Jungle Paradise – Fairchild Tropical Garden, Florida

apieceofrainbow15w (10)Originally this post was titled -Two Public Gardens In Florida. But after sorting through about 1000 photos, I have to let these 2 gardens each take its own spot light, because they are both so unique and stunning! Don’t you love this super cool green wall?

apieceofrainbow15w (3)Our first stop in the Travel Florida Series is the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden , an 83-acre botanic garden, with amazing collections of rare tropical plants. It’s like stepping into a magical rainforest with all the colors and shapes from wonderland!

apieceofrainbow15w (11)apieceofrainbow15w (12)And these glorious Chihuly glass art belongs perfectly here!

apieceofrainbow15w (2)

Orchids and Bromeliads growing in the branches of giant trees and on mossy rocks. apieceofrainbow15w (1)apieceofrainbow15w (9)apieceofrainbow15w (13)

Coconuts and some cool looking fruits (not sure if it’s edible)! And THE out-of-focus photo! There’s a butterfly pavillion with thousands of butterflies, like little fairies – impossible to photograph! Really, you have to experience how special it is in person!apieceofrainbow15w (7) apieceofrainbow15w (6)apieceofrainbow15w (8)

One of the most heartwarming moments occurred when we walked by this wishing vine tunnel.First I was just curious about what kind of wishes people have. As I read each wish, I was so moved by how beautiful and loving these wishes are – they are almost all for loved ones, and for a beautiful planet earth.  Like this one below, which was likely written by someone all the way from Japan-apieceofrainbow15w (4)apieceofrainbow15w (5)Shall we make a wish too? xo



  1. Hi Ananda!

    What a wonderful garden. The green wall is fantastic but like you, I’m so moved by the wishes, I’d spend so much time there reading them. Wow. It reminds me of a love wall dedicated to mothers during a Sydney festive. People of all walks of life would pin a love note of thanks to their mother, apparently you’d see grown me weeping at that wall writing and pinning their notes. Thanks for sharing this beautiful garden with us. Mel x

    • wow thank you mel for sharing such a beautiful experience! as humans we each have our own limitations, yet our human capacity to love is truly limitless… xo

  2. The Chihuly glass piece is amazing, actually he is amazing – wow, what an installation! I’ve been fortunate to see a couple of his exhibits.

    • yes, last time we saw them was at the desert botanical garden, they look especially amazing in unique landscapes!

  3. Gorgeous gardens and pictures! Could be an add for the gardens. The glass sculpture looks beautiful there! Did you make a wish!?

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