Vintage French Seed Packets Wall Decor & Free Printables!

Do you drool over vintage French seed packets? Yes? I got presents you are going to love :

Some free printable vintage French seed packets of vegetables and flowers for you to download!

Of course we can’t hide such beauties, so let’s take some scrap wood, and make these really easy wall hanging art / decor out of them!

Wouldn’t this be a great gift for some one who loves garden and vintage?

vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow 2

vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (11)Make wall art from Free printable vintage French seed packets and scrap wood! | A piece of rainbow blog

To start, print out the seed packets ( download links at the end), size them to slightly smaller than you scrap pieces of wood. vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (8)

Stain the wood to a darker old wood color. We used 1″x 6″ pieces left over from our pallet crates project

apieceofrainbow-pallet wood crates vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (7)vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (9)

The wood is from reclaimed fence boards, and some have chippy paint on them, which is so charming! ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (10)

Brush some Mod Podge on the back side of the prints, press them onto the wood.


After they dried, brush some more Mod Podge onto the surface of the paper to form a protective film against dirt and stain. Like how we made our designer outlet covers (free printable too)!

vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (5)Make wall art from Free printable vintage French seed packets and scrap wood! | A piece of rainbow blog

To hang our wall art, just cut some brown Jute Rope , take a hot glue gun and glue the rope onto the back, like in the photos below.

vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (6)

You can create individual ones,or several stringed together!

vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (13)vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (1)vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (12)vintage-seed-packet-wall-art-apieceofrainbow (3)

Isn’t this fun? You can also make a piece of art, photo copy it, then attach it to a piece of wood!

Maybe this watercolor tree? 

Learn watercolor painting easily | A Piece Of Rainbow

Or these watercolor flowers?

paint watercolor flowers-a piece of rainbow blog

Now the free printable downloads!

Have fun!!! =)



  1. There’s no download button for THESE graphics and all your other links just take me to the main craft page! Even in the comment section! I’d love to use these but when I finally FOUND them and clicked on set one- NOTHING happens.

  2. I’ve been scrolling up and down for 15 minutes, and I can NOT find the “big button” for downloading the seed packet art! I am already a subscriber, so why am I having this problem??

      • I don’t SEE any red button! As I told you, I scrolled up and down the page many times, and can NOT find any red button. Please be more helpful!

  3. Hi Ananda,
    I am sorry to bother you. I need some help as I clicked the big rectangle button to get to the free printable’s page and it brings me to the page explaining how to get to the printable page and doesn’t take me to the actual page. I think I may be doing something wrong, however I don’t know what. Will you please help me? Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Ananda,
    I keep getting the message that “the file has been moved or renamed” when I try to download. I only get this message on a few downloads – not on all of them. Any suggestions?

  5. I’d love to do something with these but for some reason they aren’t downloading. Got any ideas how I can fix this. Thanks, Mina

  6. I totally made a Spring garland out of these seed packets last year. I can’t remember where I found the download, some public domain site, I think? Anyhow, I adore your blog (this is my first visit!) and have seen so many little bits of inspiration we have in common. (And I use Foodie Pro as well!) It’s so fun to come across a kindred spirit on the internet. Your site, your style and your spirit is beautiful!

  7. Thank you so much for your time and generosity in taking the time to write up tutorials for us and especially for the free downloads. Sure makes life a lot easier for those of us that are not so artistic but love to try!!!

  8. I absolutely love this project Ananda:) We don’t get Mod Podge in Doha-is there an alternative I could use? I think your idea can be used to create chunky coasters or vintage trays- what say? Love and hugs . xx

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