Make a Christmas Tree from License Plates

There are things we just love for no practical reason, such as … these old license plates!

Make an uniquely gorgeous Christmas Tree from up-cycled license plates!

In the back of my mind, I have always wondered what to do with my ruggedly charming bunch of  license plates, until a light bulb went up one day, when I was planning our Christmas decorations.

A license plate Christmas tree!!!


Oh, here’s a little gift: if you want this tree, but don’t have old license plates,  I have included free printables of these plates for you to download at the end, so you can even make a tree with card stock or cardboard!

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Just don’t use printable plates on your car, OK? 😉 

Remember all these unconventional DIY Christmas trees  last year?

Amazing DIY Alternative Christmas Trees

Of course I have to add my own contribution this time!


  • old license plates: You can findon Ebay such as these. Or make your own card stock plates with the free downloads at the end!
  • card stock: Every tree needs a star! I made our license plate star out of  card stock. No need for all the work and heartache to cut up the real plates!
  •  small picture hanging nails to hang the plates
  • LED fairy lights like these 33′ ones to light up our tree
license plates to make christmas tree
hammer, nails, and license plates

The “Christmas tree” you see here has 5 tiers, plus the “trunk” and the star. The height is about 5′ not including the star.

Measure and determine where the top plate should be. Start with the first plate: check that it’s level, mark the 2 holes at the top and hammer one nail for each hole.

Hang the plate, then start the next row.

Each row of license plates goes outside the row above

Each row of license plates goes outside the row above, and you may need longer nails as you get to the bottom rows.

finish the license plate christmas tree

Our tree came together in no time! Feel free to adjust where each plate is so the mix of colors are balanced.

make christmas star

To make the star, just print out the templates on card stock, glue the tabs together, and thread a piece of string or  fishing line at one of the tips to hang it.

add star to license plate christmas tree

The nails provide the perfect support for some gorgeous LED fairy lights !

LED lights on Christmas Tree from up-cycled license plates!
lighted license plate alternative Christmas tree

Now the free downloads: license plates are here , and license plate star is here . (If you have trouble, please send post link to friends so they can download and email to you!

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Happy dreaming! xo


  1. Thank you for the idea! My dad kept all of his old plates over the past 4o years. My sister and I were able to create this using his plates as a Christmas present this year topped with a Buick hubcap. It was so fun going down memory lane it and he had forgotten about those old plates and

  2. You KNOW I just died and went to junk Heaven, yes? This is so cool! Love that it can illuminate a little dark corner too. Searching for my own stash…

    Featured you on FB this weekend. Thanks for linking up, Ananda!

  3. I love this! Such a cool idea for apartments. Although I have the space for a big tree, I think i’ll add one of these babies to myhome office 🙂

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