Colorful Mixed Pots Flower Gardening with 30+ Plant Lists!

Colorful flower gardening in beautiful mixed pots & planters! Here are 30+ best designer plant lists & combinations for easy sun & shade container garden planting.

Spring fever has arrived, and it’s time to talk about flower gardening again! Get your note book ready, because we have a plant list for each of these gorgeous flower pots you will see here!

One of the key things to successful flower gardening is to give the plants their required sun or shade exposures. This group of flower plants are great for sunny locations. 

Colorful flower gardening in beautiful mixed pots & planters! Here are 30+ best designer plant lists & combinations for easy sun & shade container garden planting.

If you are looking for shade planting ideas, here is a group of colorful shade loving plants with container planting lists!

Now let’s explore some beautiful flower garden planter designs and plant lists!

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Design tip 1 : Mix colors and textures in container flower gardening.

The first two examples are great inspirations on how to create an exuberant display with a mix of flower colors, heights, and textures.

bright color flower gardening with designer plant lists & combinations for easy sun & shade containers

Plant list 1: Pink Mandevilla, Coleus, pink and lavender Petunia, yellow Calibrachoa. This combo is also great for half day sun. ( Source: Botanical Blitz )

Colorful flower container garden

Plant list 2:  Pink Pelargonium peltatum / Ivy Geraniums, mixed color Calibrachoa,  Sweet Potato Vine ( Source: Butchard Gardens )

Like mentioned earlier, the plants covered in this article are great for sunny locations.  Need ideas for shade? Here is a group of colorful shade loving plants with container planting lists!

How to create beautiful shade garden pots using easy to grow plants
Colorful shade loving plants with container planting lists!

Design tip 2: Use cottage and country style flower gardening plants

If you love flower gardening, you most likely have seen these charming and timeless plants such as Hydrangeas, Geraniums, Pansies, etc, used often in cottage, farmhouse, and country style gardens.

country style flower container gardening

Plant list 3:  Pink Pelargonium / Geranium, blue Pansy, Lysimachia ‘Goldilocks’ / Creeping Jenny. ( via Debora Silver )

cottage garden flowers

Plant list 4: Perilla , Pink Pelargonium / Geranium, light pink Angelonia, Diascia / Twinspur . ( Source )

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Propagate Hydrangea cuttings in 2 easy steps
How to propagate your favorite Hydrangea plants easily!

Design tip 3: Choose beautiful planters for container gardens.

There are so many types of garden containers from urns, glazed pots, to wood or terra cotta planters. When space allows, a large and stylish planter filled with flower plants can become such a gorgeous focal point!

pink and red flowers in urn planter

Plant list 5:  Variegated Ginger, pink Calibrachoa,  Sweet Potato Vine ( Source:  Garden Diaries  )

flower gardening in beautiful mixed pots & planters

Plant list 6:  Dracaena, Pink and red Pelargonium / Geraniums, purple Verbena, Lysimachia ‘Goldilocks’ ( Source: Tundra Monkey Gardening )

tall planter with trailing plants

Plant list 7: Coleus, Fountain Grass ( or other grassy form plant) , orange Calibrachoa, Sweet Potato Vine, Sedum rupestre ‘Silver’. ( Source: Flicker )

 flower gardening in urn planter with blue and white flowers

Plant list 8: Isotoma axillaris ‘Blue Star’ / Blue Star Flower, white Petunia, Lysimachia ‘Goldilocks’, Sweet Potato Vine. ( Source:  Garden Diaries  )

Design tip 4: Mix dramatic foliage with flower plants.

To create a beautiful flower garden, you don’t need 100% flowers. Look at these striking foliage plants!

beautiful mixed planter pot

Plant list 9: Canna ‘Variegated Pretoria’, white Caladium. (Source: Longfield gardens )

flower gardening in beautiful mixed pots & planters with designer plant lists & combinations

Plant list 10: (1) Tropicanna® Black cannas, (2) Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’, (3) Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’, (4) Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’, (5) Plectranthus ‘Lemon Twist’, (6) Ipomoea ‘Sweet Caroline Purple’, (7) Calibrachoa ‘Callie Orange’, (8) Ipomoea ‘Sweetheart Purple’ and (9) Coleus ‘Sky Fire’. (Source: flicker )

beautiful landscape design with flower gardening in urn pot

Plant list 11: Cordyline fruticosa ( Ti Plant ), Pink Mandevilla, yellow Hiboscus, mixed color Calibrachoa, Sweet Potato Vine ( Source )

tropical plants in mixed garden pot by pool

Plant list 12: Giant Bird of Paradise, red Gerbera daisy,  Caladium ‘Yellow Blossom’, Red stem Pilea (Source )

Design tip 5: Use grouped containers in a flower garden.

Use a group of 3 containers with similar looks but different sizes to create a balanced and natural look.

group of 3 blue pots in different sizes with colorful flowers on patio

Plant list 13: Mixed color Snapdragon, Salvia argentea, pink Petunia, Sedum (Source )

3 flower planters with pink and yellow flowers on porch

Plant list 14: Mixed color Zinnia, white Snapdragon, Caladium, mixed color Calibrachoa, Lobelia, Lysimachia ‘Goldilocks’, Variegated Plectranthus. (Source )

Container flower plant lists 15 – 38:

24 more colorful container garden plantings with plant list for each! 

24 stunning container garden designs with plant list for each and lots of inspirations! Learn the designer secrets to these beautiful planting recipes. - A Piece Of Rainbow

24 more colorful container garden plantings with plant list for each! 

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Happy flower gardening! 🙂


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