styles ranging from farmhouse, bohemian,  to modern!

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (9)

Before we start, here’s a helpful guide on where to find and how to select pallets, plus lots of tips on how to work with them!

20 most amazing raised bed gardens, from simple wood raised beds to many creative variations. Great tutorials and inspirations! - A Piece Of Rainbow

apieceofrainbow18 (2)

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. ) And THIS tool above: a  Duckbill Deck Wrecker we got on Amazon , is our favorite for taking apart pallets!

Let’s start with some easy pallet sofas.

1 . Simple DIY pallet sofa with stacked pallets.

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (1)

Take four of five pallets. Cut the side panels. Sand the wood. Use nails and / or wood screws to attach the side and back panels to the stacked seats. Add a few colorful pillows. Now you have a gorgeous DIY pallet sofa! ( Source: 1001 Pallets)

2. Modern three Pallet Sofa.

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (2)

Pallets from Europe are built differently than those from United States. Remember to modify your pallet furniture designs accordingly! The back and seats are joined together with  L-shaped Bracket Fasteners. ( The tutorial site is no longer there. If you find the original source please let me know! )

Talking about those pallet stamps, if you are totally in love with them, you would love this easy way to transfer stamps and images to wood with only wax paper and water!

Make gorgeous pallet wood crates inspired by vintage orchard and farm crats, & transfer images to wood easily!| A Piece of Rainbow

Transfer stamps and images to wood with only wax paper and water!

3 & 4 . Boho pallet daybed sofas.

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (4)

Daybeds are such bohemian style additions to a space! Both pallet daybed sofas use two pallets as base. I just LOVE that old door in the one above! The one below uses galvanized pipes and flange on both sides to hold the pillows in. Add four 3″ to 4″ steel casters like these , so cute!

5 & 6. Pallet sofas and loveseats.

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (3)

My friend Donna at Funky Junk Interiors never fails to amaze me with her creativity and style: just look at her pallet sofa!

This nicely designed white sofa is from 1001 Pallets , a pallet DIY community featuring so many great ideas you can browse for days!

7. Large Pallet sofa.

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (5)

Feeling ambitious? This large pallet sofa found on here has a beautiful finished look, and the only one in the group that may take a very long afternoon to build!

Part 2: Easy pallet coffee tables with gorgeous styles ranging from farmhouse, bohemian,  to modern!

Update: here’s our pallet coffee table and benches tutorial!

DIY pallet coffee table and benches tutorial

8 & 9 . Two-pallet coffee tables.

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (8)

Each of the coffee tables take two pallets to make. The first pallet coffee table uses four 4″ casters like these ones . The second table uses four 2x4s on each corner, and a lovely coat of teal blue paint. (Sources: 2 | 3 )

If you want to stain pallet wood in any color, try these home-made wood stains are super easy to make, long lasting, and low cost!

7 recipes to make wood stains in any color using natural household materials! These quick and easy wood stains are super effective, long lasting, low cost, and non-toxic!

Home-made wood stains are super easy to make, long lasting, and low cost!

10 & 11 . Easy DIY pallet coffee table ideas.

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (7)

The pallet coffee table above is lovely, using only one pallet and  four really cute red casters. The other also has casters, with the added height from a cut pallet. ( Sources: 10 | 11 )

12. Pallet coffee table with drawers.

easy-DIY-pallet-sofa-coffee-table-apieceofrainbow (6)

Don’t you love the natural variations and those stamps on the pallet wood? ( Source)

I will end today’s post with one of our favorite pallet projects: how we “remodeled” a generic rental patio into a much-loved outdoor room, with pallets!

Build a stunning tropical outdoor room with pallets- A Renters Remodel! | A Piece Of Rainbow

Happy pallet-ing ( yes that is a word among pallet lovers )! 😉


  1. Goodness, these are truly astounding DIY and it truly shows how incredible beds can be. I truly love the 5 bed couch and 2 bed end table. Stunning looks! I can hardly wait to attempt one of these soon.

  2. Love to see these DIY ideas. These are so affordable that everyone can do this easily.
    Thanks for sharing amazing ideas 🙂

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  4. Thanks for sharing this informative and interesting post. I am searching about DIY sofas, after reading this I think we are going to make a pallet sofa!

  5. Wow this is very useful and interesting article about pallet sofas and coffee tables.. I really like the sofa ideas, off to find some pallets!

  6. This is amazing! This would make a perfect outdoor patio design for a coffee shop or little restaurant… I think the Brooklynites would love it, hahaha…

    Thanks for sharing Ananda!

  7. We wanted something more relaxed, as we don’t have kids and don’t plan to have any in the near future, we spend a lot of time in our living room hanging out, napping, watching tv. It’s just the two of us. This was our first attempt at something done ourselves, sorry our fabric isn’t down to the inch, and we don’t have a back to our couch.

  8. Wow, I really thought using pallets was a lost game or so 2016 but it turns out that even in 2020 we can play around with pallets to create cool stuff. Nice job! The DIY Boho sofas are amazing.

  9. I really liked the #8 and #9 pallet sofa and coffee table. All these looks so beautiful and inspires a lot to have one like them in my home. I’m glad you shared them with us.

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  12. Very informative post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All images are beautiful. Your post inspires me, it would be helpful for my house decorating.

  13. I can’t believe that, this awesome thing is built in only 3 hours. It’s really good project with pallets. I heard about pallet but never work with it. But your amazing sofa attract me a lot. I’m thinking about making one for me.

    Thank you for sharing your nice work.

  14. Wow, these are really amazing DIY and it really shows how great pallets can be. I really love the 5 pallet sofa and 2 pallet coffee table. Amazing looks! I can’t wait to try one of these soon.

  15. Whoa! Such creativity and inspiration. Actually looking for furnitures for my garden and these definitely will help save me money.

    Off to look for pallets!

  16. I know a guy who’s got access to bucket loads of pallets like that. It had never occurred to be that you could actually put those to good use in a stylish way like that.

    I’ve got half a mind of building my own garden furniture with a few of those pallets. Thanks for the idea!

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    But your post really makes me change my mind. All of they look really awesome, especially the pallet sofa!

    Thanks so much for sharing them

  19. Those are awesome! I would love to make one…or have my husband make one. They would be great for our patio. Thanks for all the info on where to find them too.

  20. One of my best friends has made a few pieces of pallet furniture and it looks amazing! I really want to make a coffee table!

    xo Ashley

  21. Oh Ananda so lovely sofas…I love,it’s beautiful,simple,rustic,nice… You say any one can make this? It’s realy simple to make in few hours without many tools? and to find palets?
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