Easy $1 DIY Snow Flocked Christmas Wreath

Easy $1 DIY snow flocked Christmas wreath in 10 minutes with cardboard & fresh conifer, beautiful in our farmhouse modern kitchen decorations!

I have always wanted to make snow flocked Christmas wreath. Finally after making our pine cone wreath, magnolia wreath, candy cane wreath, and fresh wreath in the past few years, it’s time to make some snow flocked wreaths for our Christmas decorations. 

Easy $1 DIY snow flocked Christmas wreath in 10 minutes with cardboard & fresh conifer, beautiful in our farmhouse modern kitchen decorations!

We are also using the wreaths differently! Instead of using them on our doors, we are using them as Christmas kitchen cabinet wreaths this time. So exciting!

These wreaths are made with natural and recycled materials, so you can easily recycle / compost them after the holidays and no storage is needed! They are also fun Christmas crafts ideas to make with kids and family!

Check out the video tutorial here or skip to written tutorial below.

Materials and tools to make snow flocked Christmas wreath

Anthropologie modern farmhouse kitchen with Christmas decorations & cabinet wreaths

Cardboard, a box cutter or craft knife, hot glue gun and glue sticks (my fav brand), a white soap bar if you want to add snow flocking.

Step 1: cut cardboard rings

draw circles on cardboard

Draw two concentric circles on the cardboard.

I used an 12″ bowl for the outer circle, and an 8″ lid for the inner circle. You don’t have to use these dimensions, the key is that the cardboard section should be about 2″ wide.

cut cardboard rings as wreath forms

Cut out the cardboard ring shape. You can make sections of the ring and glue them together if your cardboard piece is not big enough.

Step 2: glue conifer clippings to cardboard wreath

glue conifer clippings to cardboard wreath

Use hot glue to glue the conifer clippings along the cardboard ring. Make sure that they overlap so no cardboard is showing through the greens or along the edges. 

DIY cardboard Christmas wreath

 Since our cabinet wreaths are only about 10” in diameter, this step is really easy and only took 5 minutes to complete each wreath.

add red berries to cardboard Christmas wreath

You can also glue some red berries to the wreath. Fresh Cypress clippings and holly or other red berries can look nice for 2-3 weeks, which means you can make these wreaths in early December or at least a week ahead, and enjoy them through Christmas! 

Step 3: add snow flocking to Christmas wreaths

add snow flocking to Christmas wreaths

Here’s our super easy tutorial on how to make homemade snow flocking from a white soap bar and some water! It works great on fresh Christmas trees and wreaths. 

 DIY Christmas wreath on white kitchen cabinets

The snow flocking dries really nice after a few hours, and does not flake off. 

To see how we attached the wreaths to our kitchen cabinets, plus anther Christmas kitchen decorating idea, check out Part 2 here!

modern farmhouse boho kitchen with Christmas decorations on cabinets

Happy creating! See you soon!


  1. Thank you for showing how to make these wonderful wreaths. Shall save post until nearer Christmas and then go to work to try and make a few.

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