Make Easy Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments & Gift Tags

Make stamped salt dough Christmas ornaments & gift tags! Beautiful vintage farmhouse decorations & easy DIY crafts ideas with best recipe!

If you love salt dough as a craft material, and stamps as wonderful tools to create vintage farmhouse or modern boho designs, you will love this project: we are making stamped salt dough Christmas ornaments and gift tags 🙂

Make stamped salt dough Christmas ornaments & gift tags! Beautiful vintage farmhouse decorations & easy DIY crafts ideas with best recipe!

I have seen stamped letters on salt dough and really wanted to try stamping images on salt dough. The stamping really brings out the vintage farmhouse charm of the traditional craft of salt dough ornaments. Look: are you loving the beautiful results? 

how to make stamped salt dough or air dry clay Christmas ornaments & gift tags  in Scandinavian, boho, rustic style

I am really excited to share with you this salt dough craft idea and easy technique today. Imagine all the gorgeous designs you can create with all kinds of stamps! You can even color these stamped salt dough Christmas ornaments and gift tags. The possibilities are endless!

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Check out the video tutorial or skip to written tutorial below!

Materials to make stamped salt dough Christmas ornaments and gift tags

red car with Christmas tree on top DIY ornaments with salt dough

Easy salt dough recipe 

best easy salt dough recipe 

Mix 2 cups all purpose flour, 1 cup salt together, add 3/4 to 1 cup water. Knead until everything is incorporated and the salt dough should be easy to work with, not too stiff or too soft and sticky.

I find that coarse kosher salt gives that dough a little more speckled look vs fine salt. Keep the dough wrapped to prevent it from drying out.

Salt dough has a natural ivory white color, If you want really white ornaments, try our air dry clay recipe made with baking soda and cornstarch here!

How much salt dough do I need? 

If you roll the dough between 1/4” and 1/8” thick, this recipe above will yield 12 to 16 4 inch round ornaments, or 16 to 20 3 inch round ornaments. 

Beautiful vintage farmhouse decorations with salt dough Christmas ornaments & gift tags

Step 1: roll out salt dough

Have some extra flour for dusting the surface when you roll and cut the salt dough. 

Take a piece of dough, roll it on a flat surface dusted with flour. 

roll out salt dough on a board dusted with flour. 

I find the best thickness to roll the salt dough is between 1/4” and 1/8” thick.

Dust more flour on the the dough as you roll it out if it gets sticky.

Step 2: stamp and cut salt dough Christmas ornaments and gift tags

Tip: It is easier to stamp the ornaments and gift tags first, then cut them to create the best compositions. 

stamp a Christmas car image on salt dough

For best results, stamp the salt dough right away before the surface starts to form a crust and dry out. 

As mentioned earlier, pigment ink is long lasting, and gets better detailed impressions. If you want to color the ornaments later, pigment ink doesn’t bleed like dye ink would.

press the stamp onto the salt dough

Ink your clear silicone Christmas stamp , then carefully press the stamp onto the salt dough surface. Use gentle but firm pressure, then lift the stamp quickly. You will be so thrilled to see a beautiful design appearing on your salt dough!

Take a round cookie cutter to cut the circle or other shape with the design nicely centered. Use a straw or stick to make a small hole at the top for hanging the ornaments and gift tags later.

use round cookie cutter to cut salt dough  ornaments

Repeat the stamping and cutting process to make more tags and ornaments. It’s so much fun I really didn’t want to stop! 🙂

Carefully transfer them to a baking tray.

Step 3: bake salt dough ornaments and gift tags

winter forest and car with Christmas tree on top salt dough ornaments

To prevent your salt dough from puffing up, it’s a good idea to bake salt dough at lower temperatures for longer time. 200 degrees Fahrenheit ( 93 Celsius) worked best for me. When I tried to bake my salt dough ornaments at 235, they started to get puffy.

Anthropologie style stamped salt dough Christmas ornaments & gift tags! Beautiful vintage farmhouse decorations & easy DIY crafts and stocking stuffer gift ideas

Depending on thickness, bake the salt dough ornaments at 200 degrees Fahrenheit  ( 93 Celsius) for 3-5 hours. Flipping them a few times especially during the first 2 hours will help keeping them flat with less bulging. 

stamped salt dough gift tags with red and white twine for Christmas gift wrapping

You can also bake them for 1-2 hours at 200 F till they are no longer too soft, then air dry them over the next few days if your indoor environment is warm and dry.

coloring salt dough ornaments

I love these salt dough ornaments in black and white, but you can also color them using watercolors or brush markers

I colored a couple of them, it’s really easy, and the pigment ink doesn’t bleed at all!

 stamping salt dough ornaments with a Santa's village stamp and a Merry Christmas stamp

Another thing you can play with is to layer different stamps on one ornament, like the same bear stamp above combined with a Santa’s village stamp, or a Merry Christmas stamp!

To finish your salt dough ornaments and gift tags, add some festive twine for hanging on your Christmas tree or gift packages. 

beautiful DIY Christmas tree decorated with handmade salt dough ornaments

Want more Christmas ornament ideas? Try these gorgeous & easy DIY paper Christmas ornaments and these no-sew felt donut Christmas ornaments!

Anthropologie style handmade no-sew felt donut Christmas ornaments

Happy creating! See you soon! 🙂


  1. When I saw this, it thought they were cookies; I realized they were not, but with food coloring gel and a clean stamp, I bet it might work!

  2. Hi Ananda, love these ideas! As a new mother, I have a lot of time to engage in DIY projects and create handmade items. Btw. I’ve never heard of pigment ink before! 🙂

    • hi Betty! acrylic might work, but i think the images would look sharper with ink. pigment ink lasts much longer than dye ink, which can fade overtime. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your salt dough ideas, I enjoy making different things with the children and this sounds like we will
    really enjoy making our personal decorations.

  4. What type of results will you get if you use the traditional wood / rubber stamps, rather than the acrylic?
    I love this idea!! Thank you!

  5. You have the greatest ideas! I do have a question about these ornaments, though. Can I decoupage them? Would they need a sealer first? Thanks for all the inspiration.

    • thank you Alice! i am testing some decoupaged ones and will have lots more to share on that soon! 🙂 shorter answer is yes you can, and they don’t need sealer first.

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