18 Creative DIY Glass Bottle Decor & Craft Ideas

I love glass bottle craft ideas! There are so many thing you can do with old glass bottles and recycled glass jars!

Today let’s explore some creative ideas to re-use glass bottles and jars to create decorations, gifts, and functional things for our home and garden!

Here are some GREAT tutorials on how to transform old glass bottles into home decor, small planters, lighting, garden decor, and more! Some of these would make great gifts as well!

1. Make a glass bottle tree as magical garden decorations

Make a glass bottle tree as magical garden decorations

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Imagine how beautiful this DIY bottle tree looks when the sunlight shines through?! Use rot resistant 4×4 posts such as cedar or redwood with 8″ long nails or rebars. You can also purchase a bottle tree frame like this . ( Via Penick )

2. Recycled wine bottle self-watering planters

Recycled wine bottle self-watering planters

Don’t you love creative DIY ideas like this? The secret is to use a good bottle cutter like this, and you will be creating so many crafts with old glass bottles! (from Design Sponge)

3. Glass jar terrarium craft ideas

Check out our tutorial on how to make something beautiful from old glass cookie jars you can easily find in thrift stores!

4. “Stained glass” wall made from recycled glass bottles and cans

"Stained glass" wall made from recycled glass bottles and cans

When we stayed at an Earthship, these stunning “stained glass” bottle walls had everybody go gaga! (see it at A Piece Of Rainbow)

5. Hanging mason jar lights

Hanging mason jar lights

Simple and beautiful mason jar ideas perfect for farmhouse and holiday decorations! ( from All things Heart and Home | Robin )

6. Mason jar oil candles

Make gorgeous oil lamp from mason jars and glass bottles. Safer than candles, it takes only 2 minutes to make

Make DIY oil candles beautiful enough for weddings, with just a few things found around your home! (see tutorial here)

7. DIY Mason jar soap dispenser

DIY Mason jar soap dispenser

Two up-cycle ideas in one project: use super glue to glue a soap bottle pump on a mason jar lid to make a charming soap dispenser! (from SheKnows)

8. Recycled glass bottle tiki torch

Recycled glass bottle tiki torch

This DIY wine bottle tiki torch would add lots of style to your outdoor party gatherings! ( from Design Sponge )

9. Recycled glass bottle garden edging

Recycled glass bottle garden edging
blue glass bottle garden edging

A playful and magical idea for DIY garden decorations! Check them out here and here .

10. Up-cycled glass bottle wall

Up-cycled glass bottle wall

125 old glass bottles became a unique screen wall! (from Joanne )

11. Thrift store glass vase to paper flower lanterns

Thrift store glass vase to paper flower lanterns

You can use and vase or drinking glass with straight sides to make this project. Some readers told me that they made these flower lanterns for their weddings! 🙂

12. Glass jar pin cushions

Glass jar pin cushions

A gift that will make your sewing friends oh-sew-happy! (from Seasoned Home Maker )

13. DIY mason jar pendant lamp

DIY mason jar pendant lamp

Mason jar pendant light is easy to make. Use tinted mason jars for a beach inspired room! (from A Beach Cottage )

Love mason jar lights? Check out these 25 fabulous DIY mason jar light ideas!

DIY mason jar lights: 25 best tutorials on making beautiful pendants & lanterns and choosing quality kits, supplies to make them safe and long lasting! A Piece Of Rainbow

14. Glass bottle garden markers

Glass bottle garden markers

How darling are these unique garden labels made by Cortney? And you will learn how to use glass paint! ( from Cortney )

15. Snowy mason jar decorations

snowy DIY mason jar centerpieces with candles

I love saving empty mason jars, pickle jars, jam jars… These beautiful and easy these DIY snowy mason jar decorations takes only 5 minutes to make!

16. Glass bottle craft room storage ideas

Glass bottle craft room storage ideas

Don’t you love easy and attractive craft room storage ideas like these? You can find just the mason jar lids with holes and use them for yarn or ribbon storage! ( Via 36th Avenue and PG Everyday )

17. Gratitude turkey jar Thanksgiving crafts and decorations

Gratitude turkey jar  Thanksgiving crafts and  decorations

The sweetest way to say thank you : fill a jar with favorite candy, and add thank-you feathers! (by Esther )

18. Farmhouse glass bottle lamp

Farmhouse glass bottle lamp

Such a gorgeous Pottery Barn and farmhouse style DIY lamp by Jeannine!

Happy creating! See you soon!


  1. This has been a true enlightenment. Truly love stainglass of most kinds. Large, small; must have. My new apartment is upper wall to wall window
    Will give a try at something. Thankyou for your opportunity to do one’s own. Much better than bought when of this nature. A challenge yes but will do..!!! Tks

  2. I love the look of the blue bottles. What product do they come from? I would like to make the borders and the glass tree.

  3. Hi Ananda: Excellent question from Matt. Im Angel Karell from Vv Windows we are a Impact Windows Company based in Miami and we are looking ideas to recycle some piece of glass. We delivery pieces of glass to student of magnet school. They are creating beautiful lamps from small pieces of glass and other ornament. Yes, very inspirational your words “where one man’s “waste” becomes another man’s treasure” Thank your for this post. Angel

  4. Hello Ananda.
    You are very creative. Congratulation. We are Windows and Doors company in Florida but we have a lot of waste material, piece of glass, aluminum bars, etc I think this is reusable. Any industrial experience?

    • hi matt, great question and it is wonderful you are thinking about that! i don’t have industrial experience, but there are more and more places where one man’s “waste” becomes another man’s treasure. i would reach out to habitat for humanity, and artists groups where people create with metal and glass. =)

  5. Such lovely ideas! My sister and I are now renovating our mother’s house and there are tons of old glassware in the basement that need to be thrown out, or better reused. There are so great ideas her, that would work great for us and our old glass. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. I love the spark of creation seen here. It makes me wonder about all the different combinations that can be done, and how I could use one of these ideas for my cafe. I’m looking for something unique to add to my building and glass just happens to be something that can add flair to space. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas.

  7. you always have the best craft ideas on your blog and we’re so thrilled & honored that you had one of ours listed. thanks os much ananda! 🙂 we love mason jars and always have tons of them lying around our house. i love all these ideas.

  8. These are all so dang creative and CUTE!!!! If I only had an inch of creativity like the ones posted here- oofta I would be a decorating woman! Thanks for sharing these- I love anything with mason jars!

    • look right inside of u think of something you luv imagine how beautiful it could be. take a pen and paper begin to sketch no matter bad it is, that is the beauty and fun in sketching. then gather materials suitable for your work and start attach one poece to the other as u want it to be and wow u are a genius…a creative genius…so my creativity lies in you look inward and outward will be amazed at your results. NO MAN…NO MAN IS BORN A GENIUS…A CREATIVE GENIUS …IT ALL START WITH ONE LINE JOINED TO THE OTHER IN OUR MIND…GREAT WORKS GUYS I LOVE U ALL I LOVE THIS BLOG AND ITS WORKS.
      sign out: McVin

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