DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Hanging Pen Holder

apieceofrainbow-r2Today I am thrilled to be guest posting at the fabulous again on a project I love!

If you are like me, who can never have enough room on a desk, then this is for you! It’s a simple and easy diy that not only helps to reduce clutter on your desk, but also adds a unique piece of modern decor on your wall!

apieceofrainbow-r2 (8)If you are super organized, unlike me, you can use it on your desk or as a book end!

The brilliant idea of making a wall hanging pen holder came from my dear hubby.It’s made with a piece of reclaimed cedar fence post!

And of course, I am also sharing my favorite part – some diy failures!! Check out the full tutorial at Remodelaholic, and see how a failure is always a stepping stone to a success!

Before you go, you may love to check out other fun DIY ideas for your wall, like this wall cabinet with open shelvesapieceofrainbow21b (12)

Or, this simple Birch Forest Shadow Box made with paper! apieceofrainbow33 (1)


  1. your diy projects are always so pretty!! 🙂 i said i would be trying 12 diy projects this year.. but sadly i’m at 1.. i’ll have to bookmark these for december. haha

  2. I love love love that paper shadow frame wall art. And the DIY shelving is also really nifty. Thanks for sharing. Those are some really simple fun ideas

  3. Love that little pencil holder! I’m getting ready to decorate my brand new craft room, and I want to do it in thos e same colors–this DIY project will definitely have to happen! 🙂

  4. This is fabulous, I could do with one of these as I always put pens in a miniature bucket I have but they always go missing. I love your DIYs, you’re so creative, it’s wonderful.

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