DIY No Bake Sharpie Art Bowls

Today’s DIY Sharpie art bowls are kind of instant gratifications for you and me. We are going to pretend that we are ceramic artists, and create our own hand painted designs with… a blue Sharpie marker!

Are you in love with hand painted ceramics as much as I do? And secretly wish you have a whole shelf of glazes and ceramic paints and a kiln? I know how that feels! 😉 Let’s make our own designs with some sharpie art!

There are three video tutorials to walk you step by step to create each of the three Sharpie art bowls.

white ceramic bowls
Have you seen how many Sharpie mugs on Pinterest that suggest you to bake them at 250 to 450F degrees? Please don’t do it!!

I will share at the end why you should NOT bake your DIY Sharpie art bowls or mugs, etc, and what to do instead.

No-Bake-Sharpie-Bowls-apieceofrainbow (13)

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Materials and tools for DIY Sharpie art bowls:

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

drawing with sharpie on white bowls

Although the sealer and Sharpie makers are non-toxic,  if you intend to drink or eat out of these bowls or mugs, please follow this guideline from Sharpies website:”While Sharpie markers are AP-certified non-toxic, we do not recommend using them on areas of items that may come in contact with food or the mouth, such as the rim of a coffee cup.

I am using these DIY sharpie art bowls for things such as candies, fruits and botanicals, such as our lovely indoor plants that are grown in water, see this tutorial for more details!

The easiest and most foolproof way to grow indoor plants in glass bottles and water. 10 beautiful plants for an easy-care indoor garden and clean air! - A Piece Of Rainbow

Let’s start with the easiest DIY Sharpie art bowls of the three designs!

It’s a fish-scale pattern that you see in a lot of traditional designs from many parts of the world.

Start at the bottom, keep drawing rows of the fish-scale until you reach the top rim.

beautiful Anthropologie style designs on Thrift store bowls with sharpie art

Add decorative details on each piece of the “scales”.

Simple repetitions can create such pretty patterns, and it is so relaxing to doodle away.

No-Bake-Sharpie-Bowls-apieceofrainbow (5)

Below is the video, let’s doodle together! ( It also shows what to do if you “mess up”.)

2. DIY Sharpie art bowls with tulip flower designs.

No-Bake-Sharpie-Bowls-apieceofrainbow (8)

This one is really easy and has a folk art feel to the designs. Below is the video tutorial:

No-Bake-Sharpie-Bowls-apieceofrainbow (16)

Start by placing the eight stems evenly around the bowl.

Draw the tulip flowers and leaves. Add details with simple lines and dots. Dots are fun, aren’t they?

creating No bake Sharpie art bowls

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paint watercolor flowers-a piece of rainbow blog

3. DIY Sharpie Art Bowls with a toss pattern!

This design is a “toss pattern”, like how a huge bouquet of flowers are tossed in the air and land randomly to create a natural looking pattern.

The key here is to make everything look natural. Try to vary the directions of the stems and fill the entire surface with flowers and leaves.

Thrift store bowls get DIY beautiful Anthropologie style designs!

This one is a tiny bit more challenging than the first two bowls. Just remember: it is easy to wipe out the “mistakes”!

Below is the video tutorial –

Let these bowls dry for 1-2 days.Take a foam brush and brush a thin coat of  Gloss finish Mod Podge or any kind of clear sealer for ceramics.

Create beautiful hand drawn designs on white bowls or mugs using a Sharpie marker. Detailed video tutorials! No bake, try this better finishing method! - A Piece Of Rainbow

I have used Martha Stewart Decoupage Formula which is a non-toxic sealer, dishwasher safe after 28 days of curing. The Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Sealer works the same.

The key is to quickly and gently put the first thin coat on, and do not go over an area back and forth with pressure. This will cause the designs to bleed. After the first coat dries, you can add 1-2 coats without the danger of smudging. The Gloss finish Mod Podge is the most forgiving of the three when it comes to smudging.

No-Bake-Sharpie-Bowls-apieceofrainbow (18)

Now let’s talk about 3 reasons why you should NOT bake your Sharpie mugs, bowls, and other ceramic creations:

  1. Sharpie markers, both oil based and regular, are NOT designed to be baked. If they were, I am sure we would find some mentions on their official website. Many of the colors change to yucky tones when baked at over 300 degrees!  There are ceramic paints that are formulated to be baked and the colors come out vibrant and true.
  2. Baking does not incorporate Sharpie colors into the glaze. Sharpie designs come off with hard scrubbing  no matter we bake it or not. Ceramic glazes are fired at much higher temperatures than our home ovens can reach. Think about it: any chance your pies and casseroles have incorporated ceramic glaze in them?
  3. Because of reasons 1 and 2, baking your Sharpie creations is a waste of electricity, or any type of fuel.
No-Bake-Sharpie-Bowls-apieceofrainbow (1)

The best way to clean your Sharpie ceramics is to gently wash them with a soft sponge and dish soap. They will stay gorgeous for a long time!

a better finishing secret for DIY beautiful No bake Sharpie art bowls

You may also love: Anthropologie style watercolor flower DIY sharpie mugs!

sharpie mugs DIY

Anthropologie style watercolor flower DIY sharpie mugs!

Happy creating! =)


  1. Absolutely love these bowls and the idea
    Of doing the designs on mugs. I have seen cute little white dishes that could be used a candy bowls or sugar bowls that could be decorated in themes to match kitchens as well. Can’t wait to buy a set of colourful sharpies and give this project a try!!

  2. If you frequently work on arts and crafts projects, you’ve probably used or are at least familiar with Mod Podge. It is a multifunctional substance that may be used as a glue, finishing compound, and sealer. When you are satisfied with your Sharpie design, use a soft bristle brush to apply Mod Podge over it. Then, let it dry for 1 to 2 hours.

  3. Love this post. My daughter made a coffee mug for me and used the bake method. First time I washed it I discovered it began to wash away. I away currently working on an outdoor project on vinyl and would like to use sharpies. I wonder if you have had any experience in using a spray on polyurethane for better outdoor durability?

  4. Beautiful project, can’t wait to acquire more white pieces to my collection so I can add my personal spin to them. Thanks for the inspiration and the oh so relaxing video tutorial.

  5. Love your designs & thank you for posting an alternate to baking.

    I tried this method with a wide mouthed mug. I used oil-based Sharpies, let it dry for about a week, then softly applied a coat of dishwasher safe modge podge, and it started dissolving the black sharpie away…I had to completely erase an entire part, it looked so bad. I’m not sure what I should do next, or what I did wrong.

    Any feedback or thoughts? Thank you!

    • Hi kelcy, i used regular sharpie, i wonder if oil based is the reason? i packed all my supplies because we are moving, will test it in a few weeks and let you know! 🙂

      • Hi. I just wondered what you found out about this particular problem. I made the cutest mug for my boyfriend and when I put on the dishwasher safe mod podge a lot of it rubbed off. ? I am so sad. It wasn’t quite a week but close. What can I do? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

        • hi melissa, you can use a scrub sponge and rub it all off and redo it =(
          use regular instead of oil markers, and put a thin coat of mod podge, don’t go over it too much, let dry, and put a couple more coats on. good luck! =)

  6. Thank you so much for the advise on why not to bake Sharpie creations. All my hard work has been washed off and the colours came out really weird after baking. With your wisdom I shall keep on trying! Sealing the end product seems to be the way to go.

  7. I have 6 grandsons that will be making these to give as Christmas gifts to family and friends or make their own personalized hot chocolate mug and cereal bowl. But what do you mean by it has to cure? Everything else made sense to me but don’t know how to “cure” the dish.

  8. Always you are an artist Ananda…Your drawing is so nice…An it’s so nice what you create…
    Take care of you and tenderness for you and all your family…

  9. About how long do you have to wait for the sharpie to dry enough to handle without smudging? The videos are time-lapsed so it is hard to tell.

  10. It is one thing when the person with the Sharpie has some artistic talent, but I can see mine on one of those Pinterest Fails sites.

    These are very pretty and I now regret throwing out all my plain white kitchen pulls I replaced as soon as we bought our house. Maybe I could have done something small.

  11. I LOVE hand painted, or should I say “sharpied” ceramics. I don’t consider myself that great of a drawer, but some of these patterns look simple enough to tackle..and super cute still too!

  12. These are really cute! I’ve seen so many different takes on how to get the Sharpie to stay, but this seems like a really good method!

  13. So, baking sharpie ceramics is essentially useless? I was always a bit skeptical about the whole baking thing, but that totally makes sense. Those bowls are SOOOOOO cute-I need to make a few of these. Thanks for sharing <3

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