Make Wreaths Easily from Nature Walk Findings

Remember this super easy way to make wreaths using a Dollar Store laundry basket from last year’s tutorial here? Many wreaths later, I found another great way to make them!


The new method works in a similar way, and it is even better for those wreaths with lots of thick branches, such as honeysuckle vine or grapevine wreaths, which are such great bases for making many other types of wreaths.

How to re-purpose toilet paper into glorious fall pumpkin decorations in just minutes! These pumpkins are no cost, no waste, and they need no storage!

Does this lovely blue basket look familiar? Hint: those toilet paper roll pumpkins!

Today I will be borrowing it for our wreath making session. ๐Ÿ™‚

Materials and tools:

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First we will make a vine wreath  which can be used over and over to make all kinds of wreaths. All you have to is adding a couple of sprigs of fresh flowers, berries, etc, and a beautiful wreath is born instantly!


Look at this hillside covered with Honeysuckles!  Time to trim some cuttings! To make a nice vine wreath, you will need about 10 to 15 pieces of 3 foot long cuttings.

Clean off the leaves. You can also use grapevines.


Start by clamping the first piece of vine onto the side of the wire basket using a spring clamp . Bend the side branches and keep shaping them along the inside of the basket. The round wire basket holds the form of the wreath.


Continue bending pieces of vines around the circle and clamping them to the basket. Once you reached about 2″ to 3″ thickness, tie the bundle of vines with jute twine. Make a knot around only the vines, not the basket! Six to eight spots around the circle would be enough.


Slip the vine wreath out of the basket, and wrap a few sections of vine around the wreath as shown below. Tuck the beginning and ends in between the vines.


You can now cut off the jute twine and the vine wreath will hold its shape. If you are patient, wait a few days to cut the twine off.


Having a honeysuckle or grapevine wreath as a base, it is so quick and easy to make wreaths from just a handful of botanical cuttings!

I found some Eucalyptus tree leaves, red Pyracantha berries and pink Crape Myrtle flowers. Tied them to the vine wreath with clear fishing lines. Voila!


These wreaths take only a few minutes to put together. Aren’t they so happy and pretty?!

Here is the original Dollar store hack wreath making tutorial if you want to check it out!

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Happy fall and happy creating! =)


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