Magical DIY Halloween Bats {5 Minute Craft!}

Make paper craft Halloween bats: great arts & crafts ideas for kids & family! Free DIY Halloween decor & crafts you can make in 10 minutes, with recycled materials.

These DIY Halloween bats are just so adorable, and totally my style: Halloween crafts and decorations that aren’t scary and gruesome ( I get scared too easily), that are more fun, magical, and kid friendly ( I would remain at age 10 if I could!)

These cute paper craft Halloween bats are definitely great as kids Halloween crafts to make with the whole family. But if you are a brave kid who loves spooky things, feel free to give them evil looking eyes, that will change everything! 🙂

All you need are some toilet paper rolls, paints, paper and glue. You can use these DIY Halloween bats as mantel decorations, on a Halloween wreath or garland, and hang them on a branch as a great table centerpiece. If you are wondering about the broom, the cats, etc, I have a list of DIY tutorials for them at the end!

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

Materials and tools to make Halloween Bats Craft & Decorations:

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

  • toilet paper rolls, glue, scissors
  • black craft paint, black pen, paper (to make the eyes)
  • some threads if you want to hang the bats

These Halloween bats look super cute  these Halloween cats, which are also made from toilet paper rolls!

Check out the video tutorial below, or skip to step by step written tutorial.

Step 1: cut and paint toilet paper rolls

The body and wings of each bat is made from toilet paper rolls. You can also cut paper towel rolls to smaller sections.

Take one toilet paper roll and paint it black. This will be the body of the bat.

Flatten a toilet paper roll, draw the shape of a wing and cut it out.

You will get 2 wings from each toilet paper roll. Paint the wings black.

Step 2: add wings and eyes to your Halloween bats

Glue the wings to the inside of each painted toilet paper roll. Now we can add eyes to our bats. The eyes will give your Halloween bats unique styles and personalities.

I want our Halloween bats to be curious and adorable, so I drew some large eyes looking in different directions ( did you see how CUTE they are in the video? ) . Cut the eyes from the white paper and glue the to the bats.

Step 3: add strings to Halloween bats and use them Halloween decorations

Look! Just found the perfecting looking dry branches to make a Halloween centerpiece / table decoration!

Here’s the tricky part that take a little tweaking. If you want to hang the bats on branches or wreaths, it is very important to find the good balance point on each bat.

Tape a piece of thread onto the top of a bat, using a piece of removable tape. Keep adjusting the taped spot until the bat hangs nicely and look balanced. Mark the point where the thread hangs.

Use hot glue or a needle to attach a piece of black string to the balance point. Now you can use these bats on so many Halloween decorations! You can also hang the bats onto a twine using clothespins to create  the Halloween bat garland!

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You can probably tell I was carried away this year with too much Halloween fun! To make everything easy to find, below is a list of links to all the Halloween decorations and crafts you see in these photos:

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Let’s tart saving toilet paper rolls and have some magical Halloween fun! 🙂


  1. So cute. Being lazy, I’d be tempted to just use black cardstock; I can make so much mess with black paint! Love all your H decorations!

  2. OMG this is SO cute! I am absolutely making these for Halloween! I think I would opt for googly-eyes instead as I am not too crafty!

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