Ready for a Splash? 32 DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

32 beautiful DIY outdoor shower ideas: creative designs & plans on how to build easy garden shower enclosures with best budget friendly kits & fixtures!

How to live summer to the fullest? Add a shower outside! Have you see those beautiful open air teak outdoor showers surrounded by lush greenery in luxury tropical resorts from Hawaii to Bali? You can recreate such a happy oasis experience in your own garden!

beautiful DIY outdoor shower ideas: creative designs & plans on how to build easy garden shower enclosures with best budget friendly kits & fixtures!

Today I am super excited to share with you 32 of my favorite DIY outdoor shower ideas! For more, here are 52 Best landscaping ideas & designs for front & backyard garden.

A garden shower is not only a great feature in your landscape design, it is also good for our planet!  When we use bio-degradable soaps like these to shower, we can let all the water soak into the garden and water the plants. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap is one of my favorite!

Let’s start with the most simple outdoor showers that you can create in less than 1 hour!

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1. Easy instant garden shower

old tree and a hose as shower fixtures, and a tower ladder

An old tree and a garden hose as shower fixtures, and a rustic tower ladder, life is perfect. (Source: 1 )

2. Hula Hoop DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

Hula Hoop DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

If you want a simple and charming outdoor shower privacy enclosure, take a large hula hoop like these 36″ ones, attach a pretty shower curtain to it and hook it on a tree branch! ( Original source lost, please let us know if you find it )

3. Creative Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Creative Outdoor Shower Fixtures using cans

We will look at lots of open-air shower fixtures, let’s first start with some very creative ideas! You can make a shower head from a soda can or beer can: extra cool for this California summer backyard! (Source: 3 )

4. Designs inspired by Solar & Camping Showers

Outdoor camping showers offer lots of simple and practical design ideas we can use to build super easy outdoor showers in our backyard.

Solar & Camping Showers

kids would love this playful and whimsical garden shower made from a watering can or a bucket with tiny holes drilled through the bottom. They can be mounted on a wall or fence using a large L-shaped shelf bracket . ( Source:  4 and DIY solar shower video tutorial above.)

5. Smart Portable Outdoor Shower Kit

Smart Portable Outdoor Shower Kit

The fun portable shower with rechargeable pump (find them here ) that plugs into car adapter or computer via usb, can transforms a bucket of water into instant shower stream!

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6. Easy Outdoor Shower Building Plan

Corrugated galvanized metal DIY outdoor shower plans

Corrugated galvanized metal panels are inexpensive, and rust resistant. Bolted to wood frames, they make great looking shower enclosures. There is also a great detailed tutorial on simple plumbing! ( Source )

7. Wood Shower Enclosure Ideas

Wood Outdoor Shower Enclosure Ideas
how to build a wood platform for a garden shower

A garden shower next to a house should have good drainage. Here‘s a tutorial on how to build a wood platform for a garden shower.

8. Wood slats DIY Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Wood slats DIY Outdoor Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure can be as simple as a wooden panel. Pallets are great options! ( Source: 8 )

If you are wondering where to find pallets, or how to take them apart, here’s an info-packed article all about pallets!

All about Pallets

9. One Panel Outdoor Shower Enclosure

One Panel Outdoor Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure can be as simple as a wooden panel. Pallets are great options! ( Source:  9 )

 10. Farmhouse Outdoor Shower

Farmhouse Outdoor Shower

If you love farmhouse style, consider using black fixtures with weathered wood and white walls. (Source: 10 )

11. Modern Garden Sower

Greenery and stepping stones outside shower

Don’t forget the area outside a garden shower. Greenery and stepping stones can add so much style! ( Source: 11 )

12. Attractive garden shower designs

Attractive garden shower designs

Take inspirations from spa designs and add accessories such as plants and towel hangers to make your garden shower a little sanctuary. ( Source: 12 )

13 & 14. Shower Curtain enclosures

Shower Curtain enclosures

Let’s get artistic! Shower curtains or outdoor fabrics come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Use with a  Bendable or Half Oval Shower Curtain Rod  or a bendable metal rod to wrap around as a simple outdoor shower enclosure.  ( Source: 13 | 14 )

15 & 16. Free Standing Outdoor Shower Kits

Free Standing Outdoor Shower Kits

These outdoor solar showers with base can save a lot work if you can’t wait to enjoy a hot shower outside 🙂  Find them here!

17. Repurposed Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Repurposed Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Longing for the beach? A gorgeous mosaic surfboard shower can help! Reclaimed old door or garden gate also makes a great backdrop. ( Source: 17 )

18 & 19.  Beautifully Designed Shower Enclosures

Beautifully Designed Shower Enclosures

When built with love and attention to detail, a DIY outdoor shower enclosure can be an attractive addition to your backyard. ( Source: 18 )

( Source: 19 )

A trellis structure can make it really easy to mount the shower fixtures. Here’s a DIY pergola /  arbor with free building plans!

Free building plan for a gorgeous DIY friendly arbor / pergola: it will add so much beauty to an outdoor space. Step by step drawings and lots of photos! - A Piece of Rainbow

20 & 21. Build an Outdoor Shower with Natural Materials

Build an Outdoor Shower with logs and poles

What kind of local building materials are available in abundance? How can we use them creatively? In these two examples, logs and bamboo poles are beautiful materials and easy to work with. ( Source: 20 | 21 )

22. Outdoor Shower Kit

Outdoor Shower Kit

These were made by a company whose website is no longer active. I really want to share these inspiring photos because it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to build your own version!

23. Stylish black garden shower

Stylish black outdoor shower

The dark charcoal stain color creates a gorgeous modern industrial style. ( Source: 23 )

24. Coastal style white shutter outdoor shower enclosure

Coastal style white shutter outdoor shower enclosure

The painted white shutters under lush green palm trees are so coastal and charming! ( Source: 23 | 24 )

25 & 26. DIY Pallet Outdoor Shower Ideas

DIY Pallet Outdoor Shower Ideas

Pallets and reclaimed wood are great materials for building outdoor showers.( Source: 25 | 26 )

27. Wood cabin shower

Wood cabin shower

This wood shower enclosure looks great outside a craftsman style cabin and offers plenty of privacy. ( Source: 27 )

28. One panel Outdoor Showers

corrugate galvanized metal and wood garden shower

These great looking open air outdoor shower structures are made from just one panel of corrugated galvanized metal or horizontal wood slats.

modern concrete and wood garden shower

29 & 30. Attractive and functional built-in shelves

Attractive and functional built-in shelves

Great ideas on how to build showers with built-in shelves for towels and soaps! Don’t forget to use bio-degradable soaps like these to shower! ( Source: 29 | 30 )

31. Stone garden shower

Stone garden shower

This shower is not easy to DIY, but I love the idea of creating a window at eye level to enjoy the view out. ( Source: 31 )

32. Mirror on the wall

Use a mirror to make the shower space feel larger.

Use a mirror to make the shower space feel larger.  ( Source: 32 )

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Happy splashing!! 🙂


  1. What lovely ideas for an outdoor shower. I specially like using pallets, since I have those readily available here. Thank you for sharing and keep up with the good work.

  2. I love this DIY outdoor shower project! The detailed instructions and accompanying visuals make it easy to follow along and create a functional and stylish outdoor shower. The use of natural materials and the incorporation of plants add a beautiful touch to the design. Thank you for sharing this step-by-step guide!

  3. Great article! Outdoor showers are a fun and practical addition to any home, and this DIY guide makes it easy for anyone to install one. The step-by-step instructions and clear photos make it simple to understand and follow. A must-read for anyone looking to add an outdoor shower to their backyard!

  4. Before my husband passed away he created a very unique outdoor shower. Living in the desert most of the year it’s plenty hot enough to use it. It’s the galvanized garden watering can style spout. I’d never seen it done by anyone else until a couple years ago on Pinterest. He made a metal circle shower rod by bending copper pipe into a circle & hung a shower curtain on it. On the ground there is a kiddie pool I replace every couple years for about $10 with a hole cut into the side a garden hose runs from inside the pool to a sprinkler in our flower bed. The soaps & shampoos, since they’re so diluted, have never had a bad effect on the flowers. The other upside is the little bit of soaps that do mix in the water keep aphids, wasps & mosquitos away. I used my outdoor shower nearly every day for 8 months a year. It’s set up about 8 feet from the laundry room exterior door. The watering can hangs on one of the tree branches & is fed water through a simple garden hose which is wound around the branch & fills the can. He made this on the spur of the moment one afternoon & it’s been one of the most enjoyable things about our home. The grandkids love to come to Grammy’s to shower outside.

    • thank you SO much Zoe for sharing your outdoor shower stories with us! simple things like these are the most beautiful things in life! hope you and your grandchildren many happy showering days this summer! 🙂

  5. Hi Ananda!
    What a wonderful piece of article I found today as its about the outdoor shower ideas.. I really like it bcz its a very amazing for all kids especially in summers during their vacations. Thanks for sharing this article with us

  6. Wow the way you organize outside shower is just amazing and i love to see all these photographs it is full of fun and when you are showering outside it is feeling great and happy in hot seasons..

  7. My husband and I are off grid/ homeless and live in a riverbottom. In southern cali. We have gone half way down intonthe ground with walls and a roof. Which I call a box. But it’s big enough for 15 puppies a 6ft 4 man a futon mattress and a shelf. The only thing I’m having problems with is how to build a bathroom/ shower area. Can u please help me with some ideas.

  8. Love these amazing outdoor shower ideas! It would have been perfect this summer! We will add one before next hot season!

  9. These outdoor showers are just want we need! I’ve bookmarked this page so I can use your ideas for our backyard shower project!

  10. Such ATTRACTIVE GARDEN SHOWER DESIGNS! We have created a garden shower for this summer, thanks to your ideas!

  11. This is such an amazing blog, t really inspired me as I was looking for an outdoor shower idea for so long and finally, I found your amazing blog. Keep up the good work, Ananda.

    I hope to see more such amazing blogs. BTW, I loved the 9th one!

  12. We are going to create the outdoor shower with colorful curtain! Now our summer weekends just got a little better!

  13. Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!

  14. Wow, you have just made the shower more interesting than ever which I haven’t thought about. because before that, I always thought that it is a place indoors!

  15. I found your website very informative. These outdoor shower are really interesting and inspiring.

  16. Hi Ananda,
    Thanks for this geniune idea. I’m looking how to diy myself a outdoor shower for my next trip stay in africa.

  17. I must appreciate your outdoor splash ideas. Actually I was planning for a quick and easy DIY outdoor shower for my back yard. I think I have got some fresh idea after reading your article and images. Thanks a lot Ananda.

  18. I love to connect my life with the nature.This is so cool.Fantastic collections you have shared through this article .I am glad that I came across such article.I really liked all your articles specially this one.I love this outdoor shower ideas.Amazing article.Keep sharing such great article.

  19. Wow, mindblowing idea. This one of an excellent idea for the outdoor shower. Really this is innovative thinking. I have a small resort in California but I had no idea about it but now I learn the innovative idea from your blog. Really I am pretty much for your outstanding Idea. Keep it up.

  20. Numerous fun concepts!! There is something concerning outdoor time in the shower that I adore!! My favorite ever before were these kinds of outdoor bath areas at a health spa on The island of Kauai. Heaven!! Great Post !!

  21. Wow. What a way of building such a wonderful shower in the bush. I love it. The ideas just arouse the feeling of traveling and exploration.

  22. Personally I’ve never been a fan of outdoor showers except when I’m travelling. But I think there are some really creative ideas that can make me reconsider my choices. Your ideas are eye-opening as concerns outdoor showers.

    • Except when I’m travelling, I’ve never been a fan of outdoor showers. However, I believe there are some very innovative concepts that might cause me to reevaluate my decisions. In terms of outdoor showers, your suggestions are eye-opening.

  23. I liked the shower in the round,& maybe just have camo material,& a few concrete pavers or flat rocks at bottom,then use a garden bug sprayer newly purchahed ,hooked to a hose,& hanging from a wrought iron post

  24. What’s an amazing outdoor shower idea!! I like your all creative shower idea. Though I never try this outdoor shower in my garden. But it looks so much interesting and different thinking. Now I will try my house outdoor. By the way, thanks for share.

  25. really great ideas! I just like to take my shower after a long day hard work. I also enjoy my inflatable hot tubs during summer. But these DIY ideas are mind blowing. I must try these 1 after 1 for sure….

  26. I’m looking for fun summer projects and this is something I think may fit the bill to add to my list. I’d love an outdoor shower to use after gardening and yard work.

  27. I love the first one! Coincidentaly, we have to clear a small patch of trees on our property (young growth pines). Seems like a good use for the lumber!

  28. I think I have to try one of these in the coming weeks. Grandkids coming over to visit and we often do an inflatable pool outdoors – but no showers!

  29. Any ideas to avoid pitting 4×4’s in concrete My outdoor shower in Hawaii/ no roof, with tile on concrete pad has 4×4 posts in concrete, that are rotting out slowly. I substituted a steel pole for one and secured a 1×4 to build the board and batten/ lauhala walls to, but the steel bolts securing the 1.4 are rusting out also. I’m thinking about stone posts with steel bolts to secure wood to. I like the idea of traditional Hawaiian, with the lava rock corner posts/ maybe married with some modern, frosted glass or glass block

    • Campgrounds here in Canada put their bathroom and shower stall walls on hockey pucks, with concrete pad as Base. that way the posts don’t sit in water and they can easily be hosed out for cleaning. THe pucks are indestructible, discreet, and you can drill or screw into them.

  30. It’s amazing . This is a great idea. A great detail article, creative and exciting. It was great, I really want to try the feeling to stand under the bathroom outdoor shower with one of 16 this way. Thanks for your article

  31. Well I’m guessing for a few bucks you can purchase the Solar Shower thing from Cabelas or the camp store, maybe even Walmart too. We had one for horse camping until my DH kindly bought me a “Hot Water Now” unit – anyway, the Solar Shower unit holds about 4 gals of water so that may be something to think of too if you don’t want to put too much work into it – they even sell a fabric “cabana” that hangs up around it….

  32. What a fun post idea! My husband and I would love to have an outdoor shower! My kids are constantly playing in the dirt and it would be SO nice to be able to rinse them off at the end of the day BEFORE they came inside. My walls might stay clean a little longer… Great idea!

  33. There is something about outdoor showers that I love!! My favorite ever were these outdoor showers at a spa on Kauai. Heaven! What a fun post!

    • Designing an outdoor shower requires you to take multiple things into account. These things include design, size and location among others.

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