How to Make a Wreath : 25 Best Ideas & Tutorials

Ultimate guide on how to make a wreath: best ideas for spring to fall & Christmas decorations. Easy step by step tutorials & creative hacks!

When it comes to easy and beautiful DIY home decor, wreaths are some of my favorite things to make! We don’t need fancy tools or supplies to make beautiful wreath to decorate our front door. 

DIY Christmas ornament wreath

(Tutorial links to this pool noodle wreath and more in article below!) Nature offers so many wonderful and free materials. Even things in a recycle bin can be perfect materials for our Wreath making! 

In this detailed guide, we will explore how to make a wreath in any style to celebrate the seasons and holidays from spring flowers, fall harvest, to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! 

Essential Wreath making supplies

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The basic structure of a wreath is usually a wreath form with seasonal and decorative elements attached to it.  There are many creative variations we will be exploring throughout this guide. 

 how to make a wreath: best ideas for spring to fall & Christmas decorations. Easy step by step tutorials & creative DIY hacks!

The tools and supplies we use most often are: good quality hot glue and glue gun, hemp twine or jute twine which looks great with natural leaves and branches, clear beading cord or fishing line which is strong and almost invisible, floral wire ( a lot of times just simple colored paper clips will do the job) as starting points, and good quality hot glue

The classic wreath forms are wire frames, grapevine, foam or  straw wreaths. You can also make beautiful wreaths using dry cleaners hangers, old picture frames, or even cardboard cutouts! 

How to make a fresh Christmas wreath with a wire frame 

How to make a fresh Christmas wreath with a wire frame

When we think about wreaths, the first wreath that comes to mind is likely a timeless Christmas wreath, made from evergreens such as conifers, boxwood, holly, or eucalyptus, with accents such as colorful berries or pinecones.

DIY Christmas wreath with evergreens

This step by step tutorial with pictures or the video above will show you how to make a fresh Christmas wreath with a simple wire frame in less than an hour. 

How to use dry cleaners hangers to make a wire frame for wreath making

It is really easy to make a wire frame for wreath making. Take a dry cleaners hanger, and shape it around a bucket. It is free and only takes a minute!

use dry cleaners hangers to make a wire frame for wreath making

You can use this DIY wire frame to make lots of different wreaths.  For example, this beautiful DIY flower wreath using Dollar Store flowers, step by step tutorial here.

How to make wreaths without wreath forms

One of the best things about wreath making is that we can do it anytime anywhere, without special supplies! 

Cut a piece of cardboard to make magnolia wreath

Cut a piece of cardboard, gather some magnolia leaves, you will have this beautiful and free DIY magnolia wreath on your front door in an hour! 

Dollar store DIY wreath hack

Turn a dollar store laundry basket into a wreath making jig

Turn a dollar store laundry basket into a wreath making jig, and all you need to make a wreath are some garden trimmings and strings. Tutorial here!

Easy DIY herb wreath

Easy DIY herb wreath

You can use a food storage container to make a mini rosemary wreath, perfect for gifts and kitchen decor, tutorial here. 

Easy technique to make a burlap wreath for Christmas

picture frame DIY burlap Christmas wreath

Even a big monogram letter or an old picture frame can become a great look wreath form! Thrift store picture frame DIY burlap Christmas wreath tutorial here.

How to make grapevine wreaths

A grapevine wreath looks great on its own, and becomes a natural wreath form to create all kinds of new wreaths on – see next idea.

How to make grapevine wreaths

If you have garden vines such as grapes or honeysuckles, you can make your own grapevine wreaths easily following this tutorial.

How to make wreaths with fake flowers

When making a colorful faux flower wreath, a good tip is to keep the composition balanced and natural looking. 

How to make wreaths with fake flowers

You can learn more step by step tips and tricks in this tutorial on how to make a fall wreath using dollar store flowers on a grapevine wreath form.

How to make a wreath with flowers

 how to make a fresh flower Christmas wreath on floral foam

Fresh flower wreaths are stunning, although they last only 2-4 days. Here’s a tutorial and a video below on how to make a fresh flower Christmas wreath on floral foam to keep it last longer. 

DIY flower spring wreath tutorial

Dried flowers last much longer than fresh flowers. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a Hydrangea wreath using dried Hydrangeas, and a video tutorial below on how to dry Hydrangea flowers.

How to make a pine cone wreath 

A pine cone wreath is so full of natural beauty and farmhouse charm. Pine cones are so abundant in nature, and perfect for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations.

How to make a pine cone wreath

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to make a pine cone wreath on a wire frame easily for almost free, an elegant farmhouse decor piece for your front door!

Creative DIY Christmas wreath ideas 

diy Christmas wreaths with repurposed and recycled materials

Yes you can make gorgeous wreaths using just about anything from old sweaters, toilet rolls, to pop corns and marshmallows! Hard to believe? Check out these creative repurposed DIY wreaths here! 

Plastic bag DIY wreath for Chsristmas

make a Christmas candy cane wreath

This festive Christmas candy cane wreath is made from plastic bags in just 30 minutes, step by step tutorial here!

Make wreath with book pages on paper plate

DIY wreath made from old book pages and a paper plate

And don’t forget paper, the most versatile material to craft with! Here‘s a really creative DIY wreath made from old book pages and a paper plate!

Vintage farmhouse DIY paper wreath

old book wreath

Make this farmhouse style paper flower wreath from old book pages.

Easy DIY coffee filter wreath

DIY coffee filter wreaths

These DIY coffee filter wreaths are so fluffy and pretty! Video tutorials below, one using a straw form, the other a paper plate!

How to make a burlap wreath 

If you love farmhouse style, make a burlap wreath! You just need 2-3 rolls of burlap ribbons like these, and a wire frame.

How to make a burlap wreath

Follow the easy step by step video tutorial below.

You can also add seasonal embellishments to your burlap wreaths, like in this tutorial.

easy DIY burlap wreath

How to make wreaths with mesh or ribbons 

Deco poly mesh and ribbons come in so many colors which makes them great wreath making materials for special occasions such as July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! 

How to make wreaths with mesh or ribbons , here a sunflower wreath

You can even make mesh wreaths that look like sunflowers (tutorial here and video below ) or pumpkins with colorful deco mesh!

DIY Christmas ornament wreath on a pool noodle

Foam or straw wreaths are easy to work with. They are great as base material for arrangements, indoor and outdoor wreaths, and craft projects.

colorful large Christmas ornament wreath made with pool noodle

Let’s look at two DIY Christmas ornament wreaths! This one uses pool noodle foam ring as starting points, and good quality hot glue makes it fast and easy to attach the ornaments to the wreath forms.

Beautiful DIY Christmas ornament wreaths on straw wreath form

metallic gold DIY Christmas ornament wreaths

The second method uses straw wreaths as starting points. It’s a great idea especially because the color of straw will blend in nicely with the gold and silver ornaments! See video tutorial below.

How to transform a faux evergreen wreath into seasonal wreaths 

A faux green wreath like this boxwood wreath looks beautiful in any season. It’s also the perfect canvas to create seasonal wreaths with! 

easy to make Halloween wreaths , great crafts for kids

Add some faux or real flowers, it becomes a spring wreath. Add some lemons or oranges, it’s a California winter wreath. Add some monster eyes and teeth, or DIY toilet roll bats, now you have a Halloween wreath! Tutorial here.

Happy wreath making! Tag us on instagram @apieceofrainbow with your favorite DIY wreaths, we would love to see them! 


  1. These are all neat ideas, and they all seem so doable. A lot of craft projects can be intimidating, but these are not too overwhelming as far as complexity.

  2. This wreath guide is so helpful. I love crafting wreaths with my grand kids and we will be trying some new ideas here.

  3. thanx for researching all of these great ideas for us. I use the laundry basket hack a lot. Last year I took some silvery green WEEDS growing in my yard and made several gorgeous wreathes from them!

    • thank you Kathy! that was just such a random idea i had, and so many people liked it. now if only i could get random good idea more often! 🙂

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