The Fastest & Easiest DIY Gift Bags from Gift Wrap or Any Paper {in 2 Minutes!}

The FASTEST, easiest way to make DIY gift bags of all sizes for holiday, Christmas, & birthday, from gift wrap, brown paper bag or any paper!

Remember all those times when we wished there was a gift bag handy for a spontaneous moment of gift giving? This FASTEST, never-seen-before way to make gift bags of all sizes, from gift wrap or any paper is the perfect hack for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day etc!

diy gift bag from wrapping paper with pink ribbon handle

No math needed, it’s a totally fool proof  way to make gift bags of all sizes from gift wrap or any paper! The secret: using a box as a guide!

With this simple hack, even if you think you are hopelessly clumsy,  you can sneak away from your guests for just 5 minutes and emerge with a gift inside a gift bag you just made!

The only materials you will need are paper such as gift wrapping paper,  very inexpensive brown kraft paper here ,  or white kraft paper . You will also need some clear scotch tape or glue sticks, paper cutter, or scissors.

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Step 1: gather some paper and cardboard boxes to make gift bags

 paper and cardboard boxes to make gift bags

To make our gift bags, we will need a cardboard box, or anything in a similar shape, such as a thick book, wooden block, etc. Just make sure it’s big enough for your gift to fit inside.

Now it’s the perfect opportunity to re-use some gift wrapping paper, or any paper.

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Step 2: make gift bags using recycled gift wrapping paper or other paper

Take a piece long enough to wrap around the box, or join 2 pieces together with tape.

step by step tutorial to make gift bags using recycled gift wrapping paper or other paper

1 . fold the top edge for a clean finished look, and to provide more support for the handles.

2. & 3. Wrap the paper around the box, tape at the end, and press along the 4 sides so the edges are more defines.

4. & 5. Fold and wrap the bottom portion like how you would wrap a gift box, secure bottom of the bag with clear tape.

6. Slide the “gift bag” out of the box frame.

Step 3: add handles to DIY paper gift bags

See how fast this is? A couple of handles are all we need to finish this gift bag.

add handles to DIY paper gift bags
handmade paper gift bag

The handles can be made out of ribbons, paper, rope, or even scrap fabrics!

For the first bag, I played with twisting 2 pieces of tissue paper into a paper rope and gluing them onto the bag.

easy and fast DIY paper gift bag

Striped paper drawstring handles! Who wouldn’t love that?

 another gift bag idea made with different paper and bag handles.

Here is another gift bag idea made with different paper and bag handles.

As you can see the box is a different shape.

DIY paper gift bag step by step

The handles are made with ribbons. Just use a craft hole punch to punch a couple of holes on each side of the bag, and tie a knot on the outside and inside to hold the ribbon in place.

pretty DIY gift bag made from gift wrapping paper

The method would also work great using old maps,  very inexpensive brown kraft paper ,  or white kraft paper , etc. You can also add a cute gift tag on the handle of the DIY gift bag.

how to make gift bags of all sizes, from gift wrap or any paper!

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little Christmas trees on brown paper DIY Christmas gift wrapping

These snow covered pine cones are super easy to make, tutorial here.

winter wonderland wedding style white DIY snow covered pine cones & branches

Make gorgeous vintage inspired crates from pallets! Perfect for gifts!

Make a charging station from pallet scrap wood, and clear up the clutter on your table or desk! Plus some gorgeous vintage crate labels as a free download!

Happy creating! xo


  1. This is by far the simplest and fastest method I’ve seen. And I’ve watched a LOT of YouTube videos. Brilliant!

  2. Great tutorial. For several years, I saved my cereal boxes and smaller boxes, too. I basically wrapped the bottom of the box as a gift, then folded paper down inside the leveled off top. Punched holes in the top. Added ribbon or fat yarn strings. Nested 3 boxes together, then made a small container with a covered toilet paper tube with the ends folded in to make a pillow box. I used the same or coordinating papers and added tags made from used Christmas cards, They sold well at our church bazaar.

  3. Appreciated !!

    Am surprised to see these ideas. i always love to create by own gift boxes
    Keep continue this amazing work.


  4. That’s a great idea and just what we need since we don’t have time to go out and get more gift bags!

  5. Love your bag making idea!!! I am so going to do this for this Christmas wrapping session!! I also have looked and been inspired by many of your other posts…you are so creative!! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Christmas!🎄🎄

  6. Well you have shared such an amazing bags . You creativity really impress me . I will use this idea on Christmas. Visuals are helpful to understand easily. Thanks for sharing with us .


  7. I must be the only person that does not understand the bag project…in the photo it shows the box on the paper at an angle…..this appears twice… then when one places the box on the paper how should it be…on angle or straight…..before i drag out all the junk to do the project and add to my crackhorders house…..this is how I refer to all the mess and I may to start calling my house the scene of the crime….sooooooo if someone would please get back to me …before I go to Dollar Tree ………….Thanks MaryKay

    • hi mary! the box is to act like a form so the paper can be folded into a gift bag shape. it is straight, but can be diagonal as long as you get a hollow bag shape. hope that helps! 🙂

  8. Such a smart idea! I have all kinds of paper laying around I can definitely repurpose into some bags for the holidays! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post!

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