Our Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink: 100 Day Review

When we started our DIY IKEA kitchen remodel, we knew right away we wanted a big stainless steel farmhouse sink!

Now that we have been using our stainless steel farmhouse sink for over 100 days 🙂  I thought it will be a great time to share some details about why we chose a stainless steel farmhouse sink and how we like using it.

large top mount one bowl stainless steel farmhouse sink

After a lot of research, we chose the 33″ Zuhne Prato stainless steel farm sink from Amazon. Just when our order arrived, Zuhne offered to gift us a beautiful farm sink, faucet and range hood for our DIY kitchen remodel (thank you Zuhne!) We want to be transparent here: this Zuhne apron sink was our first choice and we ordered it before we even knew it would be gifted to us!

white ikea kitchen

Why we chose a stainless steel farmhouse sink

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Check out our farmhouse sink in action below, or skip to written review!

A farmhouse sink aka apron sink or farm sink has a distinct look that we love. Although we absolutely like those white porcelain farmhouse sinks, we prefer stainless steel because the porcelain sink in our old kitchen gets stained so easily, and things often break in the sink.

modern farmhouse ikea kitchen with farm sink

If you do choose a white porcelain farm sink, try this super effective, easy DIY non toxic scouring powder. It works wonders on greasy and stained white porcelain sinks!

How do we like using our Zuhne stainless steel farmhouse sink and faucet after 100 days?

The short answer is : we LOVE them! We would happily get both the sink and faucet again in our future kitchen!

Here are 5 things we really love about our stainless steel farmhouse sink and faucet:

ikea kitchen with top mount farmhouse sink

1. We love the the beautiful design and finish of this Stainless steel farmhouse sink and faucet

Originally we had concerns that stainless steel would look cold. We wanted a happy and inviting modern farmhouse kitchen.

top mount one bowl stainless steel farmhouse sink and faucet in modern farmhouse ikea kitchen

When the Zuhne farm sink and faucet (their newest model, will add link when it becomes available!) arrived, we were so happy with the soft brushed stainless steel finish, and the beautiful gentle curve on the apron sink front. After a few months, we still admire the look of this sink all the time!

Here’s our DIY IKEA kitchen remodel you can take a before and after tour!

2. The Zuhne farm sink is made of high quality 16 Gauge stainless steel

There are different gauges in stainless steel sinks, from 22 gauge (very thin) to 14 gauge (very thick).   16 to 18 gauges are considered very good choice for a stainless steel kitchen sink.

large stainless steel farmhouse sink and butcher block counter in ikea kitchen

The Zuhne prato stainless steel farmhouse sink is made of 16 gauge steel from leading manufacturer… We both love gardening, cooking, and a whole bunch of other hobbies which means we use the sink a ton! Our sink has held up great through heavy use, no signs of scratches, dents or rust at all.

Stainless steel is tough and gentle at the same time.  Now we don’t have to worry about things breaking in the sink.

3. A stainless steel farmhouse sink is very easy to clean

apron sink with curved front

With all those hobbies we needed a sink that is easy to clean. The great thing about quality stainless steel is that it stay quite clean! We only clean the sink once a week, and it is easy to forget because the sink rarely looks dirty.

A simple Homemade vinegar is all we use to clean the sink. Vinegar is great for cleaning and killing germs. Here are a couple of our favorite recipes

pouring white vinegar into jar with orange peels
Super Effective DIY Citrus Infused Vinegar Cleaner!

4. We really like the one bowl design apron sink

The double bowl sink we used to have always felt crowded to us. Now with a spacious sink we can fit lots of pots and pans, piles of garden veggies and flowers… what a nice change!

DIY top mount farm sink and faucet

We also leave a couple of bottles of dish soap and hand soap in the corner of the sink to keep the countertop less cluttered.

5. The accessories came with the sink are very useful

The Zuhne sink came with a rack and a small basket you can attach to the inside wall of the sink. We didn’t expect we would appreciate these so much, now they are both must-haves!

large stainless steel farmhouse sink and faucet with butcher block countertop

The rack protects the sink from scratches, and act as a drain rack as well. We like to attach the basket to the inside front of the sink so the sponge and anything we put in there remains out of view most of the time.

An added bonus:

It is really easy to install this stainless steel farmhouse sink on most kitchen cabinets.

installing top mount farm sink on butcher block countertop in ikea kitchen

Our 33″ sink is installed on a 36″ IKEA base cabinet. Stay tuned: We will share a detailed tutorial soon!

If you are shopping for a kitchen sink, I hope our experiences will be helpful to you in choosing a great sink perfect for your kitchen. We highly recommend Zuhne brand farm sinks and faucets! Got questions? Feel free to ask us in the comments!


  1. We are remodeling our kitchen with the same cabinets. What did you frame the sink with? Is it a drawer front? I would like our sink front and cabinet to look just like this. It is beautiful!

  2. Awesome! No words. You always go one step beyond.

    There is so much great, useful information here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for such an informative review 🙂
    We are trying to decide on a kitchen sink, and this farmhouse sink looks like a great option! Your kitchen looks amazing btw!

  4. Thank you so much for such an in depth review! We are looking for a new kitchen sink, and will be ordering this one!

  5. Wow 🙂
    This is an incredible looking farmhouse sink! We are starting our kitchen remodel and will likely go with this sink too!
    Waiting for more helpful tutorials on your kitchen remodel!

  6. The sink looks really nice. It’s so stylish and I bet it works great too! We are planning a remodel and I just saved this sink because I want ours to be like that. 😘

  7. Farmhouse sinks are great. I like the beautiful, clean look of this one. Works perfectly in your kitchen.

  8. That sink looks amazing! The before and after pics really show that the large sink works so much better for the kitchen! I’d love to have a sink like that in our future kitchen!

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