DIY: Easy Tie-dye Blossom Fabric

apieceofrainbow20 (10)apieceofrainbow20 (9)I love soft and airy cotton, whether it a canopy or a curtain. There’s something so enchanting about the soft sunlight coming through and the gentle movements in the wind captured by the fabric. Sometimes white is beautiful, but what if you want some flowery colors?

This simple and fun project uses acrylic paint (it does not come off when washing) – no messy fabric dyes! – to create these blossoms on a soft white cotton fabric. Use it as a curtain or a canopy for a lovely picnic outdoors!

apieceofrainbow20 (1)apieceofrainbow20 (2)Step 1 : Gather some acrylic paints – Martha Stewart Paints are great! – and a soft piece of white cotton. Gather small bundles of the fabric and tie each bundle with rubber bands. Keep in mind that each bundle will look like a blossom after you untie it. Vary the sizes will give you different size blossoms!

apieceofrainbow20 (3)Step 2: Dilute one of the acrylic paint color depending on how deep you want the colors to be. I used about 1/2 teaspoon of color to 2 or 3 tablespoons of water. Use a test piece and let dry to see the finished color and determine how much you would like to dilute the paint.

Dip each of the bundles into the diluted paint, and let it absorb the paints thoroughly, squeeze out some of the excess liquid. Let dry completely before starting on the next color.

apieceofrainbow20 (5)apieceofrainbow20 (6)Step 3: Repeat with the next color, and next!

I used yellow, pink and turquoise , but you can use any combination you like! The fabric can be made into a curtain, or hung in trees with clips for an instant canopy.

apieceofrainbow20 (11)apieceofrainbow20 (8)apieceofrainbow20 (7)Happy summer days and see you soon!


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