Why this insanely cool DIY using wax paper will give you goosebumps!

You will be SO happy to discover this amazing technique,  and all the beautiful things you could make for your home and for gifts ! See the tutorial here!

See the step by step tutorial here!

This is one of my FAVORITE techniques! You can create art and designs on wood with wax paper. It’s SO easy, and no art skills needed! 🙂

adding beautiful vintage designs to wooden crates using image transfer to wood

See the tutorial here!

Make vintage orchard farm inspired pallet wood crate for almost free. Tutorial on transfer images to wood, plus recipe for home made furniture wax. - A Piece Of Rainbow

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  1. Can you do this on a piece of finished wood or painted wood? Or does it have to be sanded first? And then what do you spray as like a finishing spray some kind of clear varnish?

    • hi angela, this works best on unfinished wood because the wood is porous and absorbs the ink. i just used a natural wax , recipe is linked in tutorial. you can also buy wood finish wax. 🙂

  2. I’m refinishing a wooden art/architect table, and applying a light color pine finish. After I transfer the image onto the table, can I cover the image with a polyurethane? I’m not sure the bees wax polish will protect the table enough to continue using it as an art table. Or, after I apply the bees wax polish, could I apply polyurethane? What are your thoughts and experience?

    Also, if you mess up an image because you used too much water or not enough, is it easy to remove it from your project so you can start again? If so, what method do you use to clear it off so you can start fresh?

    • hi karie, you can remove mistakes with a light sanding. i haven’t tried polyurethane, i would test it on a small scrap piece to make sure the ink does not bleed, then you should be fine without using bees wax!

  3. Will this still work if I stain the wood first? I just finished a retro bench and wanted to put some designs on the wooden slats at the top of the seat, this would be perfect!

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