5 Minute DIY Snow Frosted Mason Jar Decorations {Magical!}

Introducing our new favorite winter and Christmas DIY: snow frosted mason jar decorations!

Don’t be intimidated by their beautiful looks! These DIY snow frosted Christmas mason jar decorations are practically free, and incredibly fast and easy to make.  Can you imagine how beautiful they would look on a table, shelf , or fireplace mantel?

You can use them as Thanksgiving  and Christmas decorations, or as gorgeous winter wedding centerpieces. They are also lovely gifts and party favors.

It’s such a wonderful Christmas mason jar craft for kids and the whole family. You will never guess how easy it is to make the dreamy snowy look!

Materials and tools to make snow frosted mason jar decorations:

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The “snow” is something you already have, see Step 1 for the secret! 🙂

You will also need some natural or artificial elements such as pine cones, berries, and conifer cuttings. They are easy to gather on a nature walk.

Check out the DIY snow frosted mason jar decorations video tutorial below, or skip to step by step written tutorial.

Step 1: add snow to the mason jars

In this version I wanted to create some contrast with the snow frosted jars, so the top rim of each jar and the embellishments are not covered with snow.

The key to success here is to work quickly so you can apply the “snow” before the glue starts to dry.

Coat the outside surface of the mason jar with a generous coat of glue or Mod Podge, so there are no dry spots, and no dripping glue either.

Ready for the secret? The snow is in your kitchen! You can use regular salt or kosher salt. We used Morton Coarse Kosher Salt here because the larger flakes look beautiful as snow.

Take a handful of salt, sprinkle onto the glue coated surface as you rotate the jar. Don’t touch the glue and salt coated surface.

When you finish, set aside to dry. It will take only 10-20 minutes in a warm place. Once the jars are dried, gently brush off the excess salt on the surface, you will still have plenty left firmly glued to the jar.

Thanks to our reader Lisa who shared her great tip with us: “I’ve made these and they are so easy and pretty. I always spray the jars with a clear acrylic spray at the end to lock in the salt and they last for years with no salt loss.”

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Step 2: add embellishments to your DIY snow frosted mason jar decorations

Warp some twine around the rim of each jar. This provides a good spot to glue the embellishments.

I found it much easier to tie sprigs of berries and /or conifer cuttings into a bundle with hemp or jute twine first, then glue the bundle to the twine wrapped around the rim of the jars.

Step 3: add string lights or candles

Our DIY snow frosted mason jar decorations are looking beautiful already, but when you add lights to them, they become extra enchanting and magical !

To light them up at night, you can use battery powered LED fairy string lights or real white votive candles.

These LED candles are great too. At 1.5″ diameter, they would fit inside most glass jar openings

We used these battery powered LED fairy string lightsThey are great because the tiny battery units are almost invisible inside the jars. Just turn on each one and drop it into the jar.

I could totally see these elegant pine cone and greens snowy mason jar decorations as gorgeous winter wedding centerpieces,  or farmhouse style decorations for everyday magic.

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The frosted mason jars with red berries are so festive, perfect for Thanksgiving  and Christmas decorations. You can also use faux greens and berries.

The fresh greens will last for weeks if you use cedar or cypress. The fresh berries will look great for 1-2 weeks depending on the species. Holly berries can for last quite a while.

Here’s another easy and beautiful DIY mason jar light: no candles needed, just a magic wick!

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Happy creating! See you soon!


  1. If you live in a area where there can be a very damp atmosphere the salt “snow” coating does not work at all – try keeping a salt cellar in running conditions in our area! The coating. . will dampen and run off very quickly indeed. Have done this kind of project very satisfactorily using finely grated foam packaging beads instead.

  2. For those wanting to decorate the inside of the jar, DO NOT use a real candle in them! Use battery lights ony to avoid a fire hazard.

  3. I’ve made these and they are so easy and pretty.

    I always spray the jars with a clear acrylic at the end to lock in the salt and they last for years with no salt loss.

    Thanks for your tutorial. Your jars are beautiful.

  4. Could I just stay the inside of the jar with fake snow spray? I’m doing this project with senior’s and I want to make it easy as possible.

  5. I have an idea that may work for preserving them for reusing. If you have a vaccum food storage machine you could try stuffing the jar with white tissue paper then wrapping it with it also. (the kind you use for presents. Then place in the storage bag leaving lots of extra at the top for reusing/resealing for years to come and vaccum seal it shut. I would think that the absence of air and moisture would protect them for many years. I have not tried this but it just made sense to me. I would do the same with the ornaments/gift tags. Also, store them in a safe dry place such as a plastic storage container.
    I love, love, love, all of your posts and your creativity. When they arrive in my inbox I can’t wait to read them!

    • hi Laura! thank you SO much for your kind words and for sharing these great ideas! 🙂 i think a ziploc bag may also work well. we have almost no storage in our current house, so i just recycle or donate most of our seasonal decor, and try new ideas every year!

    • I have done these before but had trouble with stuff falling off. I read someplace to spray with a cheap hairspray. It worked. It seals the glitter and Epson salt.

  6. Just made these and love how easy and beautiful they are! Thank you for the great tutorial. I look forward to trying more of your DIY ideas!

  7. Can these be stored when the season is over and be good to go for the next Thanksgiving and Christmas months, or is this only good for the he one season then wash and redo?

  8. Hey probably a silly question but I have just started making candles, could you fill the jars with wax with the snow on the outside?

  9. What kind of jar is the smallest jar? I like the curve that it has to it… Do you know what kind of jar that is?

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